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Kirby Is Playing The Game of Fools In Can We Be Friends

Based on the recent posts I’ve had about Kirby, you can say that I am really getting excited about any particular future project she may have in her pocket. The recent single ‘Can We Be Friends?’ is about trying to come out of a recent break up on an upside. Kirby thinks that there is something salvageable in this relationship and if it’s nothing serious, at least be friends for the future. There is that outro, “breakup to makeup”, that one could assume that there is an opening possibly to get back to how things were before. There is also that classic song from The Stylistics called ‘Break Up to Make Up’ where they say it’s just a game for fools. Who is to say that she knows, but still is holding out for hope. 

On another note, I must not have seen anything on social media yet about any announced project. She has so many singles released in a short span of time. We are getting something soon right? I hope so.

New Music Friday: 9/4 – 9/10 Featuring Kirby

Trying my best to get back into the swing of things. Parents can confirm this for me. There is no day exactly the same as a parent for a newborn. Routines are non-existent, but I move on. So this week isn’t a full curation, but I like the amount I have in this week’s list and we are going to raise up Kirby this week and her latest single Coconut Oil.

Just as the oil drips from her hair, you can hear the swag that Kirby is giving off in the track. And she doesn’t have a lot of time to get it done with just over 2 minutes of runtime she has to hit the ground running. She gets on the track just showing off just how good she’s got it and how great she’s feeling. Then it blends into the chorus telling you just how thirsty you are, but only to see and not touch.

I am loving the fast-paced production from the track. It’s has that old school feel, but some modern elements you can hear like during the chorus. Silk Sonic could do a live version of this with Kirby doing the lead vocals. Of course this is just wishful thinking, but maybe the Motown vibes can make a comeback. The collabs are out there with all the talent we have currently.

Kirby Sings About The Man-Troubles In Boyz II Men

Mississippi singer KIRBY gives us a short song with Boyz II Men. It’s a nice flip using the group’s name and summarizing the entire track with her last line:

Badu tried to warn me ’bout these Tyrones, baby

She gives us in the first verse a list of men (read as boys to keep with the theme) that does stupid stuff in her eyes. Then in the second verse it goes to how it impacts her and is simply getting annoyed with it all. When I first heard this track, I felt as though Anderson Paak would have been a perfect collab on this. It could have been the drums, but this felt like in his wheelhouse. This track is too short. It’s a great song, but I need some meat in the song length. It does allow for more repeats.