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New Music Friday: 9/17 – 9/24 Featuring Lele

This week we are going back to Sweden to show love for Lele and her latest single SÄG MITT NAMN (Say My Name). I love her voice and it feels so buttery smooth to my ears. Unfortunately I don’t have any lyrics so I can only go by the tone and Lele’s skills, but I can tell it was well done. 

I will say that the music video is sort of ambiguous of what this could be about. You see Lele leaving a storage facility with this important bag. Drives all across town to a bridge where she gets to the ledge with it and the video cuts off. Let’s assume that she doesn’t want anyone to know what’s inside. There were some great camera shots of the video and she was working it on screen.

Please enjoy this week’s playlist and enjoy the weekend!

The 30-Sec Snippet Queen Daniela Rathana In Överdos

Queen of the 30-second snippet Daniela Rathana brings on fellow Swede artist Zikai for her latest single Överdos (Overdose). I would rather not see her be the 30 second snippet queen, but she loves to tease with these videos on Youtube. This one has both artists playing “The Knife Game” where Zikai takes it easy, but Daniela shows off how a pro does it. Makes me curious to know if that was a real knife or if the footage was edited. I can say that the straight face that Daniela makes was real to me.

Hearing Zikai on this track singing over the chorus makes Daniela’s deeper voice stand out in the beginning of the track. Never really had a chance to hear those small details until now since I haven’t heard any songs where she has had a feature yet. Just a small wrinkle for you all to pay attention to as you are listening to her songs.

The theme of the song is having Daniela and Zikai play a little game of going along in this relationship where the other person thinks they are “holding all the cards” as it were. When you have nothing to offer, as the chorus goes, Ingen ring eller ros, bara överdos (No ring or rose, just overdose). So throughout the song they talk about lust and what it can do for both people. However, with no commitment it’s just a game fueled through an overdose.

This is the fifth single release for the upcoming album Rathana Club. Lots of singles have already been released and now I have to wonder when that date is coming. We have to save some room for our audio dessert.

Daniela Rathana Wants A Little Havana In Her Life

Swede artist Daniela Rathana has put out a party song in Havana, but I’m a little upset (and this could change by the time of posting). There is no full music video. We get a 30 second short on her youtube page, but nothing songwide. But putting that to the side, Havana is infectious and full of energy.

‘Havana’ is about wanting to dance, without any major significance. It’s just a call to dance and enjoy. Almost the whole song is improvised by me in the middle of the coldest winter because Charlie Bernardo and I needed to fantasize about a better place.

Daniela Rathana via Göteborgs-Posten (Google Translated)

I can only imagine the improvisation was partly motivated by getting out of the cold weather. Havana is a world difference than winters in Sweden. Never been to either place, but one can only imagine.

via Shazam

Daniela couldn’t have said it better. This is a song to dance and party to. If you don’t feel anything in your bones or blood after hearing this song once, you may not have a soul.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 77

We are almost at the end of another week everyone. First highlighting Singaporean artist Slodown and his single Me & Mrs Wong which takes inspiration from Billy Paul’s Me and Mrs Jones. We have Swedish artist Daniela Rathana with her debut track from her upcoming album, Rathana Club, with Havanna. To have that has your title, the production and she delivered nothing less than quality. Finally we get to the neo-soul artist from Melbourne named Akosia and her latest track ISO. Please enjoy this week’s playlist.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 69

We are almost on the end of another week and we got some good music along the way. Including Aluna, Michael Brun, and Alicai Harley and their single Trouble. Swedish Grammy 2021 nominee JÁNA released her single Carefree. We also have one of my favorite singers from Mexico, Immasoul, and her latest single Mala. Enjoy this week’s nominees.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 67

We are coming close to the end of another week and we got some jams to share with you. American singer by way of the Philippines, singer Tiana Kocher has her first single of the year with Same Lame which channels the classic from TLC, No Scrubs. Southern singer from Alabama, Anderson East gives us some soul with Madelyn. Cover Art Artist Dragonfruit comes out with their first single of the year with Know Better. Enjoy this week’s Cover Art Nominees.

Benjamin Ingrosso and Cherrie Watches Themselves Like A VHS

Swede artist Benjamin Ingrosso brings on Cherrie for his Spotify Studio single VHS. I want to say that it is good to know that even though Cherrie put her music career on hold for other pursuits, she still has it on the microphone. This song is about reminiscing a relationship like rewatching a movie, which the title VHS comes from. And Benjamin is really taking this to heart when he remembers because it’s every moment for him. He must only remember the good times because even now he wants things to go back to how it was.

Image provided by Cherrie (@chxrrie) Twitter

Cherrie remembers the relationship like an old movie as well. But for her, seeing him again reaffirms her decisions to walk away. Just like every movie, that relationship had an end. I love the production and it helps when the lead singer can also produce as well. Even having the actual producer of this track taking ideas to make it better.

Benjamin is a musical genius, he can play the piano, he comes up with a lot of melodies in his own way and also came up with the theme for the song. Even Pontus who is behind the production who managed to lift the idea together with us. We did everything in one day, the whole work process was easy, simple and it also made me realize what an amazing person he is and someone I would like to have as a friend all my life.

Cherrie via Kingsize (Translated)

It’s a bop for me. You gotta love the vibes coming from the track and despite it not being the happiest of themes, sound is bumping.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 64

Hey everyone, we are almost at the end of another week. We are featuring Dreamer Boy and Melanie Faye and their song Let’s Hold Hands. You know you are a star in the business when you can get feature credits by simply playing instruments. With Melanie, she’s not just simply a bassist, she’s amazing at her craft. Turkish singer Melis Karaduman is singing in the forest with her latest single Anda (In the moment). We finally bring up a collab from Swede singers Benjamin Ingrosso and Cherrie with VHS. Cherrie might have put her solo career on hold for now, but the voice is still tip top. Enjoy this week’s playlist.

New Music Friday: January 29 – February 5

Cover Art Artist – Shaun Ross – WX5

If I could describe in one word WX5 (which stands for Who, What, Where, When, and Why), Shaun Ross, and this music video, it would be Elegance. I was looking at the music video at times with my mouth open because I couldn’t believe just how good it was despite how simplistic it all is. What I found out looking Shaun Ross up was that he is a model and I guess both he is exploring a music career now or is he just keeps putting out good music and this was the first time I’ve heard one of the tracks. This also explains how effortless the movement is in the music video. Shaun must really be channeling the words, the sound, and the vibe in his movements. Being a professional model, I’m sure, helps with all of that. Also the details in the cinematography are there. The various changes in the production corresponds to the transitions and effects of the video. There is a lot of care to make sure end production was 100%. This was a professional job on all ends and an amazing track.

Three Shoutouts…
Lune – S.O.S.

I have never been disappointed with anything Lune has been a part of. The German singer was able to pack so much emotion in S.O.S., which is less than 3 minutes long. The chorus gives you a picture where she is crying for so long that her very being is being swept away in them. And as a final plea, Lune is asking for help, an S.O.S. because she knows she’s about to go under or just float away. That could mean just end up going on emotionless. There was a part in second verse where she goes:

“Staring at the ceiling of my room and she turns her

hands over her eyes as if it is a prayer.

Wanted to talk to you about it every day

But it doesn’t work”

Lune – S.O.S.

And that’s where you get to the point of the song where a rational person ask, “What has she been dying to talk to you about that has gotten her to this point?” The music video adds to the words. There is only one time the little girl is happy and that’s is winning the teddy bear, but sad throughout. Even Lune out here with just sad face. I have an idea of what this could all mean. The bear represents the little girl’s innocence and you see the Joker look-a-like having a joyous time when he’s around her whom ends up tossing her innocence in the river like garbage. You see Lune side-by-side at times or even interchanging with the little girl looking empty inside sitting in the back of the car. Could it be that she’s telling a story of someone else or her own life? I don’t know, but this song and video is something to behold.

p-rallel and Lauren Faith – Blue Denim Jeans

Brits p-rallel and Lauren Faith goes boom bap in a very early 90’s esque track Blue Denim Jeans. Maybe I’ve over analyzing it, but the filter, the camera shots, the mannerisms in front of the camera, and the production. If someone told me this was like a B-side from an album from some time ago, I’d believe it. I love the theme. Lauren Faith’s voice is amazing especially when she goes towards the highs in the track. The way she sings “Blue denim jeans” is like a tickle to my ears, it just put a smile on me just hearing it. You see p-rallel just vibing on the track just giving looks to the camera and says nothing at all. But it works, but the vibe behind it all makes it make sense. Using that bass guitar in the beginning of the track and then throughout really is the glue behind the production.

Molly Hammar – Douchebag

Channeling the BDE, Swede singer Molly Hammar gives us all a bop and soul clap as the cherry on top. Douchebag is that song that really lets you get all of those ill feelings out of your system, get your mind right, and let that guy know he’s trash. Female empowerment on beat and you can’t beat that. The music video is everything. Molly plays the part of the douche in this entertaining video and does a lot of the things you’d expect a “douchebag” would. This is a club banger for sure, you might want to let the single people have it on the floor when this comes on because this is a song for them.

This week’s Cover Art Nominees featuring Shaun Ross

Cover Art Nominees: Week 57

This week’s Cover Art Nominees

Another week almost at a close. One of the biggest artists right now on the come up, Brent Faiyaz has his new single with Tyler, The Creator in Gravity. Conor Albert and Alice Auer comes back together in their second single since Smile, with Forget. Swede singer Molly Hammar decides to go dual roles in Douchebag. Enjoy this week’s nominees.