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Sipprell Is Making Her Case To Be More Than We Are

London based artist Sipprell gives us some soulful lusting in her latest track More Than We Are. What a cute title for a topic that much, much more than that. Sipprell is essentially asking the man in her life to leave the other woman in his. The time for the side-chick, as it were, to be more than just that. She makes the statement wondering if she can know her place if he quits playing games. Is she someone on the side or is she the main woman in his life. It probably got to a point where she’s tired of living with one foot in the door. And if that wasn’t enough, she goes down the list of things of what she can provide and in a subtle way say, “You can do better than the one you’ve got right now.”

via Bandcamp

The music video was cool to see. You see Sipprell in various parts of an abandoned house (because I wouldn’t call that place livable, but it’s just for the music video). She has on different clothes and different camera shots/tricks to make the video pop more on screen. But nothing over-the-top. Just like the track, it was just a nice vibe to listen and watch. I gotta say, I like this version of Sipprell, even if it’s just for one track. She knows what she wants and she is getting it.

It’s A Party With Miraa May and RAYE With Go Girl

Londoneers Miraa May and RAYE come together in sisterhood and badassery in their latest single Go Girl. Imagine if you have a combination of ideas from Soulmate from Edsilia Rombley and Numidia and the all-out party vibes from a Love Yourself from Alicia Awa and this is the result you have. The music video (which is where you get the full grasp) just has women just having fun and enjoying their time at home with the party vibes. I think this week there were a lot of songs about relationships and breakups so we needed to get an uplift leading into Friday. Miraa May and RAYE have you covered. There really isn’t much else to say. It’s a party song. It’s a club song. This is just for you to dance and have fun with. So after you finish reading this, go play this track on full volume… unless you are at work, then wear some headphones.

New Music Friday: 10/8 – 10/15 featuring Conor Albert and Maya Delilah

In the feel good song of the week, Conor Albert and Maya Delilah put out a gem in the latest track I Think You Should Know. We should have a new type of theme for songs called happy breakups because this is exactly what this song is. Maya is on the track just happily talking about how this relationship just ended and could care less about what the other person is thinking. There is a line in the second verse where she said she was surprised that she would still be here even though she’s single. That’s probably why she feels fantastic that the worst possible situation never came to pass and she can move on.

Conor Albert
via Soundcloud
Maya Delilah
via Soundcloud

Conor Albert never puts out bad songs. You can see in the short below that he is just jamming away. The beauty of him being able to play so many instruments must come out when he plays live. There is just so much good vibes coming through in this finished product that I wish it didn’t have to end. Like it feels as though there should be an extended cut of just him playing his instruments. Let’s be clear, I can hear him play all day long. This is quality from Conor. And I’d be remised if I didn’t say that Maya is a talented musician herself. Let’s see them both play for like hours on end.

This track is a part of his upcoming EP Collage 2. Dunno when the release date is, but I’m ready for it.

Maverick Sabre and Demae Drifts Away In Not Easy Love

Can we get two cheers for Maverick Sabre and Demae for a smooth neo-soul track with Not Easy Love. Dare I say that it invokes the moods you would get from D’Angelo with the melody the guitar provides throughout the track. It’s just a relaxing vibe to just melt away in and Maverick’s voice helps in that regard. Not overbearing yet buttery smooth to the ears. I could listen to the smooth brother sing all day.

I also think the music video was spot on for the message it was conveying. You have different shots of the two going back and forth as it is within the lyrics. You have Maverick saying that he can’t fully commit to the relationship because he thinks he’s not good enough for her or he’s just not built for commitment. Then you have Demae coming in with the second verse explaining that he is better than what he is saying. That he should attempt to try and to set aside his pride for some real love.

The point of the music video that hit hard was the last two scenes where you’d thought you’d see them together, but they are apart. Maverick is in the record studio while Demae is at home by herself. Way to stick the landing for the theme. As a side note, the lighting for the video was so good with using the reds to pop out on screen. The neo-soul vibes of it all were calling for a mood like this and I was loving the entire aesthetic. 

New Music Friday: 9/24 – 10/1 featuring Sans Soucis

This week’s playlist is being headlined by London-based artist Sans Soucis and her latest single Games which features a voiceover from Italian politician Cécile Kyenge. This track is the second one on her EP On Time For Her and the focus track of the project. 

“…a nod to Sans Soucis’ Congolese heritage. Sampling the sounds of Congolese Rumba (Franco Luambo), it is a deceptively playful sounding cut. Lyrically Giulia takes aim with a cut-throat commentary on Western superiority.”

Sans Soucis

The production IS deceptively playful. If you were to just have this on in the background the content would just fly right past you. I imagine this was all intentional to how she wanted to tackle this subject. Speaking of playful, the way she just glides through the field in her dress, you can tell she is enjoying herself. There could be some personal satisfaction that she has the agency to speak truth to power on her own terms. 

“Can I be: genre-fluid?”

Sans Soucis

This was the first question Sans posed on her website. After doing this blog for almost two years, you tend to loosen up on what you classify as R&B and the like. Everyone is different and this was the main reason why she is featured this week. Something out of the norm of what you hear, but as long as the music is good, no need to shy away.

This is a Bandcamp so I am going to direct you there first. SUPPORT YOUR ARTISTS!!!!


A Beautiful British Duet From Sasha and Jorja In ‘Killing Me’

Two of my favorite artists from the UK, Sasha Keable and Jorja Smith give an amazing performance in the song Killing Me. I say masterpiece because the production, the vocals, and music video was just so perfect. It would be unfair to call it a feature from Jorja, but more of a duet. The harmonizing of these two women are amazing to hear. With the backdrop of the Spanish guitar just giving that ambiance throughout the track gives one the chills. And trust me, there was a vibe evident all throughout. 

The opening scenes of Sasha and Jorja on the rotating circle in matching outfits, you knew they were about business. The subject matter really dictated that. To cry out “it was killing me” three times, they really wanted to drive that point home. They both come to the song giving their own stories but they transform by the end of the track. They choose to love themselves before they can try to love someone else. Beautiful message from them both. 

Kallitechnis Says Outta My Way Onward To An Upcoming EP

Montreal’s very own, Kallitechnis has released her first single for her upcoming EP later this year with Outta My Way featuring Londoner 23 Unofficial. She said it herself on Twitter that the song slaps and I gotta agree. I’ve been playing it on repeat for about half an hour and the song just doesn’t get old.

JP and I produced and wrote OUTTA MY WAY via Zoom. We were both in a good mood and wanted to make a song that we could both party to and kick it to. OUTTA MY WAY has a duality like that. It’s hot and cold. 23 floats through his verse effortlessly. I just love that it slaps when the hook comes around, yet it’s chill in the verses.


You have to appreciate a song that is not OVER produced and gives you that vibe out to the track. And to think they were so confident in the song, you get a good 30 seconds at the end of the track to take it all in.

If the EP is as good as this song right here, we might be getting something special. I’ve always been a fan of Kallitechnis and have always delivered quality music. If you haven’t before, pay attention to her and be ready for that project to drop.

New Music Friday: 7/30 – 8/6 featuring Cherise

Award winning British jazz artist Cherise releases her latest single in Remedy. In this track, she deviates a little bit from the jazz to give us a more neo-soul perspective of her sound. However, it goes without saying that she gives us a top-notch performance. For its production, you have to appreciate the soft and slow-paced instrumentation. Our minds are allowed to slow down in the song, as we are taken into the moments presented. Personally, I feel my heart and soul in the delivery. Cherise’s own voice just melts within the track and it feels like she’s washing all over you like warm caramel melting over ice cream. 

It is a shame we don’t have a music video to go with this song because the cover art shows Cherise in a moment of bliss. I would be curious to see how it would manifest over four minutes in front of the camera. And even not, what would a live performance look like with the band playing in the background. Oh what a sight would that be. This is the first track since her debut project Paradise last year. And Remedy is the first track of her sophomore EP, Remedy, that is coming out on October 15. I eagerly await to hear more from her because she has something special that you can feel in your heart when she sings. One could only want for more.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 81

We are almost at the end of another week everyone, thank goodness. We have West London artist Alaina Maria with Backroad Gee with their song Switch It Up. We also have Dutch artist Safa Liron with Candy Dulfer with their song Rise. We also have in this list Californian artist Destiny Rodgers and her latest single What I Like. I hope you enjoy this week’s list.

Samm Henshaw Needs To Grow A Little

I heard Grow from Samm Henshaw once and I instantly fell in love. The song even manages to include mini skits within the three-minute track. The efficiency of production is a masterclass. As I listen to this song, I get a neo-soul vibe that brings me back to a time when I felt like I was listening to John Legend’s first album Get Lifted. Musically, the strings and bass guitars are the star performers in this composition.

via YouTube

The song is talking about growing in love together. As Samm shares, being in a committed relationship has growing pains, but you have to see it through to the other end. So there is that double meaning in the title ‘Grow’. It’s relatable because relationships are never perfect, but it’s those who persevere due to experience gained that will survive.

Samm Henshaw and Tiana Major9

There are two music videos for this track. One for just the audio track and an extended version that seems like it leads to a bigger movie/video for the entire album. I gotta say, not a big fan of the jerk cashier. Great acting on her part. The video is so compelling because it shows the flip side of ‘growing’ a relationship; namely, how a relationship degrades. And the bonsai tree slowly dying is a reflection of the bigger picture. The final scenes show Samm throwing away the “seemingly” dead tree and his girlfriend (played by Tiana Major9) taking it out and getting upset. Could the real issue be that Samm wants to toss what doesn’t seem to be working and his girlfriend wants to save what they have left? That’s just my opinion. Amazing song and I can’t wait for the album to be released.