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The Emotional Moment Of When Ngaiire Left ‘Him’

Australian artist Ngaiire released her latest single to date, Him, back in mid July. This track is a part of her upcoming album ‘3’ that is releasing on August 27. As it just so happens, she was also a part of the July 23 New Music Playlist and was one of the standout songs for me. The two things that stood out for me was the vocal arrangement and the keys used throughout the song. I mentioned to other people as I was listening that the voice is unique. If not for anything else, I would forever now be able to hear her within a crowd. 

via Dan Segal

The way Ngaiire drags out her syllables in this song is something I’ve never heard before. Going through the lyrics as she sings, you need to be on your ‘p’s and ‘q’s as you read along. I wonder who she is talking to as she cries out that this was never his fault that she left him. Who does she want to be there until their dying day? You can feel the hurt in her words and it really comes out in the chorus. Oh that chorus really really tugs at your heart strings. To be honest, it feels more like a wailing if anything.

via Dan Segal

The music video, even as simple as it was, was beautiful to see. I mentioned before the wailing she is doing in the chorus, you can see it in her delivery. Ngaiire gave me chills as I listened to her sing. I saw the agony in her mannerism and her face. The struggle to give every note because of the heaviness of the lyrics. I don’t know where the inspiration came from, but I felt it. I love the filters that were interchanged from the two settings. One other thing I liked was using the two voice tracks together and how you saw it during the video. Look at the 2:30 mark and you see both versions of Ngaiire singing in harmony just as the track is laid. This was a great music video and an amazing song. You will hear more from me when the entire album is available later this year. I can’t wait.

More About The Artist

NGAIIRE is a Papua New Guinean/Australian artist who has released two previous albums; neo-soul ‘Lamentations’ and pop-soul ‘Blastoma’. The latest single, ‘Him’, is the reality of the darkness traversed to get this album finished. It’s a letter that would have been left if it hadn’t been complete. It’s about a deeply personal conversation that no one dreams of having with the people they love. It’s about the legacy of love.

Having built a musical identity that effortlessly crosses genre and art form, her renowned vocals, tight beats and big pop sounds have seen NGAIIRE acquire countless accolades including four National Live Music Awards, an FBi Radio SMAC Award for best live act, Australian Music Prize and AIR Award nominations for her 2016 release ‘Blastoma’ and the inaugural Australian Women in Music Award for Artistic Excellence. Not to mention gracing the stages of Glastonbury through to Splendour In The Grass, and touring alongside artists from Sufjan Stevens to Flume to Alicia Keys and John Legend.

A.Girl Sobered Up From Being Luv Drunk

Sydney’s very own, A.Girl, has released her first solo single of the year with Luv Drunk. We last heard from her as a feature to True Vibenation’s More Than You’ll Ever Know. This song talks about being deep in love with someone and then realizing that the love was only one way. And now you gotta cut it off and, as she says, run away and as fast as you can.

“I wrote Luv Drunk for my future self when I was 17 and in a relationship. Now that I’m 21 and single it’s like watching an old re-run of the Simpsons that relates to me now more than ever.”

A.Girl – Luv Drunk (Volkanik Music)

I wonder if A.Girl was speaking of one episode in particular or just the idea of watching re-runs in general.

I love the production from Taka Perry as he brings a lot of heavy bass and when it hits, it really sticks to you. A topic that people today can relate and music that is bumping. When you put on your “I just became single!!” songs, this is the type of sound you need. You can’t just can’t meekly walk away, you gotta make a scene. Playing this track at max should get that desired effect.

You’ll Fall For MADAM3EMPRESS Just By Locking Eyes

The Sydney-born, by way of South Africa, MADAM3EMPRESS is giving us the late night adult contemporary vibes in Locking Eyes. MADAM is so confident in herself that she knows she can get you just by looking deep in your eyes. And you know how we know this? Because of all the pretense before the “meetup”. You ain’t gotta front. If they look good and there’s an invite to pursue, just go for it. The strings and congos have that latin feel that I am really digging.

The Soundtrack Of Your 80s Life

Cover Art – Sam Sparro – Boombox Eternal

With all the recent changes going on with the blog, I decided to go back in the archives to see if I could start filling up my calendar on the front page. So I was looking at some of the playlists I made back in January and there was one song that I really loved called Eye 2 Eye from Australian artist Sam Sparro. I have a love for the songs from the 80s. There is an aesthetic about them that should be appreciated because it’s rarely duplicated nowadays. But this man did it.

So I was curious if there was a music video for this and there was. I was excited to watch because I made up in my head what kind of music video it would be. If they would go all in to match the production of the music with the visuals. When it started with a VHS being pushed in the VCR, I knew my answer.

So remember what I said about trying to fill up my new calendar on the homepage? Well, I missed this release by 3 months, but I’m glad I decided to reach back. The sound of this album is screaming Breakin’ or Beat Street as a soundtrack and it’s reaching up to 90s Michael and Janet Jackson type of production. These are some good nostalgic vibes I’m feeling.

There are two artists this past decade that I can think off the top of my head that has successfully “reached” back in the recent history of music to shape the kind of music they make. Bruno Mars and Disco and Mayer Hawthorne with 60s Crooning (his earlier work).

If you know what a boombox or cassette tape is, you should probably be listening to this album. You’ll end up melting in the seat of your car or what ever you are sitting on. This is a great album. No, great isn’t the word. It’s an album that needs to be in your rotation to be played at least once a week at loud volumes.

I’m still dancing at the desk as I’m typing this.