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New Music Friday: January 22-29 2021

Cover Art – BUMKEY ft NONE – Letter To Heaven

I knew from the moment I heard Letter To Heaven that it was going to be something special. South Korean artists BUMKEY and NONE came together to sing one of the most heartfelt songs I’ve heard in awhile. And why is that the case? It’s a lot of things from what I can take. It’s the pianist behind the song that really sets the mood. The chords that they are hitting really gets you in a certain mind space. The way these two sing the song and how they really dig deep inside perform in the ambiance of it all. I don’t know if they had someone in mind when they were singing, but I was emotionally connected. The lyrics, oh my goodness, the lyrics.

How hard it must have been
I couldn’t reach out to you
I hate me. I hate me so much

BUMKEY ft NONE – Letter To Heaven

I take it that the meaning behind these lines and the song overall is some regret that they didn’t get a chance to be there more often, in their moment in need, or even the moments this person passed away. So the way they can express themselves is through a song, a Letter To Heaven. Even I teared up reading through the lyrics.

You know what this song reminds me of? Brian McKnight – One Last Cry, but just the piano version. Emotionally, it hits me there. The structure of the song of the sounds are similar in my opinion. I’m probably there are other examples, but it got me thinking of him. I would love to hear and see this song performed live. Not a dry eye would present after this song was complete.

Three Shoutouts…
Kuban and Simon Bayle – Luna In Acquario (Moon in the Aquarium)

The Italian-Cuban artist Kuban is really an international star singing in different languages and working with various record labels in the USA. Her latest song is in all Italian, Luna In Acquario, offers a proposition. On where if one wants to get to know her and get involved, she’s going to need help escaping this prison, or aquarium, that she’s in right now. I think the time she spent in Atlanta really helped influence this track that she’s on now. The production and how upbeat it is correlates to her not running out of hope to get out of the rut of bad relationships. She’s ready to live her best life with someone, the right one.

Tash Sultana – Sweet & Dandy

You will have to get over the fact that you’ll see Tash on here over and over and over again. This Australian singer here in a generational talent and proves it again in Sweet & Dandy. I may have stumbled upon some video of festivals she’s done in years prior and the amount of instruments she plays and live production she can do among thousands, tens of thousands of fans takes so much hard work and talent.

I think every single she has put out for the upcoming album Terra Firma has made its way on the final list either as the Cover Art or as a shout out. The guitars and strings, the way this track feels like a lullaby in how dreamy Tash’s voice is, the softness and grit Tash can make the voice on sudden changes. Just an amazing talent. Again, musical arrangement, production, singing is all done alone. Just another masterclass of a song and production. It’s unique to Tash and that is what make this and all of the previous songs so special. Also if you didn’t know, Tash identifies as nonbinary and you get a glimpse of that in the lyrics.

And I don’t have to define by the sexes, oh

And I don’t have to get down with none of that bullshit

XY’s, and exes, no

But you’re crossing your T’s and you’re dottin’ your I’s

I’m staring right in those deep blue eyes

You always had a moment for me when I needed to run and hide

Tash Sultana – Sweet & Dandy

Did I mention that Tash can write songs too. Generational talent.

Danitsa – Let Go

The beginning and ending of the music video for Let Go are like night and day. French singer Danitsa came in and out that 3 minute situation having her whole life changed. Well that is going to happen when you end up walking behind two people and the next second, you wind up on a stage with people dancing all around you and you have a “What in the hell is going on?” expression on your face.

I am really feeling the theme behind the track, to be confidence in yourself and just let go. “I’m going to fight for confidence never give up until I win.” That’s the right mentality and might I add, having some Brazilian trap as the cornerstone for the production is perfect. If you need to get amped, this is the stuff you need to be playing at loud volumes. I also noticed in the video that there was a scene where Danitsa ends up walking through a group of mannequins with the secondary theme playing throughout “I don’t want to be like them.” I think the connection might be Danitsa not wanting to be fake. 

This week’s Cover Art Artist Nominee’s featuring BUMKEY and NONE

New Music Friday October 30 – November 6

Cover Art – Emi Wes – Cry Baby

Can we get more Emi Wes? She’s been putting out hits and Cry Baby is just the latest from her. This production is so good that there is about 45 seconds of just music and sound for us to just absorb it all. It has a nice bounce to it with that clap sound in the background, strategically placed spots for the bass to pick up. It’s really well done. This list of songs has a lot to do with relationships (and wasn’t picked solely on this) and this song is no different. Emi is laying her feelings on the line in hopes of reciprocity as it’s gotten to a point where she’s crying for him. She uses metaphors of her being vulnerable just by putting this out as a song. It’s a beautiful gesture.

Three Shoutouts
Nia Wyn and R.A.E. – Muzzle

Let’s hear it one time for the bassist for this song. Oh so good. Welsh artist Nia Wyn and English rapper R.A.E. comes together for this single Muzzle. Nia is dropping gems throughout the song. I got a paper dream to catch, no strings attached. That’s a hot line. I which there was lyrics written somewhere because I just wanna see them in front of me. I love her voice to and is unique to me. R.A.E. matches that energy given from Nia with those old school hip hop vibes from her flow. From beginning to end, this was a hell of a song.

Tash Sultana and Jerome Farah – Willow Tree

I have to say, I can’t wait this new album, Terra Firma (supposed release date February 19 next year) from Australian artist Tash Sultana. As far as production goes, Tash has, in my opinion, has had one of the most diverse and impressive selections this year and mostly due to the strength of her being a multi-instrumentalist. I love Tash’s vibe on her songs because it’s so relaxing to the ears. There is a part right on the transition from Tash to Jerome where you can hear the subtle horns in the sound and that is just a part of the genius behind the production of all of her songs. It’s very clever because when you hear it, it doesn’t just become blended, but it sticks out and you notice it.

KIRA – Go To Hell

This one stood out to me from KIRA because I couldn’t tell you when the last time I heard of an R&B song from a Japanese artist this year, yet she delivers. This isn’t to say it hasn’t happened, but I think some of them had a pop bias in the production so I didn’t see it as such and that’s on me. This song, Go To Hell, really caught my attention though. The groove is really smooth and when the pace picks up, KIRA is able to match it without losing me in the process. From the lyrics, the song seems to be about not taking relationships and vows serious. It’s not that she doesn’t want one, but it sounds like she’s been a part of enough where KIRA know how the story goes and she’ll just end it before it gets worse.

This Week’s Cover Artist featuring Emi Wes

What Is Blooming Beyond The Pine For Tash Saultana

We have just received the third single from Austrailan singer and multi instrumentalist Tash Sultana and I was genuinely curious as what is the plan with all of these songs coming out . We’ll get more to that later, but let’s talk about this song. Tash’s soft, gritty voice takes center stage yet again. It’s one where you can always tell from a crowd. There seems to be a little bit more production work for the beat in this one in my opinion. That’s nothing to take away from the artist, but Tash seems to do a lot of songs stripped down. You have the guitars, keyboards in randoms spots (in its same melody). You also have some sound effects including the ringing telephone. It is just a little more involved, yet it all comes together for a great song.

Tash Sultana Performs On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

So more about what all of this is coming to. So apparently there is an album we are to be expecting late this year. It is called Terra Firma. We don’t have a release date, but I will (as you should too) be on the look out for it. I’ll update the homepage when we get something concrete. Tash Sultana is an artist that should be on everyone’s rotation when you need to lay back and enjoy some self-time.

New Music Friday – June 26 – July 3

Cover Artist – Tash Sultana – Greed

I have been listening to this Melbourne-born artist for several years and I have to say you really have to dig the jazz and funk vibes that come out. Tash produced another gem with the latest single Greed. This song goes over the many ways people love you and hate you at the same when you are making a name for yourself. How you being wealthy or rich always helps other people get the same because everyone has to take their cut in your success. Ultimately, it’s the people who are with you through the good times and the bad that truly love you. They can overlook the money and love you for you. That is a good message to keep for yourself and friends of people moving and shaking throughout the world. Are you going to let money make you do things to people you care about? I should hope now.

Three Artists To Shout out…

Ta’Shan – Drift Away

The music video and title really goes hand and hand. You see her in in a circle bed and just simple a pan out single shot. The self-titled Bombay Mami whose born in Switzerland with Indian roots gives us that light latin R&B vibe with what sounds like a Spanish Guitar in the lead of the production. The song talks about knowing how she knows she hasn’t been the best in the relationship so she is letting the other person to not drift away and tell her how she can be better. Communication is always key in a fulfilling relationship. And to know that there is something wrong is even better. You gotta check-in sometimes to know if you are on the same wave.

Shay Lia – All Up To You

The French born-Djibouti raised singer gives us an upbeat song, a song that gives us encouragement to get past the haters and doubters in your life. It feels like a song to give to a victim of harassment and bullying to be honest. She doesn’t go and say it explicitly. As with any afro beat based song, a generic one is good, a well-made one gives you greatness. The producer of this track give it great care to shape it for Shay. She only has one project to her credit, Dangerous, from last year. Hopefully it’s a sign that she is getting some track down for the 2nd half of the year.

Francesco Yates – Angel

One of Toronto’s very own, Francesco Yates (who I’ve never heard of) shows some amazing vocals in this song Angel. It’s a part of his newest EP Superbad (released June 26). As with most R&B artists from Canada, especially Toronto, there is that Alt R&B/OVO sound that is coming off from this song. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence, but it seems that way. But unlike those, the production seemed to have a little more energy than the typical laid back approach. Seeing as though I was unaware of this EP release, I think I am going to take a listen for myself to see what it’s all about.

As always, I’ll try and do better next time