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Kallitechnis and Jarreau Vandal Gets A Little Selfish

Today is the release of Kallitechnis’ second single for her upcoming EP called Selfish. I have to make sure to inform you all that this track was produced by multi-faceted artist from Amsterdam Jarreau Vandal. He did a good job of putting this track together to fit the style of Kallitechnis. In fact, maybe a tad bit relaxed? So I went back and listened to Jarreau’s most recent album last year, Suburb Superhero: The Villain Within, and was reminded that this is his sound. It’s probably the fact that it’s been awhile since I’ve heard the album. 

SELFISH isn’t a song. It’s more of a tale. It’s a relatable story about shifting from a conventional people-pleasing attitude toward one that is founded in self-respect and the establishment of boundaries. It was my way to redemption; to make up for all the times I gave up myself simply for wanting to feel loved by somebody else.


The theme of this track is Kalli wanting to be “selfish” about her feelings and to stop giving them away just to feel loved. She wants to get back to a place where she’s number 1 in her life before she can worry about anyone else, especially the one she’s breaking up with in the track. The song is on brand with the trend I’ve been seeing this decade about women finding love first within themselves before finding it in others. 

After this, it’s release day. October 8 is the date we are all waiting for. Six tracks full of that quality we come to expect from Montreal’s very own.

Last Video Til The Live EP From Dragonfruit and Cloud Orchestra

We have reached the very last video from Amsterdam-based group Dragonfruit before the release of their EP on August 27. The wording suggests there will be more songs than the three featured so I am waiting patiently to see what other tracks are on the EP.

Listening to the original version, which was released in June of last year, you can really hear where Cloud Orchestra just makes the track pop. In the original, you would hear the strings during the chorus, but you had to pay attention to hear something. Cloud Orchestra accentuates those parts of this song. Whoever decided on this collab deserves a pay raise or more recognition.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 81

We are almost at the end of another week everyone, thank goodness. We have West London artist Alaina Maria with Backroad Gee with their song Switch It Up. We also have Dutch artist Safa Liron with Candy Dulfer with their song Rise. We also have in this list Californian artist Destiny Rodgers and her latest single What I Like. I hope you enjoy this week’s list.

FS Green and Aïcha Gill Are Not Over It, No No

Dutch producer FS Green releases his latest single with Aïcha Gill called Not Over It. FS Green does a really good job in giving that island vibe. You hear sounds that put you in that mood, and Aïcha’s voice tops it all off. The track is about one getting to a point where they think they are ready to call it quits in the relationship. Nevertheless, it is those memories that rekindle the desire for the person once again. She sings in the song that it’s hard to be alone when you have that one always on your mind. Eventually, you can’t resist your emotions and go back to what made you happy and what was familiar.

via Soundcloud

Credit to FS Green on making this track possible and if you want to hear more from him, besides being on streaming sites, he has his own Bandcamp page.

Eva Valery’s Xylem Is Built On Love And Patience

The Haarlem native (no not in New York), Dutch artist Eva Valery released her third single today Xylem. Now I had to look up what this was because I’ve never heard of this word before. It’s a type of transport tissue in particular plants that transports water and nutrients from roots to stems and leaves. So I believe that Eva was making allusions to how a strong relationship and love is developed. I appreciate the botanist point-of-view on how this should work.

The music video was really smooth too. The colors and settings were aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Whoever had the thought to do this during a sunset were spot on. There were also scenes of the extra limbs of arms and hands that really hit home of the concept of growing out and getting stronger. It was a nice touch to add in. The vibes displayed matched the sounds in the production. Its mellow 70s soul type of sound. The bass guitar is really doing a lot of work throughout the song.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 78

We are almost at the end of another week and I keep surprising myself that I get enough material to make a good playlist. We have Indonesian duo Duara featuring Vira Talisa with Morning Sun. Nigerian artist Adekunle Gold teams up with Lucky Daye in Sinner. Finally featuring Dutch artist Eva Valery and her single Xylem. Please enjoy this week’s playlist.

Dragonfruit Hanging In The Cloud(‘s) Orchestra

Cover photo taken by Kenawy (Instragram / Facebook)

It’s not often I go actively seeking content because my curation process brings it to me. However there are gems in the wild and Dragonfruit fits that description. I first heard of them when they released their single Apples back on November of 2020

Ever since then, I’ve had them on my radar not only because my introduction to them was amazing, but because their sounds got me excited. There are a lot of great artists, musicians, and producers out there, but I have to say that Dragonfruit is near the top of music for me. It never feels lazily done and it helps that it consists of a band that you can get some live instrumentation in the final versions of songs.

It also doesn’t hurt that the vocalist of the group, Danique van der Vlugt can not only sing, but has a nice flow as well. It’s a growing trend that I’ve seen in the more recent female artists that are coming out. Great singers and rappers. And not the cheesy lines at that, but giving us food for thought.

Take a listen to this live version of Lonely for example. I wouldn’t mind putting her out there among the many rappers we have today. Confidence, Deliverance, and Cadence. She gives it all in this performance and no one can deny that. Speaking of live performances, Lonely was the first of three videos to be released in collaboration with Cloud Orchestra as they performed at Paradiso. If I could just have been a fly to overheard the entire performance live at those moments. And let’s be honest, an orchestra can make anything sound better. The gravitas of it all makes the subject larger than life. The outfits, the setting, the amount of people needed, the build up and intro is more fulfilling than a studio version, and so much more.

This special live EP with Cloud Orchestra is supposed to be released in August so we have a little bit of time before the release. And then we get to the debut album, Gears of the Giant Machine, coming out in October.

So the line up to the release is coming along. I’ll definitely have the EP on rotation to keep me satisfied until then. But don’t take my word for it. They were my Cover Art Artist for November 6 – 13 2020, from their song Apples.

More About This Project

Even during the pandemic there is music coming from the empty halls of Paradiso. Upcoming alternative R&B-group Dragonfruit saw an opportunity to use this legendary venue as a canvas to bring a live-project to life in collaboration with a string orchestra: Dragonfruit x Cloud Orchestra. Under the watchful eye of concertmaster Luna Hallenga and Dragonfruits own keyboard player Anton de Bruin who wrote the arrangements for this project, Cloud Orchestra brings three of Dragonfruits singles to a new level for this special live-EP and three video’s.

In collaboration with Amsterdam fashion brand Bonne Suites, Amsterdam based label Super Sonic Jazz and Paradiso, Dragonfruit produces some top quality content that show what this group is truly capable of. Be sure to follow them on all their platforms to be the first one to catch their debut album ”Gears of the Giant Machine” when it drops the 8th of October on Super Sonic Jazz Records.

Edsilia Rombley and Numidia Are Soulmates

Dutch legend Edsilia Rombley with rising star Numidia collabs in their single Soulmate. You have to love the feel good energy they both have in this song. There are probably many ways you can interpret this be it a strong friendship or something budding into something more. You can feel the strong connection between these women on the track and the back-n-forth’s on the verses. They even put some harmonizations on there as well. 

You can even see just how in-sync they were in the music video. Just performing, dancing and enjoying that grill. I think you are contractually obligated to have that one person grilling some sort of food in songs like this. Everyone was in a good mood and you don’t really need much more than that. Make a song about being there for one another and having fun. Sometimes you have to be reminded that it’s okay to enjoy life and each other. 

Cover Art Nominees: Week 76

We are almost to the end of another week and that means a brand new playlist for the new music this week. We are starting off with Russian artist Ice Lo with his latest track Эйфория (Translated to Euphoria). We also have the recent BET Album of the Year winner Jazmine Sullivan (Heaux Tales) with her first single since then, Tragic. We finally have Dutch rapper Idaly tapping into the spirt of Drake with some singing in his latest track Laat Me Zien (Translated to Show Me). Enjoy this week’s music.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 75

We are almost at the end of another week and being a brand new dad again doesn’t afford me a lot of time, but we are just getting it in before the end of day. Starting off with Sivia and she is back again with her latest single Serene. We have a live version of Latanya Alberto performing with Metropole Orkest doing a cover of D’Angelo’s Really Love. And we have some future funk with Playa Limbo and their latest track Multicolor. Please enjoy this week’s playlist