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Cover Art Nominees: Week 82

So this week we came with the beef. I almost never keep a running tally of songs when I put them together, but this week we have 41 songs. Obviously it’s a lot, but if I didn’t like them, they wouldn’t be on the list. We have Belgian artist Meyy and her latest song Hyli. Thai band Sri with Julian Cary with Lemme Cater. And finally Floridian artist Jenevieve and her latest song Resume. I know it’s a lot of track, but I’ve never steered you wrong. Enjoy the playlist.

It’s Xmas So Be Merry and Don’t Cry

There was tremendous effort in finding the outlets for Thai singer Xmas on the internet and the video of the song on Youtube. Persistence led to success on finding his song เลิกร้องไห้ได้แล้วไอบ้า (Don’t Cry) and I was so happy that I could add it to my playlist for that week. When I initially heard track I was blown away. The instrumentation is really stellar to include the guitars. They give this track some powerful emotion during the verses and closing parts of the song. If this is supposed to be a sad song, Xmas and producers really captured that feeling. It feels like it could play within a Quiet Storm playlist just on it being mellow and soft.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 60

Good morning everyone. We have hit 60 weeks today, officially, with our weekly Cover Art Nominee posts. So small hurray for us. I mentioned on Twitter that I think this week might be one of my favorite ones because of the diversity of music and regions represented here. I think I might best the best one that represents this. We have Thai singer Xmas and his soft voice over guitars in เลิกร้องไห้ได้แล้วไอบ้า (Don’t Cry). Belgium artist Emma Bale gives us some soul in Lay Your Heart. Dutch producer Midas Hutch and The Kount gives us those future funk and disco feels with Air Power. I got a little bit of everything this week. Enjoy the music everyone.

Image Suthita Needed A New Look And Memories To Go Blank

There are so many things going right with Thai singer Image Suthita and her song Blank. I loved the melody with the cymbals holding down the beat throughout the verses and the guitars were amazing. The arrangement is really made for a live performance. There are elements of some soul that really tugs on you when you hear it in the song so credit to the folks who produced it. To go even as far as to add violin-like strings in the production as well.

The concept of the music video of Suthita entering into a hairstylist shop to “get a new look” to get beyond her ex and the hairdryer is actually a memory-erasing machine was genius. So you have her talking about is it worth having all of these memories if at the end it’s just going to make her sad when she reminisces over them. This song can really give you the feels if you just broke up with someone.

Isn’t It Ironic That 2020 Is The Year Things Become Clear For Cupnoodle

Thai artist Cupnoodle relates the year 2020 to her getting Lasik surgery and relationships all wrapped in a song. This is a masterclass of songwriting on behalf of Cupnoodle especially with the chorus and this verse in particular:

So keep the glasses, Love ain’t like lasik, I see no I see for what it is

Cupnoodle, 2020

Also watch the music video because I really though this was a track put over a 80s movie, but it was just a filter that the video was being shot through. Very comedic towards the end, yet still good to watch.

This is a nice groove and you should give it some rotations today.