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Raquel Pinto Sings For Her Love In Ficar Contigo

Portuguese singer Raquel Pinto released her second single to date with Ficar Contigo (Stay With You). Her voice is so soft on this smooth jazz production. The theme of the track is about her describing not being alone and staying with the one she is with. She is very confident in her feelings and desires of the situation and the lyrics are bordering on Sade territory. Another thing I’ve noticed is her runs. They remind me of Nai Palm from Hiatus Kaiyote at times especially during the middle parts of the song where she is just riffing on the production.

I love how peaceful the music video was. Still to this day, I’m amazed at the kind of shots people manage to get at remote places and they look so amazing. Raquel seems to be really enjoying herself. I do wonder what the message she wants to convey when she talks about not wanting to be alone through the song when all you see is her. Is this more of her longing to be with this person or even just talking out loud her desires for it all? Obviously there would be a different on-screen dynamic if there was someone sharing the screen with her. I wonder what that would look like. Overall, I love the song and music video.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 79

We are almost at the end of another week. We are just a few shy from the amount we usually put out, but as usual, the quality is at the tip-top. We have Joy Denalane with her latest single Forever. We also have Portuguese producer Mizzy Miles bringing on Carla Prata and Lhast in his latest song More Love. Finally, we are featuring Jamaican singer Shenseea and her latest single Run Run. I’m just happy that I’m seeing more Caribbean artists come on my radar. Please enjoy this week’s artists.

Neyna Living Her Best Life On Nha Mos

Portuguese artist Neyna is channeling her afrobeat in her latest track Nha Mos. It’s a very relaxed vibe on the production and she is just riding the beat as if she’s on cruise control. The video is pretty neat too, having her in various spots living her best life. If afrobeat is your thing, give this track several listens on repeat.

Loony Johnson Adores His Jewel In Jóia

Portuguese singer Loony Johnson has given us a touching song with Jóia (Jewel). I liken the production to other indie R&B singers like India Arie where it’s stripped down. You get your fingersnaps, congos, and the ever important acoustic guitar. Unfortunately at the time there were no public lyrics, but if you see the music video, you really get to the heart and soul of the track.

Now I’m not sure if this is Loony’s actual family, but I could believe it. There is no way you can fake the love that is shown on screen. It feels like a love song dedicated to the woman in the video. Very heartwarming to see and it shows a powerful message of what a family love looks like from his perspective. A beautiful track that everyone should watch at least once.

New Music Friday: February 5 – 12

Cover Art Artist – Priya Ragu – Chicken Lemon Rice

Out of all the songs I’ve heard this week, I can say Chicken Lemon Rice not only took me by surprise, but I had the most fun. The Swiss-Tamil artist Priya Ragu has given us a certified bop and went even further to put out a nice music video as well. I really appreciate the diversity just in the music video itself. Priya walks the walk in her lyrics. If you love the celebration of different cultures from all across the world, this is your anthem. If you find yourself unable to move to the beat of this song, then you don’t have a soul. Just put it on repeat at loud volumes and go have fun.

Three Shoutouts…
Lilmara ft. BECCAA – Por Ti (For You)

Portugese artists Lilmara and BECCAA came together for this not-so-typical love song in Por Ti. I say no-so-typical because this is about trying to not go over the edge of the relationship and calling it quits. What I appreciate is that these two are of the same mind wanting to save what’s there. To not sulk and stay quiet, but to put some action to the words. I am feeling the beat as well as it has a nice groove. This is the type of song where it shows that there are fights in relationships, but if you want it to work, you gotta work on the relationship. Anyone can get behind a song like this.

Victoria Monet – F.U.C.K.

I made mention on twitter that this might be the first single of her second mini album. A cheeky title from Victoria with F.U.C.K. (Friend U Can Keep) and continues giving us the same Victoria Monet styles and sounds that we’ve grown accustomed to. The takeaway line comes from verse two, “Uh, I’m just tryna jump your bones, we don’t gotta jump the broom, you know”. The ever-growing sentiment from the youngest generation that we don’t have to be in a relationship to get together. This song is a perfect bow on how to best describe those feelings. Jaguar Pt. II is the title of the 2nd album and I can’t wait to hear it in its entirety.

Karl Benjamin – Moon

We can put Londoner Karl Benjamin under the “smooth brother” status with his latest single Moon. Such a velvety voice he has as he is stretching those words during chorus. I could listen to him all day. There is an article he did with Wonderland Magazine in saying how he doesn’t like the fake love interest in music videos so for his video, he brought in his love. I can appreciate that even on the lone fact that you can get more honest feelings on the camera. Speaking of the music video, I found it interesting that they shot it in a grow house. If it’s not, the prop person did a great job setting up the aesthetics as if it was one.

This Week’s Cover Art Artist Nominees featuring Priya Ragu

From The Voice To A Star All On Her Own

Cover Art – Marta Carvalho – Chama

Marta Carvalho had released a song last week called Lugar and I really was digging it. There was a lot of good music last week, but I picked her out and wanted to learn a little more about her. From her Spotify page it sounds like she’s comfortable giving us all ranges in her singing be it acoustic-like, slow or fast paced. I guess all the coaching and training she got while on The Voice Portugal really paid off dividends with her career. It’s only 4 total songs but you get something difference from each one.

Marta Carvalho – Lugar (Vertical Video)
It’s good that she said so in the title because internet video purists would give hate that it’s in cell phone mode. Just enjoy the music.

There was one comment on her second go with “Run” from Leona Lewis on The Voice and the performance was night and day than the first one. I kinda figured that her initial performance had to be nerves because she’s really talented. I’m also curious as (this coming out party of her career?) where she’s getting her ideas for her songs since they feel so different each one.

Marta Carvalho – Chama

You can see from her live performance of, personally my favorite song, Deslizes that she really gets IN the mood. There is nothing like seeing the body language of seeing someone who is live. I’ve been to some shows where I was disgusted with the performer because everyone in the room knew they didn’t want to be there. But when you see one who is doing all the small things that elevates a song to something better, you appreciate it.

Marta Carvalho – Deslizes

It’s just three songs among the ones she has currently. There was a comment from that video of her re-performing Leona Lewis’ song Run that said basically they hope all the performers end up with great careers (3 years ago it was made). I think the foundation for Marta is laid. She’s got her aesthetic, her style, comfort singing among people and stage presence. I can’t imagine her not having a great career.

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