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Cover Art Nominees: Week 35

This week features another hit from Tiwa Savage, Temptation, with Sam Smith. We also have up-and-coming Korean R&B singer Demian with Yes. I haven’t heard a lot of R&B singers from South Korea that also don’t dabble in K-Pop, but he seems to be an outright R&B singer. We have a single from the Good To Know Deluxe Version Love Reggae with JoJo and Tinashe. There is Lost In You from Indonesian group HMGNC and a groove from Westerns and Isla June called Thought You’d Stay. Take a listen to all the nominees for this week.

New Music Friday: August 21-28

Cover Art – M.E.L. – Maria

This week is going to be led with my second favorite this week. I did that specifically, because my favorite has an album that came out today. So she’ll get a post dedicated solely for her later in the week. For now, let’s talk about this singer/rapper from Portugal named M.E.L. I say singer and rapper because in the three songs she has out, she mainly rapped on one, but sung on all three. What I do love about her is that she is clearly having fun in what she’s doing. You can tell from her latest music video, the whole bit and parody of being the fresh talent on those old disco shows seems to fit the bubbly attitude she is giving off. At the rate she’s going, she either has an album being released before the end of the year or we are going to give two albums worth of content this time next year.

Three Shoutouts…

Aluna – Envious

We are going to keep this one brief. She’s going to get her own post as I said before as I am excited to listen to this new album, Aluna’s debut album. I can tell it is going to be amazing. Speaking specifically for Envious, I think among the songs she’s released thus far, this one stands out from them all. They all have that upbeat house vibe AlunaGeorge is always known for, but Envious seems to have a tad bit of funk added into the production and it makes my ears perk up. I expect great things from this album

Anjali Taneja – Golden Linings

The essence of a laid back groove is in this song from Anjali Taneja. I can see why this song is in so many Youtube/Spotify playlists because it fits that niche of this type of jazz/neo-soul that you see a lot of nowadays. Credit to the folks that produced this track as they were able to keep it mellow throughout. One thing that I love about Anjali’s voice is when she higher notes, it actually reminds me the same way Utada Hikaru hits those notes as her notes vibrates. It’s just something cool to listen out for when you hear them sing. I also love hearing local talent. Even though Anjali has an Indian heritage, she’s from Washington D.C. Gotta love it.

Kahoh and Kenya – Summer Time

We gotta bop from Japan with Summer Time. Kahoh and Kenya know how to work well together because they are shinning on the music video. There is something beautiful in seeing people just having a good time on the camera and really putting their best selves on the camera. I looked at the credits for the music video, I saw a familiar name, BBY NABE. For those who don’t know, there was a song that he did way back in March called Goodbye which I was high (on life) on. So to now see him involved with the lyrics and music for this single makes all the more sense. He is good at what he does Kahoh and Kenya are showing out.

We are putting a close on a chapter with the Spotify playlists that I’ve been curating for for New Music Friday. I finally setup a new account just for the site. I was thinking that I would be in a better position to not try my overall tastes with my R&B specific ones. We know how funky algorithms can get when you start to search for different genres. So expected to see everything with a “by R&B Worldwide” for now on.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 33

We are almost at the end of another week and we gems from across the globe. Included in this list is Gallant and his remake of Only One, a K-Pop hit from BoA. We also have Mexican artist Selene with 3 Para Las 10. Brazilian artist, Agnes Nunes, who has been on a roll these past two months with Sao Paulo and the ever growing artist from the DRC, Lous and the Yakuza with Laisee moi. Take a look at this week’s nominees.

This week’s cover art nominees

Cover Art Nominees: Week 32

This week is featuring singles from newly released projects including Victoria Monet’s Jaguar and Beverly Girl’s The Unstoppable Force. There was a lot of representation from Latin America from Mexico to Portugal. Come back tomorrow to see who gets their Cover Art posted for the week.

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