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New Music Friday: 9/10 – 9/17 featuring Su Sonia

Turk singer Su Sonia leaves an impression on her latest single PARAŞÜT (Parachute). I love that Alt-R&B vibe as if I was listening to the older Weeknd stuff. The horns you hear throughout the song are a really good touch. I can feel the emotion come from her voice from verses and not so much the chorus. She gets so focused and you hear that coming through in the audio. 

Another clue of just how focused she was during this song is the opening sequence of the music video. Spotify did a good job of hiding what the music video was about because the loop was just Su Sonia walking towards an opening. Little did I know, she was going to put on a one-person performance. All she had was a mic and if that wasn’t enough, someone was controlling the lights to signal the transition from chorus to verse. She also has some choreography weaved in this single shot performance. So she was busy from beginning to end of the video. I wonder how many times she had to do reshoots to get it all in one take, but she looked like she was enjoying herself.

I’m sure you also noticed that there was no Cover Art Artist post for this week. I am thinking about shelving it for now. I like it, but I think there is some redundancy with that. So I’m going to try a more efficient way of getting my content out here for you all. Enjoy your weekend everyone and also enjoy this week’s playlist.

New Music Friday April 9 – 16 Featuring Seda Eriyes

Turkish singer Seda Erciyes gives an intimate performance with Eylül Ekim Kasım (September October November). I want to give credit to the producers for creating the mood of the track. It really made Seda stand out in this song. Sometimes I wonder how one’s native language would come off with different types of sounds. It takes really talented people to make this all come together. With this song, it breaks another mental barrier for me knowing you can have songs sung in different languages that has this sexy feel about it. Sexy, mature, and adult.

That is what you see in the music video for this song. Starting off with the outfit that Seda is wearing. That isn’t something you just toss on. That is something you want to leave an impression with someone or others. Or to come out confident full of self-worth and sex appeal. In any case, you see the many filters that are used in the video. It’s in depth and feels like there is a lot going on. Combine that with Seda’s stage presence and you see some magic on the screen. That leave one mystery to the video, who is underneath the sheet?

This gets to the lyrics of the track. How I am reading them is that Seda is on this pursuit to get back in this person’s presence. She asks in the chorus, what’s the point in waiting? September October November, she just can’t wait any longer. She clearly misses this person. And you can feel those emotions in her voice as she describes the things she wants to do (in an PG way). If absence makes the heart grow fonder, Seda must have been a part for far too long.

Melis Karaduman Is Appreciating Her Moment in Anda

This track, Anda, from Turkish singer Melis Karaduman really stood out to me last week. It could be the production that caught my attention. I haven’t heard a lot of this style of neo-soul from Turkey and the sound is pleasing to the ears. Melis is a great singer in her own right so it was just a lot of good things coming together. The standout section was the bridge (aren’t they all) and how she was hitting and holding those notes.

The lyrics is a lot about the love of life rather than loving another person. Melis sets up the situation in the first verse that she getting up early in the morning, physically miserable. But she brings it back realizing that in the moment, she doesn’t have any REAL issues and is satisfied to just be alive. The song has a good message where if you are miserable, you have to adjust how you are looking at life. Be around people who make you happy so you can be in a better state of mind.

The music video reflects the mood of the song to a tee. And kudos to whoever decided to shoot on that particular location because it looked peaceful just being there. You can see it on Melis’ face of just how fun she was having making the music video.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 64

Hey everyone, we are almost at the end of another week. We are featuring Dreamer Boy and Melanie Faye and their song Let’s Hold Hands. You know you are a star in the business when you can get feature credits by simply playing instruments. With Melanie, she’s not just simply a bassist, she’s amazing at her craft. Turkish singer Melis Karaduman is singing in the forest with her latest single Anda (In the moment). We finally bring up a collab from Swede singers Benjamin Ingrosso and Cherrie with VHS. Cherrie might have put her solo career on hold for now, but the voice is still tip top. Enjoy this week’s playlist.

Emir Taha Thinks About The One That Got Away In Kendi Yoluna

I’m so hyped over the Turk singer Emir Taha. Every two weeks I see that he has a new song coming out and I keep saying to myself, “Is there no project announcement?” Well with Kendi Yoluna released, we know that this is the third track in his second EP, Hoppa Pt. 2. Now we only know of three, but will there be more before an official release? Don’t know.

This song is about Emir seeing the person he was messing with leave him at the train station. He starts off by saying that her hands are tied and that she’s in love with somebody else. It’s gotta suck to see her leave in a distance. I love the production as it blends traditional Turkish music with more modern beats. That is one thing I always notice with Emir, he never comes on a poorly produced song and you go into it knowing that this is still Turkish influenced.

Beautiful Like The Flower Nil Ergun Is

Can we give it up one time for Turkish artist Nil Ergün and her single Cicek (Flower)? If adult contemporary is your jam, she’s your lady. The mixture of instruments work so well with the guitars, pianos, and I think a trombone. There is a refreshing vibe with this sound and it really puts a smile on my face everything I hear it.

The music video has some really beautiful shots in it and there are a lot around the flowers, as it is the title of the song. Simple in the edit and the production, but wow does Nil shine. She has a powerful voice. There really are some gems coming Turkey and I’m rarely disappointed from what I hear.

The Times Might Be Changing, But Tugce Aslan Is Stedfast

Turkish artist Tugce Aslan released a new song just before the end of the year called Degisiyorum (or Changing as it’s translated from her Facebook). Think John Mayer when you listen to this song as you have your organist, the guitars, and the drums. This was a collective effort especially on the music arrangement because the vibe is so chill. Aslan’s voice is so calming to listen to as we get through the song. It’s a beautiful song.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 51

One more week after this. Happy Holidays by the way. I hope you have been able to make the most of this year. We have Turkish singer Ipek Ozcan with her single Unutulur Zamanla. We also have the debut single from South African artist Lu Ngobo with Let’s Get Lost. We also have a single from St Louis singer Layton Greene with Chosen One. Take a listen to this week’s nominees.

Ipek Ozcan’s Voice Over Time Will Never Be Forgotten

Turkish singer Ipek Ozcan gives a hell of a performance with her latest single Unutulur Zamanla (Forgettable Time translated). She has a very powerful voice and consistent runs. If there is any take away from this song, is that she can hold a note. I looked at the music video and I have to say it is unique in ways. Like there were times you would see a blown up horse’s eye that is faded into various scenes of the music video. That aside, her voice and the production was on point. Take a listen to the song.

You Gotta Take A Breath Sometimes Like Melisa Karakurt In Nefes

Sometimes you need to remind yourself to take a breath and get a hold of yourself. This is the message that Turkish artist Melisa Karakurt gives us with her single Nefes (Breath). The vibe with the production is so good as it’s not too much on the ears. Her voice is really shining through too with, at times, breathy tones to her voice. She really put her soul in the second verse where it sounds like she crying out in a way. She really want us to get this idea that we have a better version of ourselves and somethings we need to a breath to see it.