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Hoang Ton Adds A Drop Of Perfume in Nuoc Hoa

Vietnamese artist and The Voice contestant (via 2013) Hoang Ton released a new single Nuoc Hoa (Perfume) this past week. The first thing I noticed was the production because it is really involved and really made me notice it so credit to the producer behind the song. Hoang Ton’s voice is soooooo smooth and clear throughout the track. The way he holds his notes on the highs is something that stood out to me. It’s a sad song from what I can gather from the lyrics as this beautiful woman that seems to be in and out of his life always seems to catch his attention through her perfume. Which is why the title is “Perfume”. It’s a solid track.

ERIK Gives Us The Pretty Boy Dance In Ahn Luon La Ly Do

Vietnamese artist ERIK has really got the pretty boy looks down in his last song Ahn Luon La Ly Do (You Are Always The Reason … It’s probably a bad translation). The contemporary R&B tone for this song is evident in its production so credit to the team behind it. I was digging the music video too. He has the moves and the swagger behind it all. The orange tint behind the overall video took me a bit to get over, but ERIK really does have some good choreography. It’s a great song.

New Music Friday: January 1 – 8

Cover Art – Celeste – Love Is Back

The ever-talented British singer Celeste gives us a hit in Love is Back. This track is more upbeat than a few of her previous ones and I do love it when she sings on this fast paced tracks. The horns and pianos in the background really fits the brand that Celeste given herself over the past couple of years. The power of her voice during the outro especially when she says “But love…”. It goes me chills hearing it. I this this song is so good it might be a choice of contestants at the various singing competitions. A released single apart of her album Not Your Muse. Can’t wait for the album release.

Three Shoutouts…
Kim Chi Sun – Co Le Em Da Qua Kho (Maybe You Were Too Gone)

I hope I got the translation for the title correct as with marks over letter matter a lot on how it’s perceived. What I can say for certainty is just how good this track is from Vietnamese artist Kim Chi Sun and her new single. I noticed a wave of tracks coming from Vietnam during the late Summer/Fall season last year and I do hope they continue like this. This song is about realization that maybe the guy isn’t going to change and you just hit a point where that last sign was one too many. You have to have a lot of hope to get to a point where you can let a lot of things to slide in a relationship, but as Kim says towards the end of the track, “How many times he begged for the opportunity to change … I was wrong, now I know I was wrong.” You get to a point where the hurt has to stop. I love her voice and the production is very good. It’s just enough where it doesn’t take over Kim’s singing so I do appreciate allowing us to get more of her and her style and vibe shining through. I can’t wait to hear more of her in the future.

Kennedy Rd. – Still Luv

You have to love this Toronto R&B vibe in general, but especially from Kennedy Rd. It’s unique and nothing like it in the world and you really hear it in Still Luv. It’s a sad song in a way when you think about it and read the lyrics. Kennedy Rd. still has feelings for this person yet she has to let them go because she knows the hurt that was left. And the part in the chorus where she goes, “You’re in my heart, you’re in my heart” could very well mean that the hurt she felt will never go away. It’s etched in her heart forever. It’s a sad and beautiful song to hear. This song is the title track for her recently released EP.

Rain with JYP – Switch To Me

South Korean vets Rain and JYP gives up a New Jack Swing bop with Switch To Me. The dancing is so crisp and is a mirror image of New Edition from back when. This is a beautiful homage to the group and Bobby Brown. When I say dance, you have to look at the music video. As great as the audio is, you have to enjoy the entire experience. And these guys are in their late 30s and 40s. If you got it, you got it. Entertaining is in their blood.

You Can’t Find One Like Vu Cat Tuong, Not In One Million Light Years

Vietnamese singer Vu Cat Tuong has released a new single Một Triệu Năm Ánh Sáng (One Million Light Years). I like how smooth her voice sounds with the production of the first half of the song. What I didn’t expect is that she has some flow in her as well and raps for the second verse. This track is the title track of her 5 song EP. Mostly pop, but this one stood out as this one is more of an R&B vibe. Take a listen to the track.

Is It Really The Cigarette Or Something Else

Cover Art – Bich Phoung – (Have You Quit Smoking Yet?)

Whenever I hear songs in a different language, I don’t always do my due diligence to look at the lyrics, but I’ve been working on that because you get a deeper meaning and feeling when you listen and you know what you are listening to and what’s it about. I had the pleasure of listen to a new song from Vietnamese singer Bich Phuong and traitimtrongvang called Have You Quit Smoking Yet?

This song, you would think, is about wondering if the other person quit the habit. You would be right on the surface, from the males’s perspective, but it’s so much deeper than that. The title could be a stand in for anything. It could be how are your parents, are you still having a hard time walking up the steps, is your dog okay. Just anything, but it represents a way to slide in pass the defense of a broken and/or mended heart and Phuong wasn’t having any of that. Saw it all and was really getting to the bottom of things.

The song talks about is it really the habit or are you just lonely. You had so much love and compassion now, but where was it when it mattered? When we were together? That is the type of stuff people and couples go through everyday. The best songs never have to try hard, they just have to tell the truth. This song does it in spades.

Apparently this song is blowing up all over the internet. Covers and acoustic guitar sessions are already made. These two did a great job and has a new fan.