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Cover Art Nominees: Week 72

Hey everyone, we are running super-duper late today as life happens. But I’ll do my best to make sure the show goes on, outside of vacations and planned breaks of course. This week we have Lola Young and her latest single Bad Tattoo. We have Australian artist Wafia bringing on help from Indonesian artist Rahmania Astrini to make an updated version of Pick Me. We finally have from highest awarded Angolan artist to date, Yola Semedo, and her latest single Minha Sorte. Enjoy this week’s playlist.

Rahmania Astrini and Conor Matthews Gives Shush A Makeover

Rahmania Astrini brings on Conor Matthews for a redo of Shush. I feel like I should pat myself on my back for making the original the Cover Art for November 20 – 27 for seeing how good this song was. Conor coming on the track gives the music a more pop feel so there is that added depth to it all. It’s interesting that the music arrangement doesn’t really change at all, but you can say Conor has a strong presence on the track.

I didn’t get a chance to see the music video for the original version when it came out so we get to take a look at which one we like more. You have the original that has a lot of choreography in it with a lot of background dancers. It’s a big setting just to get that grand feel of the song. However with the latest version with Conor, it feels more intimate. A lot of closer shots from the both of them. Just none together like in the first music video.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 68

We are almost at a close of yet another week. We have the return of Rahmania Astrini and her Cover Art winning song Shush. She has help with Conor Matthews and I think making this a duet was warranted. Y’akoto releases her first single since her EP OBAA YAA back in October with What’s Good. And finally Liverpool-born, Perth, Australia-raised KUCKA released her latest single Eternity. It’s apart of a new album, Wrestling, which can be pre-ordered on her Bandcamp. Enjoy this week’s cover art nominees.

New Music Friday – November 20 – 27

Cover Art Artist – Rahmania Astrini – Shush

My wife and I was listening to Shush while we were cleaning up the house and we both had to stop and let this soak in. Indonesian artist Rahmania Astrini left an impression on us both. There is a depth of maturity in her voice that took us by surprised. And she’s only 19. The lyrics isn’t something I would expected from someone so young, yet, she sung the words so well. The production really put the emphasis on those lyrics, especially during the chorus. All of these elements are just working so well. This is a great song to listen to.

Three Shoutouts…
Mirai – Alma Congelada

Portuguese artist Mirai gets a little deep in his single Alma Congelada (Frozen Soul) with the help of an afrobeat type of sound. The producers did well to match the pace to the vibe that Mirai is trying to present and it is about trying to tell others that they aren’t okay despite wanting it to be the opposite. The lyrics remind me of another song that Omarion did with Timberland as a producer, Icebox, which touches the same kind of wordplay of having a cold heart where it was once full of life and happiness. Mirai is gives us singing and towards the end, gives us a nice flow as well. I haven’t heard of him before so I don’t know if he’s a rapper as well, but I say he can do both well.

Sabrina Claudio – Warm December

Warm December is what the holiday season needed desperately, an intimate song. I am not a big fan of the Christmas songs because it’s mostly covers and cheesy songs, but Sabrina Claudio delivered a hit. I said in a tweet several months ago that Ariana Grande gave an unofficial anthem to Cuffing Season (the time where people get together during the colder months of the year, around the holiday season til Valentine’s day to put it mildly), but I think this song is the one. It hits all the right notes and it’s not even too suggestive. A touch of subtlety and maturity for a topic like this. It helps that Sabrina has just a beautiful voice to really make these lyrics pop and give that much more meaning when someone hears it.

Black Coffee ft Pharell Williams and Jozzy – 10 Missed Calls

Two legendary producers in Pharrell Williams and Black Coffee come together with singer (and co-writer to Old Town Road) Jozzy and the song 10 Missed Calls. There is a lot of star power together in one song and it is led by the foundation of Black Coffee’s production style. That being afro house type of sound and it is so unique to him. I looked it up and thought this was just a stand-alone single, but this is a new single apart of his new album Subconsciously that has a release date expected on February 21, 2021. Black Coffee and Sabrina Claudio was the Cover Art Artist back for the week of April 24-May 1 with their single SBCNCSLY. I’m loving the vibe these collective of songs are bringing and I can’t wait for the album release.