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Cover Art Nominees: Week 77

We are almost at the end of another week everyone. First highlighting Singaporean artist Slodown and his single Me & Mrs Wong which takes inspiration from Billy Paul’s Me and Mrs Jones. We have Swedish artist Daniela Rathana with her debut track from her upcoming album, Rathana Club, with Havanna. To have that has your title, the production and she delivered nothing less than quality. Finally we get to the neo-soul artist from Melbourne named Akosia and her latest track ISO. Please enjoy this week’s playlist.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 74

Good afternoon we are almost at the end of another week. We have rising Australian artist Tkay Maidza and her new flowerly (made up word I know) song Cashmere. We have the return or previous Danish Cover Art Artist (April 2 – 9, 2021) MALU and her brand new single No Hearts. Finally we have Pilipino-born, Singaporean-raised singer Marian Carmel bringing us her latest song You Like The Chase. Enjoy this week’s playlist.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 62

It is another week almost in the book in the month of March and the hits keep coming. We are welcoming back Miss Lou and saxophonist Daniel Chia with Candlelight. This is a part of an ongoing series from Miss Lou called A Song A Day. Spanish singer Rolita gives us a little grit in her voice over some boom bap in Si Queda Vida. And we can’t forget the creation of a supergroup consisting of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak called Silk Sonic. Their debut single called Leave The Door Open. If you love Motown, or just music in general, this one is for you. Enjoy this week’s cover art nominees.

Miss Lou and Tim De Cotta Makes A Classic From Stardust

I found it a joy when I heard Stardust from Singaporean singer Miss Lou and collaborator Tim De Cotta. She is doing this project where she does a song-a-day for seven day with ideas coming from her fans. This one was outer space themed and out came this gem of a song. I love the production on this track on just how wavy and laid back it makes me feel listening. The horns on the back end of the song was a very nice touch.

Tim De Cotta is over there putting on his best Maxwell-esque performance on his lines during the second verse. I also loved how this song felt like a journey as well. To be sent into space to find yourself, not knowing where you are supposed to be, but to realize that it was the warmth that you feel is where you meant to be all along. It’s a very cute song with great songwriting. I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Won’t You Come Around To Charlie Lim and Aisyah Aziz

The duet from Singaporean artists Charlie Lim and Aisyah Aziz leaves us with something light for us to take in this morning. Won’t You Come Around is about taking a little time to let the love develop with one another. They both are letting us know that “patience is a virtue” and despite the rough edges, the potential for a great relationship is there.

The line:

I feel it deeper than any delusion

Under your spell I hear a new song…

Won’t You Come Around – Charlie Lim and Aisyah Aziz

It speaks to seeing what’s beyond the surface even when the viewing party is the one you’re close with. The production of the song is so airy and light that sets a nice vibe. I also appreciate that the harmonizing is there, but they are also both strong on their own riffing off one another. Very beautiful song to just meditate to and think about your significant other, or one you want to be.

The scenery for the music video matches the mood I felt listening to the track. Isolated in their thoughts in a big setting because so much is on their mind. The two seater, lamp, and cup adds a neat touch while making it all the way to the end of the video. There’s some neat camera action where it’s focusing on the subject moving directly towards the viewer while being on a track or something on wheels. If you’ve ever seen a Spike Lee movie, he’s famous for capturing shots like this.

Don’t B The 1 To Let Haneri Pass You By

B The 1 is a single released from an upcoming EP that Haneri is releasing later on November 27. When that beat drops after the half minute mark, it gets into a real funk/disco vibe. I’ve been following her all of this year and trust me, Haneri puts out quality music. So if this EP has this same energy, I might have another project to put on my “I Need Energy While Driving” playlist. It’s not a thing, but it should be.