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Leil Gives Us Some Chill Vibes in 3ini

Moroccan artist Leil gets on some amapiano in her latest track 3ini. I’ve been following her for awhile and there is a lot of diversity in her music. I don’t tend to hear a lot from North Africa so every artist I get a chance to listen to stands out. Amapiano, like any other type of music, is universal but I still got surprised when I saw it coming from Morocco. Not the style one hears for sure.

There is also a music video tied to the song and there isn’t much going on. You see Leil in some camera shots walking around, but nothing more than that. Leil’s voice is noticeably soft and it just melds so well with the production. I can also say that after a few repeats, 3ini just grows on you. If you are a fan of amapiano, than you can toss this track on the list.

Leil Is In The Clouds Saying Bye

There has been something I have noticed is the blending of Arabic and reggaeton in the tracks I’ve been hearing. This could all be coincidence, but Moroccan artist Leil gives us some in a tri-lingual effort (Arabic, French, English) in her latest song Bye. I love her soft voice just floating over the beat because it gives a contrast over that deep bass from the sound. It produces a nice finished product when you put them together. I hope to hear more from her.