Jojo Anxiety

JoJo Pitches A New Ad In Anxiety (Burlina’s Theme)

Jojo never misses with her music and the track/music video she gave on Friday was genius with Anxiety (Burlinda’s Theme). This song is dedicated to her anxiety personified as Burlinda (what a name to give it). She talks about how Burlinda does all these things that anxiety does and with the twist that she can’t tell at times if it’s her or Jojo doing whatever. The bridge leading to the outro has a lot of “Oh, oh-oh’s” and there is a reason for it.

The music video fills in the empty space especially with the voice over towards the end of the song. You have cameos from Omarion and Lauren Jauregui to add in the experience. This experience is a new anxiety drug called Tryesta. You see Burlinda just be there like bleeding, but after that drug kicked in, she was alert and attentive. The scene with Omarion was really funny because I don’t think he was aware that she mentally was there. 

Jojo Anxiety

The concept of flipping “discussing anxiety” as a drug commercial was genius. All of the common tropes were there. You have Jojo in random places and she’s out of it. Then you have a breakdown with the doctor and a breakthrough after she gets medicated. And the chef’s kiss was her putting medicine jars in her hair. She went all in for the production. 

This is the second track from her latest EP, trying not to think about it. 12 tracks including an intro with three interludes. She’s giving more away for free than others as an album. No judgment, but content was never hard for Jojo it seems where others struggle to get a project over 30 minutes long. She’s not one to put out a half-assed project.


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