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Maverick Sabre and Demae Drifts Away In Not Easy Love

Can we get two cheers for Maverick Sabre and Demae for a smooth neo-soul track with Not Easy Love. Dare I say that it invokes the moods you would get from D’Angelo with the melody the guitar provides throughout the track. It’s just a relaxing vibe to just melt away in and Maverick’s voice helps in that regard. Not overbearing yet buttery smooth to the ears. I could listen to the smooth brother sing all day.

I also think the music video was spot on for the message it was conveying. You have different shots of the two going back and forth as it is within the lyrics. You have Maverick saying that he can’t fully commit to the relationship because he thinks he’s not good enough for her or he’s just not built for commitment. Then you have Demae coming in with the second verse explaining that he is better than what he is saying. That he should attempt to try and to set aside his pride for some real love.

The point of the music video that hit hard was the last two scenes where you’d thought you’d see them together, but they are apart. Maverick is in the record studio while Demae is at home by herself. Way to stick the landing for the theme. As a side note, the lighting for the video was so good with using the reds to pop out on screen. The neo-soul vibes of it all were calling for a mood like this and I was loving the entire aesthetic.