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Cover Art Nominees: Week 62

It is another week almost in the book in the month of March and the hits keep coming. We are welcoming back Miss Lou and saxophonist Daniel Chia with Candlelight. This is a part of an ongoing series from Miss Lou called A Song A Day. Spanish singer Rolita gives us a little grit in her voice over some boom bap in Si Queda Vida. And we can’t forget the creation of a supergroup consisting of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak called Silk Sonic. Their debut single called Leave The Door Open. If you love Motown, or just music in general, this one is for you. Enjoy this week’s cover art nominees.

Aleesha Doesn’t Need No Man

Clearly living her best life, Aleesha gives us something a little more lighter than her usual songs in No Man. I’m used to her going heavy in the production like in her song Like Nicki so it sort of caught me off guard. The melody with the guitar leading is really pleasant on the ears. She even goes into Spanish speaking towards the last minute. Don’t be shocked. She is from Spain after all. Take a listen to her new single.

Like Nicki? No, like Aleesha

Cover Art – Si Tu Quieres – Aleesha

One of the reasons why I LOVE what I’m doing is because I get to discover discovered talent. People from these artists’ hometown have known them from grade school and I get to act like the guy who yells from the rooftops, “HEY EVERYONE, GUESS WHO I JUST FOUND ABOUT TODAY?!?!?!?” When I heard Like Nicki come on the playlist last week, that’s how I genuinely felt. That wasn’t the only feeling I had. I felt like I need to go start my car just to blast this song because just gets you in the mood to not care what anyone has to say. You know sometimes when you are on the highway (or country’s equivalent) and you get the urge to go 30 miles higher than the speed limit because you feel like no one is gonna stop you? It’s that feeling and it feels good.

I was looking at an interview she did with HIGHSNOBIETY last year before her performance at the Sonar Festival and there was one piece that stuck out to me. It was over the question about the Spanish music scene and she responded with her feeling like she’s not understood. That the folks around town doesn’t get her. When I read that, I thought about another music artist that is probably one of the biggest stars in recent memory, Rosalia. Their music not similar, but they are both modern. I think when it comes to Rosalia, you REALLY hear the Spanish culture/influence with her neo-flamenco production. It maybe that it’s something Spanish people could connect to easier because it’s something they can recognize.

That isn’t to say there aren’t the Latin influences in Aleesha’s music as well. You can just tell what she wants in her music. To be honest, as global as hip-hop and R&B is, I can’t imagine people from anywhere can’t get in love with the music. Hearing that she already had people she was working with in Atlanta speaks to how production ended up being. And kudos to them tweaking the music to her style. For those who say it’s similar to Tinashe and Rihanna, I can understand where they are getting at. Can you have the best of both worlds? That’s some pressure to put on someone, but she’s definitely has the talent to live up to expectations, but more so, make a name for herself.

Aleesha – Si ti quieres
Alicia – Like Nicki

Shoutout to Lucy Thorpe from HIGHSNOBIETY with her interview with Aleesha. I used some of her material for this blog post

Barcelona’s Aleesha Reveals Her Favorite Places in the Catalan Capital Ahead of Sónar Festival

Aleesha – Spotify

Aleesha – iTunes

Support your artists!!!!

New Music Friday – April 10-17

Cover Art – Aleesha – Like Nicki

It’s another week in our personal cabins (fever) staying safe from the bag germs (as my daughter would say). This week is a little light. Not a whole lot music this week, but as I say, quality over quantity. As long as the music is good, we will play it. Speaking of quality music, shout out to Joy Crookes for performing her new song Anyone But Me. I mean it’s a serious song about mental health, but if you caught her for the COLORS show, you were able to see her perform it live-ish. Another song that I was digging this week was from Ambar Lucid and Universe. It caught me off guard when it came on and I had to put it on repeat. If you have a chance to get listen to her new project Garden of Lucid, do it.

A new artist on the scene from Korea, DeVita gave us all the vibes from her song EVITA!. Her music video laid back, yet at the same time sort of trippy. They really put some extra time in the video production department for this.

I gave props to this duo from Darkie Fiction from Johannesburg, South Africa earlier this week for releasing their new EP Endaweni. They stick to their South African roots while incorporating hip hop and fast paced funk. This is an EP meant to be played at loud volumes.

To the cover artist this week, Aleesha. When I heard her song, Like Nicki, it gripped me. This song is as tough as its music video. Just taking a stroll and wishing someone would interject them taking claim to ever growing stage. There was a scene that had a random person open the door in the background as the group kept dancing forward. He said nothing and just watched in awe like everyone else. I’ll be writing more on her so I’ll be looking around for some interviews and listen to her EP 19:19.

Thanks also to J.Motion (and the love on twitter), Maia Wright, Milan Ring, SOFCO from Morocco, Pink Sweat$, Dylan Sinclair, and Leon Bridges & John Mayer for giving us good music this week.

Support your artists. I’ll try and do better next week.

Spotify New Music Playlist – April 10-17

Cover Artist of the Week – Aleesha