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It’s Not Lune, You Are The Mistake

I am a simple person. When I see anything involving Lune, she gets my attention and more than likely, her music will be covered by me. Her latest track is Du Bist Der Fehler (You Are The Mistake) has this guy just being a dog. Sleeping around and cheating on his wife and hiding his wedding ring just to get around. It was all good until a random video chat with another woman appeared on his phone and the wife started to get all suspicious. I was thinking to myself that it was getting hard to keep up with the amount of women he was with in the video that I’m starting to think it was on purpose. He eventually got found out when one of the people he was with brought back his wallet (with the ring showing of course). The one theme you see a lot is the usage of the hourglass and sand. As the video went on, you see the guy with more sand on his body and places around him. Probably signifying that his time was soon up.

Lune is really submitting herself as a true storyteller in her songs. I’m thinking of people like Nas and Miiesha when I bring this up. You feel as though you are getting a chapter in life for people who can relate. One thing they are good at is becoming a narrator in their own song. They can bring in the emotion and impact to the words while separating themselves when they need to in order to serve a bigger purpose. It’s not about them, but to get these stories out. And if they happen to be fictional, they feel so down-to-earth (these songs), that they feel real to me. Also credit to the producer Juh-Dee and providing another banger of a track. This song is amazing and that’s the standard that we are expecting from Lune. Nothing but the best.

Lune Dedicates Her Song, Alles Verdient, To Her Family

I don’t sugarcoat my fondness for Lune and how much of an impression she’s left on me and does it again with alles verdient (Deserved Everything). So two things that I’ve learned from looking up stuff about this song. She’s only 18 and is getting respect from German artists (and folks international) and she has Iraqi roots. You learn from the song that her parents fled from Iraq before the war started. There was only one war that was on everyone’s mind and that was the one with USA soon after 9/11. I can only assume based on the lyrics was that her mom was pregnant with her at the time of them fleeing the country.

If that’s not crazy enough, she went back to Iraq to film the music video. Lune might be German on the government documents, but she knows where her roots are. It’s really inspiring that she would go back to her home country to do that. I know it had to mean so much for her. Again, she’s only 18, but her future is so bright. Can you imagine what the entirety of her first EP or album would look like? Her songs tackles some serious issues that makes you sit back and really absorb her words. She’s a superstar.

New Music Friday: January 29 – February 5

Cover Art Artist – Shaun Ross – WX5

If I could describe in one word WX5 (which stands for Who, What, Where, When, and Why), Shaun Ross, and this music video, it would be Elegance. I was looking at the music video at times with my mouth open because I couldn’t believe just how good it was despite how simplistic it all is. What I found out looking Shaun Ross up was that he is a model and I guess both he is exploring a music career now or is he just keeps putting out good music and this was the first time I’ve heard one of the tracks. This also explains how effortless the movement is in the music video. Shaun must really be channeling the words, the sound, and the vibe in his movements. Being a professional model, I’m sure, helps with all of that. Also the details in the cinematography are there. The various changes in the production corresponds to the transitions and effects of the video. There is a lot of care to make sure end production was 100%. This was a professional job on all ends and an amazing track.

Three Shoutouts…
Lune – S.O.S.

I have never been disappointed with anything Lune has been a part of. The German singer was able to pack so much emotion in S.O.S., which is less than 3 minutes long. The chorus gives you a picture where she is crying for so long that her very being is being swept away in them. And as a final plea, Lune is asking for help, an S.O.S. because she knows she’s about to go under or just float away. That could mean just end up going on emotionless. There was a part in second verse where she goes:

“Staring at the ceiling of my room and she turns her

hands over her eyes as if it is a prayer.

Wanted to talk to you about it every day

But it doesn’t work”

Lune – S.O.S.

And that’s where you get to the point of the song where a rational person ask, “What has she been dying to talk to you about that has gotten her to this point?” The music video adds to the words. There is only one time the little girl is happy and that’s is winning the teddy bear, but sad throughout. Even Lune out here with just sad face. I have an idea of what this could all mean. The bear represents the little girl’s innocence and you see the Joker look-a-like having a joyous time when he’s around her whom ends up tossing her innocence in the river like garbage. You see Lune side-by-side at times or even interchanging with the little girl looking empty inside sitting in the back of the car. Could it be that she’s telling a story of someone else or her own life? I don’t know, but this song and video is something to behold.

p-rallel and Lauren Faith – Blue Denim Jeans

Brits p-rallel and Lauren Faith goes boom bap in a very early 90’s esque track Blue Denim Jeans. Maybe I’ve over analyzing it, but the filter, the camera shots, the mannerisms in front of the camera, and the production. If someone told me this was like a B-side from an album from some time ago, I’d believe it. I love the theme. Lauren Faith’s voice is amazing especially when she goes towards the highs in the track. The way she sings “Blue denim jeans” is like a tickle to my ears, it just put a smile on me just hearing it. You see p-rallel just vibing on the track just giving looks to the camera and says nothing at all. But it works, but the vibe behind it all makes it make sense. Using that bass guitar in the beginning of the track and then throughout really is the glue behind the production.

Molly Hammar – Douchebag

Channeling the BDE, Swede singer Molly Hammar gives us all a bop and soul clap as the cherry on top. Douchebag is that song that really lets you get all of those ill feelings out of your system, get your mind right, and let that guy know he’s trash. Female empowerment on beat and you can’t beat that. The music video is everything. Molly plays the part of the douche in this entertaining video and does a lot of the things you’d expect a “douchebag” would. This is a club banger for sure, you might want to let the single people have it on the floor when this comes on because this is a song for them.

This week’s Cover Art Nominees featuring Shaun Ross

New Music Friday: January 8-15 2021

Cover Art – Yarah – Complicated

There is definitely a particular Toronto sound and you can hear it from Yarah in Complicated. I don’t know how to explain it, but that Toronto water and air must be something good. I love her vibe in her voice. The production is spot on that puts you in a laid back mood. The song has got me bobbing my head. This is a certified bop for me. For the flair, they have some screwed vocals in the background towards the end of the track. I can put this on repeat for hours and not even care. It just puts me in such a good mood.

Three Shoutouts…
VanJess ft. Jimi Tents & Garren – Curious

So VanJess has been riding on a high probably since the end of the summer/beginning of the fall with hit after hit after hit. Curious is the latest track to come from the sisters with features from Jimi Tents and Garren. This track is a part of their yet-to-be released new EP Homegrown. It’s due to drop on January 29. The songs that has been released thus far has a similar sound to them and that could be to a main producer for most of the song. I’m not even made because I love the production for all of their songs. For Curious, I can’t tell you just how much this track oozes lust from the pores. I mean it’s all in the lyrics about how they approach one another throughout the track. And how fitting to have two features as VanJess are two sisters. Makes you wonder if there was a music video, how it would go.

Monet192 and Lune – Spotlight

The German duo, Monet192 and Lune, gives off some heat in their song Spotlight. The track is half rap, half R&B, with Monet192 singing the chorus so we are gonna claim this one. The strings that are ever-present in the track give it a nice texture and you have to have it if you are looping the track over. I don’t know if Monet192 has done a lot of signing before, but he holds his own during the chorus. Lune really gives off some power when she is hitting her highs. I love this collab from the two. It’s a track that gets your head bumping and definitely something you should be playing at high volumes. And in an unrelated note, don’t sleep on the German rappers.

88-Keys – NEON SIGN

South Korean singer 88-Keys give us some real chill vibes in NEON SIGN. His singing has a laid back feeling to me and is just right for the production given. His cadence during the verses is diverse. The bridge with the fingersnaps made him look so cool as he was just finishing the song off. I really like his style and hope to hear more from him.

This Week’s Cover Art Nominees featuring Yarah

Cover Art Nominees: Week 54

Hey everyone! We are closing in on another week and I have to say, my usual amount of music is back to normal. I guess people don’t like to release stuff the week of New Year’s. I understand. Ragz Originale didn’t wait long in releasing another single with Brush U. German rapper Monet192 and singer Lune come together on a collab in Spotlight. And we have S. Korean artist 88 Keys released a two track EP, of which NEON SIGN is on the list this week. Enjoy this week’s cover art nominees.

Just Another Ladies Night With Lune And Her Entourage

German singer Lune dropped a song about just how fly she is. Just hanging out with her Entourage on a night out and this is the kind of music you wanna hear to get hyped. It must be so nice to have the entire street dedicated to you when shooting a music video like this. The scenes are luxury car commercial worthy. Take a listen to the song.