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Kallitechnis Shows Her Different Styles In Her Latest EP

Montreal-based singer Kallitechnis has finally released her latest anticipated EP ‘Because It Feels Good’ that has been picking up steam since just towards the end of August. I have been following her since before COVID started (so that’s like a long time) and there has always been quality coming from her and her team. Her brand of R&B has so much life and happiness within. Within this EP, you can tell in the tracks that she has that glow where in her world, the sun is always shining bright with no clouds in the sky.


One of the tracks that I love the most is Hold Me Down with Kofi. There is a good chemistry between him and Kallitechnis on this track. 

“This duet is the type of r&b music I used to daydream and fall in love to. I’m happy to be the one making a song like this now. Full circle thing.”

The production really helps because it comes off as playful. Playful as it is, it’s a serious topic about relationships and more importantly the communication. Sometimes you just gotta clear things up and make sure you are on the same page. The message is echoed when they both are crying out to each other to “Please just don’t give up”.

My second favorite track from Kallitechnis is Dinner With A Gemini. We should be getting a music video next month for the track. I am curious as to how it would look as this track is when we get to see a side we don’t see often. She talks a lot in the chorus about not seeing the guy ever again and how this (relationship) is the end. Usually we get a more chill version, but not so much in this case.

“I don’t talk much shit, but when I do, this is what it sounds like”

The flow and cadence is pretty good as well. It reminds me of Qveen Herby when she would flow in some of her songs

Kallitechnis Selfish

I really dig her latest EP and you need to spend some time with the project. Only six tracks so it won’t take long to listen to the entire thing. Then you can put it on repeat for 4 or 5 times. 

There are also posts on two other singles from the EP


Outta My Way

I also want to list her Bandcamp page as well. Support your artists.