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There’s Nothing To Do With Claudia and Curtismith

This new track, Nothing To Do, from Claudia Barretto featuring Curtismith is a nice bop. The production values on the track are really good especially using the keys as the base to it all. Seeing Claudia in the music video with her guy, you can see it in her mannerisms feeling the words she was singing. The theme is a simple one where if there’s nothing going on, all you need is the one you’re with. Funny enough in the music video, it just a lot of lounging around just chilling. Who knew you can make a song so good about spending time with another lover and you are just relaxing.

Curtismith brings some bounce to the track, literally as he’s two-steppin’ and leaning back in the music video. He does some flows in the beginning of the track and does some vocals towards the latter end. Give another dimension to what Claudia delivers on the song and it strikes a nice balance for the two. It’s a nice song to listen to and have it on with those long drives or just vibing out in the house. Bonus points if you have that significant other with you.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 74

Good afternoon we are almost at the end of another week. We have rising Australian artist Tkay Maidza and her new flowerly (made up word I know) song Cashmere. We have the return or previous Danish Cover Art Artist (April 2 – 9, 2021) MALU and her brand new single No Hearts. Finally we have Pilipino-born, Singaporean-raised singer Marian Carmel bringing us her latest song You Like The Chase. Enjoy this week’s playlist.

August Wahh Doesn’t Want To Be Bothered In Samokan

I have been a big fan of August Wahh since the first time I heard her songs over a year ago and she gives us another banger with Samokan (translates to bother or annoying). We also have a feature from rapper Cookie$ towards the second half of the track. The production from Guilty Keys is giving off that Q-Tip – Breathe and Stop vibes. Very early 90s feels the track. I also think this is the first time I’ve heard August sing in her native language. Just as in English, she’s so smooth and refreshing to hear. I also love the message from the track. You don’t have to be so annoying. Just relax and chill.

The music video was a very interesting one as it played out. You think you have this guy coming in for a consultation with two psychiatrists. How Tony Soprano is this? The gangster (he pulls a gun from his back to lay on the tray) comes in looking for mental health help. It looked at times that he was getting measured for a straitjacket, but it quickly turned out to be ropes. The therapy he ended up getting was a bondage session. As long as it works right? And it looked like he had a world changing experience, one of which, I can understand why.

Dom Guyot Offers A Safe Haven From Society

Filipino artist Dom Guyot serenades us in his latest single Haven.

I said that we may have to place Dom on smooth brother status because his vocals are like velvet to the ears. He can effortlessly reach those low registers and give you the chills. He really impressed me as this was the first time I have ever heard from him. 

“Haven is an RnB track —— an honest portrayal of gay man finding and falling deeply in love for the first time, with a partner they consider as their “safe haven” in an unsafe world.”

Dom Guyot from Genius

More importantly is the lyrical content and the themes behind this track. You hear about trying to find a comfortable place, in the presence of his partner, and to feel safe. And to do this in spite of how the outside world thinks of a relationship like theirs, but nothing beats being in the arms of someone you love. You can tell just how serious Dom’s character in the song is during the bridge. He sings

But if, I don’t (I don’t)

I don’t end up with your last name as my own (last name as my own)

I’d take it as a happy ending

Us happening’s enough reason

He knows what the end goal is, to be married, but just being together is good enough. It’s a beautiful track with great production. 

Tiana Kocher and Tboz Ain’t Here For The Same Lames

Tiana Kocher gets Tboz from TLC to collaborate on her new track Same Lame. She says that she wanted to recreate the same magic from TLC’s hit No Scrubs. 

“We wanted to create the “No Scrubs” of 2021 so this is how the song came about. I want this song to serve as a friendly reminder to always remember your worth”

It’s cool that Tiana was able to get Tboz to come on this track. Feels like a passing of the touch from one generation to another. The energy in the song, especially during the chorus, is really good. I’m sure there was some extra motivation to deliver a good product when you get to work with one of your idols.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 67

We are coming close to the end of another week and we got some jams to share with you. American singer by way of the Philippines, singer Tiana Kocher has her first single of the year with Same Lame which channels the classic from TLC, No Scrubs. Southern singer from Alabama, Anderson East gives us some soul with Madelyn. Cover Art Artist Dragonfruit comes out with their first single of the year with Know Better. Enjoy this week’s Cover Art Nominees.

Gessie and Kaiyo Wants To Be More Than A Memory

Pinoy artists Gessie and Kaiyo brings out a bop in their song Memory. When I heard the chorus for the song, I knew this was quality.

I don’t wanna be

Just a memory

My mind keeps telling me

You feel exactly was losing is

Come here close to me

Be my clarity

My mind keeps telling me

This is not the ending we wanna be in

Gessie and Kaiyo – Memory

If it’s a love you want to have, you gotta fight for it. You have to appreciate that kind of conviction from someone. The track is really smooth especially with the guitars tossed in. Give it a listen to.

August Wahh is Taking Back Her Woo Woo

I think it’s safe to say that the R&B-jazz lane in the Philippines has been cemented by August Wahh. Her latest single Woo Woo is an extension of that fact. The production is top notch and of note, the horns are in full force. The line “And I got all this energy, Bursting to come out from me” is manifesting in her music video. Her spirits are high and is just having a smile on her face throughout the video. The setting also fits as it seems as though she’s at peace living her life.

Never knew that in her culture that “Woo Woo” was seen as derogatory, as she mentions in her statement with Redbox, but it doesn’t show in the final product. In fact, when you get into the groove from producer Asch, her singing and talking about her Woo Woo, it feels like it has much more significance than something to pass off. If the goal was to reclaim it and use the term for something powerful and more than herself, August Wahh pulled it off with flying colors.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 61

Hey everyone, we are almost at a close of another week. We have a Mexican talent on high with Cinco Estrellas (Five Stars) with duos La Isla Centeno and Los Master Plus and singer Yoss Bones. Chloe x Halle officially released 80/20 that didn’t initially make it on their original release of Ungodly Hour. Filipina songstress August Wahh releases her first single of the new year busting of energy with Woo Woo. Take a listen to all the tracks for this week.

Grab A Soda An Talk It Out With James Reid

The funk vibes from one of the more well-known Filipino singers, James Reid, in this song reminds me a lot of Daft Punk during the post-chorus as well as well as Victoria Monet and her album Jaguar (my thoughts on the album here). It’s that tone with the guitars that hits just right. The smoothness of James’ voice didn’t really explore a lot in the range, but when there is a lot of depth in the production, you don’t really need to go that far. I like from the beginning of the song, James was proactive in not letting whatever the issue was between him and his partner fester. Pursue against the problem and actively try to resolve it. That is a good take when in a relationship.