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Cover Art Nominees: Week 78

We are almost at the end of another week and I keep surprising myself that I get enough material to make a good playlist. We have Indonesian duo Duara featuring Vira Talisa with Morning Sun. Nigerian artist Adekunle Gold teams up with Lucky Daye in Sinner. Finally featuring Dutch artist Eva Valery and her single Xylem. Please enjoy this week’s playlist.

Be Like Nina And Express Yourself So Says Wayne Snow

How cool that when you think you’ve heard it all, artists like Wayne Snow deliver a jam that feels so original to the ears and a jam at the same time. The Nigerian artist has found the natural progression of what vogue music would be in the 20s. Now I would never consider myself an expert on any scale in terms of voguing, but when I see the music video, those are the feelings it triggers for me. 

Nina is a celebration of the body, the self, the mind and nothing else. Do not look for the all-complicated. Dance to free yourself from the shackles of the society that prefers you rigid and obedient. Dance and stir as you see fit. Like Nina do it wherever you like;

Dance, lose yourself in the dance as if to find yourself;

To dance is to let the soul speak, to let it guide you;

Have no fear;


Wayne Snow – Nina

Wayne is right and is expressed so with all the dancers. Looks so effortless and fun just like the production on the track. When you hear that bass and the melodies being played, you get the best of vibes coming through you. Infectious even I’d wager and you just can’t help to move to the beat. I love everything about this song and its presentation for the audience. Wayne Snow has a new fan over here.

Tay Iwar Wants That Old Thing Back In Peaking

Nigerian artist Tay Iwar released the first track, Peaking, from his upcoming EP Love & Isolation. I heard this song over 10 times, but when I looked at the first verse, I had to check and see if “Peaking” came off as I thought it should in the song. It did and a “Chef’s Kiss” to Tay for putting that in there. It was like a revelation on his part during this sipping and dreaming of sorts. When you get to that point, you have to question a lot that comes after in the song. 

Is the woman that he’s with real or a figment of his imagination?

And I think it’s the latter and it feels more that way when we get to the outro of the song. But it is interesting to see how one’s thoughts develop when you are by yourself. In the second verse you get to a point where he talks about seeing the fire and light in the woman’s eyes for the last time. Followed up with him saying he never lied. Could this be about infidelity or just ending the relationship for something more personal in which you have Tay say “I gotta move, I gotta focus”? It’s a lot of possibilities to it all. 

There is one certainty in how the music changes up for the Outro. It’s a kin to a sobering up of sorts. He knows what the next move is and talking himself into seeing her again. You know what the worst part about this is? Knowing that this is the last song of the EP tracklist. It ends on a cliffhanger. I’m curious on how the story develops.

New Music Friday: February 12-19

Cover Art – Rola – Ride or Die

This is the second single this year from German singer Rola. Ride or Die is another song where the impact doesn’t come from just hearing the song, but when you watch the music video. And I just throw it out there that this is probably NSFW.  You can hear from the pre-chorus that same melody from Jennifer Lopez’s If You Had My Love. It’s neat that they were able to throw that in there. I wonder if that song relates to the title, Ride or Die. I don’t have access to the lyrics, but I have an idea of what they might consist of. 

So let’s just continue to the important part, the music video. From the first scenes, you knew it was going to be a banger of a song. Lots of power, but slowed just enough to have that intimate feeling to it all. There is a scene where they dropped a treadmill in the middle of the set and all you can see is Rola just walking in place. Way to grab attention while keeping the subject still and full of action at the same time. I won’t spoil the ending of the music video, but I would like to think there are people all over Germany who agree with that gesture. One small thing I noticed is that there are two different people within the rip of the cover art. What is Rola trying to say?

Three Shoutouts…
GRACE. – morethanwordscansay.

Does GRACE know just how beautiful of a song she wrote and sung? I mean there are love songs and then there are songs where when you hear it and listen to the lyrics, it just makes your heart melt. I mean you can have your first dance at your wedding to this song it’s so good. 

“This song is a story about those relationships that have been through so many roller coaster rides yet standing strong together because all that matters is they got each other. Imagine a scenario where one stands on the altar looking at someone who knows them best and all the roads that lead them there — this song is all the things one might say to the other half.”

GRACE. – morethanwordscansay.

It might be cheesy to say, but I had a couple of tears listening to this song, reading the lyrics, and the description from GRACE. Take the time to listen to the track. This is a Valentine’s Day hit for sure.

The Lazy Jesus and Anton Kramer featuring Гурт [O] – Taнго Пiд Дощем (Tango In The Rain)

Lots of soul coming from these groups of Ukrainian artists here. The Lazy Jesus, Anton Kramer and Band (or Group O) gives a great performance in the song Tango In The Rain. Singer Anton describe the song as:

“This song is about the fact that despite the bad weather in the soul and outside, you go to this dance with a person and are not afraid to open up to him. This is a very sensual dance of two people, in which you need to be on the same page and trust each other”

Anton Kramer – Tango In The Rain

You feel that in the vibe of the production. You have the strong boom-bap, keys, and bass guitar combined with the two singers to just put you in the right kind of mood to get close with someone. This song has been one of my favorites this week because of that jazz aesthetic it holds. I hope they have more music they want to release this year.

Niniola – Promise

I can tell from listening to Promise from Niniola, this song is too good to just be a studio track. We need to get a live version where she can just riff and the band go off for an additional 5 minutes on stage. If you are a fan of those heartbreak songs, this is the one for you. It reminded me of Toni Braxton in a way. And when Niniola was getting deep within to hit those notes with strength and power, I was like, “Yep, now I know what I said Toni Braxton. Her range is higher, but that power is there. So the only question now is when are we getting a music video and a live session of this song?

This week’s cover art nominees featuring Rola

Nao and Adekunle Gold Has That Antidote

I don’t normally start off with the cover art, but that is a powerful picture with of a black pregnant woman standing in the middle of paradise. I haven’t heard a single from Nao since Woman and Lianne La Havas, so this is a welcome return. On the sounds of afrobeat/afro-pop, she and Adekunle Gold gives us something to move to. The collab of the two really gets good when they sing together in the chorus towards the end. Let’s get more collabs from these two.

New Music Friday (Saturday) – December 18 – 25

Cover Art – Little Dragon and Moses Sumney – The Other Lover

I find it very apt that the image used for The Other Lover has flowers and brass horns. This masterpiece of a song from Little Dragon and Moses Sumney delivers all of the horns imaginable with gives such a bold sound. Think The Coloring Book with Chance The Rapper where the productions had a lot of horns. It leave a good taste on your mouth. The voices of Yukimi Nagano (vocalist of Little Dragon) and Moses really melds so well with one another. It’s a beautiful song from these two and deserves a proper music video. I hope we get one.

Three Shoutouts
Juls ft Tay Iwar and P-rallel – 1985

Londoner Juls teams up with Nigerian artist Tay Iwar as well as P-rallell for a disco-lite track called 1985. They lyrics are light on this track, but the production is top notch. To be honest, one of the best parts is the lyrical visualizer. You really get the gist of how laid back this song is supposed to make you feel. This is a nice little party song to throw on and to get your body moving. So make it happen and give it a play.

Seori – Trigger

When a song isn’t enough, you have to give us an amazing music video to go along with it. I knew the song from Korean artist Seori. The fact that she looks so cold and emotionless after “that transformation” speaks to how well she did in the music video. The way she comes off in the video mirrors the lyrics to the song as well. She aggressive and a lyrical masochist in a way. Credit to the production team because the way they fused lo-fi, r&b, and pop into one track is done really well. It is a really involved and thoughtful track production-wise. I also want to say that the music video is just a little less than twice the length of the song. When you want to put on an art piece, you want to make sure you get everything right. I mean seeing the tree being lit up in the background while the group is giving her praise in the foreground is an image you get ingrained in your mind.

Munnie ft. Soulthrll – Arat Na

Pinoy singers Munnie Cullantes and Southtrill drops a bop of a song. The part that (and there are many) that stood out to me was when Munnie starts singing the chorus and you hear Souththrll go “AYYYYYYyyyyyyyeeeeee”. He really keeps the hype all throughout the song and makes his presence known. Munnie and that chorus is so catchy and you know this is the type of song that is meant to be played in club settings and cars of all sizes at loud volumes. You can’t help but to get hyped from listening to this song. And there isn’t nothing wrong with a little confidence from Munnie since she knows she’s wassup.

This Week’s Cover Art Nominees featuring Little Dragon and Moses Sumney