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Yoss Bones Finds A Friend With The Bottle In Borracha De Amor

There is one thing I can say that I love about Mexican artist Yoss Bones is that she doesn’t have a box. You think you hear one particular sound from her and one month later she comes out and does something completely different and sounds amazing. With her latest single Borracha De Amor (Drunk With Love), she does that again. It starts off as a throwback type of sound and then the beats start to come in after the first couple of lines and you get a little bit of modernness to it all. She truly made this song her own. I’ve listened to it a dozen times and it feels like authentic Yoss Bones to me. One other thing that caught me by surprise was her voice. It’s so powerful. The boldness that comes off when she holds those notes really captures you.

Yoss Bones
via Tidal

The theme to the song is about realizing you are no longer in your partner’s (read ‘EX’) life and you drown your feelings in liquor. Yoss mentions in the lyrics that she acknowledges that she no longer has a place in his heart so the only way to heal is at the end of a bottle. And even then, no amount of alcohol can fill the pain she has. But she’s gonna try.

The music video captures that era that you felt in the initial parts of the track. Everyone is dressed for the occasion and they even went as far as to capture it in black-and-white. You look at the video and there are no words being exchanged from the two people. In fact, the guy is coming off like he feels regretful. Maybe based on how it all ended up because Yoss looks disappointed. She could barely keep a full second at looking at him before she had to turn her back. Everything about the song, the video and Yoss’ performance was spot on. 

New Music Friday 7/9 – 7/16 featuring Playa Limbo

As I went through the songs again this week trying to figure out which song it’s going to be, I heard Playa Limbo’s Luces de Sal once again and it was a wrap. In fact, the production for this song alone feels like a cheat code because it reminds me SO MUCH of Prince and I can’t help but to put this on repeat. I’ll do my best to not try and compare the two, but I’ll say some quick think’s about the instrumentation. The keys, drums, the strings and bass really gives that combination of Elton John and Prince as to where the inspiration is coming from. Even the vocals saying the “oohs” in quick bursts give those nostalgia vibes like it’s a Prince production. 

The music video has the vocalist, Jass Reyes, as the subject where no one else moves and the entire setting filtered in black and white. I wonder if it’s harder to perform when you have nothing to feed from. However, Jass was giving her all in the video. The facial expressions she was giving were everything. Even the way she looked at the camera, it had you mesmerized. Also, randomly, if you look at the bald guy at the end (I don’t know everyone else’s names), you can see he holds his head differently throughout the video. It’s hard to remain “frozen” for so long and through so many takes so I have to commend him for doing his best.

I gave Playa Limbo a shoutout back in Cover Art Nominees: Week 75. I didn’t think they would just muscle their way up so fast in my radar. This would be preaching to the choir, but they are really good. With the string of music being released from them lately, it looks like these could be a part of their Universo Amor EP collection where this is the last of the four on its way. GIve this group a listen.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 75

We are almost at the end of another week and being a brand new dad again doesn’t afford me a lot of time, but we are just getting it in before the end of day. Starting off with Sivia and she is back again with her latest single Serene. We have a live version of Latanya Alberto performing with Metropole Orkest doing a cover of D’Angelo’s Really Love. And we have some future funk with Playa Limbo and their latest track Multicolor. Please enjoy this week’s playlist

Immasoul Shows Us A Different Side In Mala

The Mexican Afro-Latina singer Immasoul shows us a different side with the latest single Mala. In the music video you see her in a more sexual side. The vivid colors, the slowed pace of the production, and that aura surrounding Immasoul is working together. This is a nice track to put on in the back and just vibe. I’m hoping that we’ll get those lyrics one day for her song. But in the meantime, I can listen to her sing all day.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 69

We are almost on the end of another week and we got some good music along the way. Including Aluna, Michael Brun, and Alicai Harley and their single Trouble. Swedish Grammy 2021 nominee JÁNA released her single Carefree. We also have one of my favorite singers from Mexico, Immasoul, and her latest single Mala. Enjoy this week’s nominees.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 61

Hey everyone, we are almost at a close of another week. We have a Mexican talent on high with Cinco Estrellas (Five Stars) with duos La Isla Centeno and Los Master Plus and singer Yoss Bones. Chloe x Halle officially released 80/20 that didn’t initially make it on their original release of Ungodly Hour. Filipina songstress August Wahh releases her first single of the new year busting of energy with Woo Woo. Take a listen to all the tracks for this week.

Nana Mendoza Was The Person Greta Looked For In 2 Almas

So this song, 2 Almas is a rework from an earlier version from about 10 months ago as the singer behind the song says, Greta. The original version was about the moment when she realized the “2 almas” was over after hearing a confession from the other about cheating on her. To go as far as to describe it in detail.

The original version performed live at Rock and Law

Now the Brownsville Texan has brought in Latin Grammy nominated artist from Mexico City, Nana Mendoza for the updated version to the song. There is so much southern soul in this track with the keyboard, organs, strings, and drums. They are amazing together on the track and when we got to the harmonizing sections of the song, it was a joy to listen to. So I think we need a proper music video now. I mean people loved the original song as I saw so many “cover” videos on Youtube. But what makes the addition to Nana so unique is now the song has context. There is dialogue and a person that Greta is referencing to. I made this same point when I talked about Emilie Nicolas and Isah when they redid Who’s Gonna Love You back in New Music Friday January 15-22. Will we get something? I hope so.

The reworked version with Nana Mendoza

Cover Art Nominees: Week 56

This week’s Cover Art Nominees

We are almost at the end of a week and we are excited because this week is represented by new beginnings for the blog. We’ve switched over to a new platform where I have more ownership of what I can present to you all. So thanks for sticking with us. This week, we have another single from Irish singer Cosha with Shygirl in Lapdance from Asia. Two Mexican artists from Alzada Music, guitarist Jose Macario and Yoss Bones comes together in No Hay Solucion. And S. Korean artists Bumkey featuring NONE collab in a heartfelt song called Letter to Heaven. Take a listen to them and the rest of the nominees this week.

Ivana Vibing To FAllen Roses Eating Buttercups

Group Fallen Roses teams up with Mexican singer Ivana for Buttercup and I have to say that the vibe given off from the guitars is really nice. I do like that melody from the guitarist during the chorus as it just flows through the entire portion. It’s rather unfortunate that the song is only 2 and a half minutes long as this is the type of beat you can just go driving down the highway to. Does give you more opportunities to put it on repeat.