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Kuban Expresses Herself as a Synesthesiac Would

Sinestesia is the latest EP that Italian artist Kuban released that consists of five tracks. When the EP was sent to me, I was feeling the music. And on its own it would be something I would be put on repeat. It’s short and sweet. Kuban offered to discuss more about what it meant and I ended up learning a lot more on the other side. This all started when I asked her about an omission of all things, Luna In Acquario. 

“…I wanted to give off similar vibes with the very first track of the EP which kinda replaced Luna In Acquario if it makes sense. I just wanted something new. Every track represents a color and therefore a vibe, a feeling. Which leads to why I named the EP Sinestesia.”

By the way, Sinestesia is translated to Synesthesia. The definition being a condition where you can experience things through your senses in an unusual way. One good example is Pharell Williams and his album with the band N.E.R.D. Seeing Sounds. It was a concept album that focused on this concept of synesthesia. I never heard of this word before but now I understand why I see colors when I hear music.

“So, Come Stai? is the blue track. It represents Depression. A Poche Parole [Da Te] is the green track for me, it represents Youth, and personally I wanted to talk about my abandonment issues (childhood trauma). Jukai is the yellow track which gives me great vibes, yellow for me represents stability and happiness. Dimmi Come is the red track which for me represents passion and sex.”

“Fragile is the purple track which I associate to vulnerability and a melancholy, In the track I’m basically talking about how I’m leading this one particular guy on just for ego purposes, it’s like I warned him I wasn’t good for him but he just doesn’t get it. It’s like he’s doing everything right but he’s just not my person if it makes sense!”

There is something about performing with fauna all around you

If you listen to the EP through the mobile app of Spotify, you can see the different colors that Kuban talks about pulsating on the body in that animated gif in the background. I probably would have gotten as far as connecting the project title to the different colors, but now there’s context to it all. And for something that’s five tracks long, we have a strong theme and we, the audience, can get to know a deeper side of the artist and that’s something. 

“To pretty much sum it up, Sinestesia is an introspective journey in which I’m acknowledging my toxic traits, traumas, and stuff that I need to work on”

I was a fan of Jukai when it was released as a single earlier, but if I had to choose my next favorite after the release of the EP, it would be Dimmi Come (Tell Me Why). If you have 12-15 minutes, toss Sinestesia on and give it a few plays. It’s a great project. There isn’t any English on the EP, but don’t let it stop you. Listen for the music and just vibe out. I also want to thank Kuban for reaching out and be willing to talk more about her EP.

Try Somebody New Like LOELASH and Palmaria

Italian producer LOELASH brings on Palmaria in their latest jazzy single Somebody New. There are a lot of modern sounds added on this production that pops out. It reminds me of the production and sounds from Sotomayor from Mexico City and their album from last year, Origenes. So you can say there is a little bit of electronic in their sound. It’s just enough spice to have this track stand out among the rest.

The track is about wanting to return to the person you used to know because what’s going on now is not working out. Palmaria goes on to say in the song that:

I think It’s time to say good-bye; Cause if you stay, oh; I’ll lose a hundred times

It is as if the path is coming to a dead end. And to keep it upbeat, she suggests that maybe the other person would want to be somebody new. Just simply be a better version of yourself. 

LOELASH is on Bandcamp so if you love the song and his music, buy directly from the source. 


Kuban Is Commanding The Camera In Jukai

It’s not often I get to highlight Italian artists, but Kuban stood out this week with her track Jukai. First few seconds in I said to myself that this was a certified bop. The music video is just as laid back as the vibes she gives in the track. Although there were some funny moments in the video. She keeps shoving this one (or several) person off camera. Whatever they were doing, she was not having it. And I am curious if she was able to get that ball to spin on her nail. My money is on no, but I gotta know. The track is smooth and you need to give it some streams.

CLARA Gives A Twist To Alt R&B in Ammirero

Italian singer and model (we’ve featured a singer/model on here before) CLARA gives a powerful performance in her single Ammirero. She comments about the song (paraphrasing) that you initially see the world as a child as a magical place, but realizing that it’s all fiction as an adult. As the lyrics go in the song, she says that she will walk alone to discover a better world as an adult, even if she has to keep that desire within. But she makes sure to say that she will admire at the end. I would assume the view or the journey or maybe find hope at the end of it all.

The production on this track is so powerful and unique. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a producer able to break apart the sound and the voice simultaneously like that during the chorus. So a lot of credit to MARVELY and Leo for that. You don’t think alt R&B to be so in your face. Rather, most of the time it’s really laid back and chill-like vibes, but CLARA is really in your face with the sound and the message.

New Music Friday: January 22-29 2021

Cover Art – BUMKEY ft NONE – Letter To Heaven

I knew from the moment I heard Letter To Heaven that it was going to be something special. South Korean artists BUMKEY and NONE came together to sing one of the most heartfelt songs I’ve heard in awhile. And why is that the case? It’s a lot of things from what I can take. It’s the pianist behind the song that really sets the mood. The chords that they are hitting really gets you in a certain mind space. The way these two sing the song and how they really dig deep inside perform in the ambiance of it all. I don’t know if they had someone in mind when they were singing, but I was emotionally connected. The lyrics, oh my goodness, the lyrics.

How hard it must have been
I couldn’t reach out to you
I hate me. I hate me so much

BUMKEY ft NONE – Letter To Heaven

I take it that the meaning behind these lines and the song overall is some regret that they didn’t get a chance to be there more often, in their moment in need, or even the moments this person passed away. So the way they can express themselves is through a song, a Letter To Heaven. Even I teared up reading through the lyrics.

You know what this song reminds me of? Brian McKnight – One Last Cry, but just the piano version. Emotionally, it hits me there. The structure of the song of the sounds are similar in my opinion. I’m probably there are other examples, but it got me thinking of him. I would love to hear and see this song performed live. Not a dry eye would present after this song was complete.

Three Shoutouts…
Kuban and Simon Bayle – Luna In Acquario (Moon in the Aquarium)

The Italian-Cuban artist Kuban is really an international star singing in different languages and working with various record labels in the USA. Her latest song is in all Italian, Luna In Acquario, offers a proposition. On where if one wants to get to know her and get involved, she’s going to need help escaping this prison, or aquarium, that she’s in right now. I think the time she spent in Atlanta really helped influence this track that she’s on now. The production and how upbeat it is correlates to her not running out of hope to get out of the rut of bad relationships. She’s ready to live her best life with someone, the right one.

Tash Sultana – Sweet & Dandy

You will have to get over the fact that you’ll see Tash on here over and over and over again. This Australian singer here in a generational talent and proves it again in Sweet & Dandy. I may have stumbled upon some video of festivals she’s done in years prior and the amount of instruments she plays and live production she can do among thousands, tens of thousands of fans takes so much hard work and talent.

I think every single she has put out for the upcoming album Terra Firma has made its way on the final list either as the Cover Art or as a shout out. The guitars and strings, the way this track feels like a lullaby in how dreamy Tash’s voice is, the softness and grit Tash can make the voice on sudden changes. Just an amazing talent. Again, musical arrangement, production, singing is all done alone. Just another masterclass of a song and production. It’s unique to Tash and that is what make this and all of the previous songs so special. Also if you didn’t know, Tash identifies as nonbinary and you get a glimpse of that in the lyrics.

And I don’t have to define by the sexes, oh

And I don’t have to get down with none of that bullshit

XY’s, and exes, no

But you’re crossing your T’s and you’re dottin’ your I’s

I’m staring right in those deep blue eyes

You always had a moment for me when I needed to run and hide

Tash Sultana – Sweet & Dandy

Did I mention that Tash can write songs too. Generational talent.

Danitsa – Let Go

The beginning and ending of the music video for Let Go are like night and day. French singer Danitsa came in and out that 3 minute situation having her whole life changed. Well that is going to happen when you end up walking behind two people and the next second, you wind up on a stage with people dancing all around you and you have a “What in the hell is going on?” expression on your face.

I am really feeling the theme behind the track, to be confidence in yourself and just let go. “I’m going to fight for confidence never give up until I win.” That’s the right mentality and might I add, having some Brazilian trap as the cornerstone for the production is perfect. If you need to get amped, this is the stuff you need to be playing at loud volumes. I also noticed in the video that there was a scene where Danitsa ends up walking through a group of mannequins with the secondary theme playing throughout “I don’t want to be like them.” I think the connection might be Danitsa not wanting to be fake. 

This week’s Cover Art Artist Nominee’s featuring BUMKEY and NONE

Brenda Carolina Lawrence Sings With A Heart Full Of Soul In Solitaria

Italian artist and The Voice of Italy participant Brenda Carolina Lawrence digs deep in her latest single Solitaria. You can tell there is a lot of feeling she pours through the microphone in this song. There are even times during the verses where her voice gets gritty to gets some words across and yet she can give some of the smoothest light and breathy vocals. She’s very talented, but I guess that’s a moot point if she made it as far as she did on The Voice. Take a listen to her new track.

Welcome To The Illusione Of Minvera

Italian artist Minerva has her third single to date called Illusione (Illusion in English). She talks about something that we all can relate to, being stuck in our own head about a person, situation, or even a feeling. We go as far as putting it down in a text or a tweet. The person on the other end sees those three dots and you have to erase it all because the thought of the reaction to it all is just too overwhelming. Minerva explains, as a victim, that it’s just all in your head. Even if you change one or two aspects in your head, the reality of it all hasn’t changed. You can put it off, postpone and procrastinate, but the reality of it all still hasn’t changed. Then the journey becomes the story more than the final product of whatever end you need to get to.

I love the production from Jack Sapienza. The xylophone in the background giving it an added layer that matches the higher, lighter notes that Minerva hits throughout the song. She’s really good making her voice and notes breathy. It’s a perfect match for the mood on tone of the song. Credit to them both and give the song a listen to.