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Breana Marin Doesn’t Like The Backburner Lifestyle

We are back again with singer and songwriter Breana Marin and her latest single Back Burner. Now that we are in summer, we have to get big summer jams that get the people going and the production value for this track is up there. I also like the change of pace switch-up towards the 1:57 mark of the song. Her sounds never feel lazily put together or samey throughout. And the hook gets you there with the high energy that’s infectious. The vibe behind the entire track is so good that even though the lyrical content has a good message, you can throw it on during a club set and it’ll still get the people going.

Breana Marin Backburner 2

Back Burner’ captures the emotions I was feeling at a time where the person I was with felt as if they needed to make more money, be more successful and accomplish specific goals before we could move our relationship to the next level

Breana Marin

This track is about being second fiddle to a person’s life goals. As Breana sings about it in the opening verse, she has all the intangibles and non-monetary traits to be the woman he needs, but he can’t see it. That day will never come because the ambitions and dreams will never align with the current situation. And Breana cries out that she doesn’t want to be on the back burner, but to be your main girl. And you’d think that he could see it, but pride can come with heavily tinted shades. 

Breana Marin Backburner 3

I felt as though I was being pushed aside and that my partner wasn’t living in the present because he was too focused on who he thought I needed him to be, when all I really wanted was to grow together here and now in the present

Breana Marin

This is a good song, great hook, and a relatable message. You can’t go wrong with that.

More About Breana Marin

When it comes to making hooks, Breana Marin is a connoisseur. The singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles has taken the internet by storm licensing hip-hop hooks to indie artists. She is one of the top-performing vocalist/ songwriters on the Beatstars platform where her hooks have brought in 6 figures in sales and collectively racked up millions of views on Youtube. She is most known for her velvety smooth vocals influenced heavily by Sade and Imogen heap. She has written for the likes of Fifth Harmony, Keyshia Cole, Phora, Brandy, and Letoya Luckett.

Danelle Sandoval Is Repping The Community In Go

Asian-American artist Danelle Sandoval shows us what agency looks like in her single and video Go. Right off the bat, she goes into her affirmations and touches on a lot of things with power. You feel it in her voice. And some of the things, I feel, speaks against the stereotypes her or any other Asian or Asian-American woman in America. Talking about not being anyone’s fantasy or fetish and reclaiming her own identity. I also think on the backdrop of current race relations involving with Asian Americans has these affirmations hold that much more weight.

“Go” started out as a love song. But, it became more than that.

It became my message, my way of reclaiming my sexual identity, my way of speaking up against the rise of violence toward my community, my way of empowering women that look like me and women in general. It became my way to heal, process, reflect, and get back to my art.

Danelle Sandoval

Now I didn’t go looking at her thoughts about this before I led with my own, but it’s good to know that my head was looking towards the right way as I started listening. I think one of the parts that took me back was she had this song in her back pocket for three years. I guess anything can be used for motivation.

After the Atlanta shooting, I was devastated, hurt, upset. It really made me feel the gravity of being an Asian woman in America. I examined how deeply-rooted stigmas and narratives unconsciously affected my mental health and how they were holding me back.

I thought a lot about how I’ve been conditioned into a society where my life has been labeled with words that I know I’m not. I’m not a trophy. I’m not an object. I’m not docile, submissive, or meek. I am not anyone’s fantasy except my own. And this whole project represents that.

Danelle Sandoval

As far as the song goes, the production seems a little simple for me and that could be due to all the music I listen to on a regular basis. It just didn’t move me. The music video does give you all shades of pink and you get a lot of shots of Danelle vibing out and dancing here and there. I do love the color transitions, especially where she starts dancing on the chair. She takes command of her time on the screen, but I still feel like there is something missing.

What I can say is that I am fully behind her reasons and motivations behind releasing Go. I’m not super blown away from the song, but I’m not against it either. I am curious as to where she is going to take this in the immediate future. It’s clear that the things the Asian American community is facing today gave her some extra motivation. How would this lead her to her next song and will it be in the same vein as Go? Can’t wait to hear what she has next for us.

More About The Artist

Danelle Sandoval is an independent artist and singer-songwriter. After posting a YouTube cover of ‘Tuesday’ by ILoveMakonnen ft. Drake, the song was remixed and went on to receive platinum awards worldwide while reaching the #1 spot in over 70 countries on iTunes and Shazam. The viral hit has amassed over 1 billion streams online. Following the global success of Tuesday (feat. Danelle Sandoval), Danelle has focused on releasing original music, including her recently released EP For Love, which was inspired by time spent in Toronto, Canada. Live Nation’s Ones To Watch explained that Danelle “has established herself as a polished pop star, and her airy voice layered over hypnotic electro-pop production is something we simply can’t get enough of.” Clash Magazine called her track Hands “a beautifully creative pop hymn with some blissful electronic leanings.

You Can Only Get Breana Marin If You Put Some Work In

The Los Angeles-based singer/writer Breana Marin has released her latest single Work today. One of the first things that jumps out is the chorus and its production. It’s labeled as Indie R&B with spots of Pop and Island vibes. I can hear it all and it works for me. The bounce during the beat for the chorus is the star of the show among this masterclass work. And as it leads on to the first verse where you can hear Breana flow, it’s seamless. Reading up on her work and previous tracks, she’s a great singer, but I didn’t know she had this in her. It only speaks to her being multifaceted in her deliveries and cadences. I can only assume she’d be a dream for any producer knowing that on any type of track, she can deliver individual greatness. 

Breana Marin

“This song dives into the feeling of not being heard,” says Marin. “When you’re trying to communicate to your partner what you need to feel loved, but fail to speak the same language.”

Breana Marin

Breana talks a lot about giving more than the status quo at this current time of the relationship. The term “sweet nothings” would fit here as empty gestures just won’t cut it anymore. That is one thing I am always in favor of and that is communication and this is the first step. When you decided that we need to do more in this new stage. And she explains what that means with the foundation of “There is so much more than you see underneath the surface”. She’s willing if you can put in that Work to see and explore.

Breana Marin

“We all want to feel appreciated and as if you and the person you’re in a relationship with are putting in the effort to make it long-term.”

Breana Marin

Breana Marin – Work (DistroKid Link)


Breana Marin is a connoisseur when it comes to making hooks. Raised on Sade, Michael Jackson, and Prince, she honed her skills as a teen in the backseat of her parent’s car, singing lyrics to songs on the radio – and standing in front of the TV taking note of Michael Jackson videos.

At 13, she began writing her own music, but it wasn’t until college where she began to find her strideShe’s taken the internet by storm from licensing hip-hop hooks to indie artists and is one of the top-performing vocalists and songwriters on the Beatstars platform, where her hooks have brought in incredible sales and racked up millions of views on YouTube.

Marin is most known for her velvety smooth vocals influenced heavily by Sade and Imogen Heap. The songwriter’s impressive resume includes Fifth Harmony, Keyshia Cole, Phora, Brandy, and Letoya Luckett. Marin’s also had music featured in television shows on various networks like Starz, OWN, and Showtime. 

Tai Verdes Knows We Would Have Some Cute Kids

LA Singer Tai Verdes released his latest single We Would Have Some Cute Kids. He brings up a common talking point about “what if’s” and having children. That idea when you can instantly tell just from a look that you two would make some cute babies. Tai uses this to take his chance on getting to know someone a little better. And to expand on this, he talks about living the American Dream by having a house and enjoying all the accomplishments from their children.

But don’t take my word for it, have a look at the music video. They are just a cute couple with the two kids. There are even coordinated dances and skipping around in circles. They genuinely sold all the good aspects of the dream to me. However, all daydreams come to an end and Tai ends up having reality crashing hard. Not going to spoil the ending, but let’s say it was good while it lasted.

Rochelle Jordan Just Wants To Be Next 2 You

It seems as though Rochelle Jordan will not have the conventional album if this trend of songs with Next 2 You and Got Em continues. And these production choices is why I am excited for her album, Play With the Changes, to drop in April. This is a jam, but one I would hear something at the turn of the millennium. The futuristic sounds like from this track started to be a thing. House music took a turn and was a mainstay for that era of music. As nostalgic as that may feel, having a good producer and singer in Rochelle Jordan can make this sound be relevant now.

Rochelle Jordan Next 2 You

The music video has a nice concept around the chorus. When Rochelle keeps repeating “I’m just trying to get next to you,” you see her and the guy gradually spread apart. What’s so cool about that is they are bouncing away to the rhythm of the beat. It’s funny that you have this disinterest guy on the far end, but she is doing whatever it takes to get closer. Her perseverance pays off and we get a nice scene in the rain.

If Rochelle Jordan’s entire album is like this, we have a classic club album on our hands.

The Love From India Shawn Maybe A Little Too Sweet

The inspiration that India Shawn shares for her song Too Sweet turns a trope into something refreshing. The trope being when a guy you are feeling leaves, you have to write “another sad love song”, but in reality, it was his loss. India talks about that experience in an interview with Atwood Magazine when talking about her new song it really put her lyrics into perspective. The theme of the track is the guy got scared off because he’s never met a woman like her. He got a taste, but can’t handle how good it is. And as you are listening the (pre) chorus, you just see how this scenario showing India in just a strong position in the very, very short relationship.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra (UMO) came in towards the end and put words to describe of how one may feel as he left after one get-together with India. It has him feeling as though his mind is messed up from the encounter and there will never be one who could make him feel that way again.

The music video has India Shawn doing a photoshoot and you see her just living her best life. If this was after that situation, however long after, you wouldn’t even know it. I bring up what India said in the beginning that there was no need to write another sad love song. It was his loss and she is going to continue to live on.

The Vibe From Jullian Gomes and B. Bravo Are Funky, But Nothing Unusual

Jullian Gomes, producer from South Africa and B. Bravo, from Los Angeles and talkbox user comes together for this 80s funk style song called Unusual. Not a whole lot on lyrics, but the groove is really all you want in this. The song is rather a long one lasting over 5 and a half minutes, but stops 4 minutes and 40 seconds into the song.  20 seconds later you hear it go in reverse. That is the part that interests me a lot. I don’t know if that is a signature for Jullian or this may tie together for a bigger project, but overall, you put this on if you need release some energy.

They Don’t Know That Joyce Wrice Just Got So So Sick Of Him

LA based artist Joyce Wrice comes out announcing that she’s gotta move on from the one she had in So So Sick. You have to appreciate these songs that are coming out where these singers are come out and knowing when it’s time to go and know that theirs is better out there. The song is full of confidence and agency from Joyce. They even used a sample from Jon B’s They Don’t Know and you have to pay attention, but you can the lyrics “You’re my angel… I just wanna love you.” I guess Joyce heard it one too many times and got tired of it all.