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What Did You Expect From Nia Wyn

From the first song I’ve heard from Nia Wyn, I’ve fallen in love with her unique voice. So I get excited every time I see that a new song has come out and “What Did You Expect From Me” is no different. This track is about moving on from a past relationship and receiving confirmation from a weak attempt to reach out. She speaks about building resistance and walls after being away from this person for so long, but just receiving an instance of this person just triggers an emotion from Nia.

I love this 70s pop funk feel from the production. The fading horns during the verses is a nice subtle touch when that’s all you heard alongside the keys and Nia’s voice. The musical arrangement isn’t something one typically hears and it definitely helps her stand out in a crowd. It’s like listening to a Tash Sultana song for the first time. All you can say is that it’s different, but you love it. That’s how I feel listening to this song. I also want to add that the visualization of the knife carving out a cake and blood coming out is sorta ominous. Takes us to a state of mind that Nia (or her character) may have been at that time. 

The Soft Voice of vi0let Stands Out In A Toxic City

So it turns out that some songs do slip by even after curating new R&B music for about 18 months, but Irish/German artist vi0let wasn’t on my radar… until today with her song Toxic City. The vibes behind the production and her voice was real chill. It really got me laid back to it all. The lyrics talk about surviving a toxic relationship, but not to the point where a place can remind you of that same person. Or how some of your senses can bring you back to that relationship like their unique smell on the pillow. 

It was the second verse that made me think that this could have been more intense than memories a city could bring.

Two years gone, what do you mean? You hit up my phone now that I have healed.


I can only imagine a situation where you are living your best life and out of the blue you get a phone call from the past. Depending on how bad the relationship was, just seeing the name on the ID or hearing the voice could trigger such horrible memories. In the music video, we won’t get to see that kind of imagery.

Vi0let uses a bouquet to describe how the relationship goes from beginning to end. But even when we see the healthy flowers, you could feel some tension between the two individuals. As with all relationships, there are good times and bad times, however, this one had more bad times as it progressed. There were scenes where you can see how cold and dead their eyes were. The love and the light was just simply gone. Scenes where they are in breathing distance, but emotionally worlds apart. 

So we come back to the bouquet that was full of life and getting watered to grow. As we get through all the rough ends of the relationship, flowers start to get snipped away and you see a shell of itself. And if there were any doubts, vi0let comes over towards the end of the video and knocks the vase over and it smashes on the ground. Could be a sign that she chose to end the relationship. 

There were some neat things that tied the song to the videography. I loved how there were flashes of pictures and 1 second clips that ran in tandem with vi0let’s unique way of singing “alone” in the chorus. I mean the chorus alone really had my ears perked the way she sung it. One spot in particular was around the 2:45 mark where you see flashes of pictures of both people in bed and then it was just her. The theme of a breakup was consistent. So a big shout out to everyone that was a part of the video production team.

And finally for vi0let. This was an amazing song. I think her softer tones and voice works so well on this track. You have to give it a listen to.

More About The Artist

Emerging artist vi0let has always had a huge passion for singing as well as producing her own vocals and harmonies. Born in Germany, she spent her early years in Ireland singing, performing and immersing herself in the Irish culture— her father’s country of origin. When she returned to Germany she started to showcase her immense potential. At the age of 14 she appeared on The Voice Kids Germany, drawing praise from the judges, the audience, and her performance videos on YouTube have accumulated over 30 million views.

She has now spent three years in the UK, based between Brighton and London, where she writes, records and performs her own music. As a musician she showcases a new perspective of her artistic range by delivering empowering messages with a sense of vulnerability and strength. She uses her songs as an open diary to help people relate to their own experiences, touching on topics such as relationships, feminism, self-love, and self-empowerment. Blessed with a breathtaking voice and an incredible songwriting ability, she effortlessly infuses R&B, Pop and elements of Hip-Hop in her music. The German-Irish artist also boasts a visually striking appearance, her feminine and edgy style is inspired by streetwear and Asian influences. She effortlessly combines edginess with glamour and vulnerability in her music and fashion, making her one of those unique artists that stands out amongst the crowd.

Monjola and Aby Coulibaly Asks Us, Where U At?

Irish artists Monjola and Aby Coulibaly come together to remind us that a good friendship lasts throughout time in Where u at. The laid back grooves on the production are top-notch and you feel that bounce in the beat. Even in the music video, both of them were full of energy and it’s hard to not want to move as you listen to the track. It’s cute seeing them both just enjoying each other’s time and it not be something more than that. Sometimes you just want to hang with one of your best friends.

from Deezer

This song is about how friendships change over time, everyone gets caught up with life and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the people that matter to you. But no matter how long you go without seeing them or speaking to them, once you meet up it’s back to the way it was.

Manjola – Where u At
from Spotify

I love the message behind the song that Monjola and Aby sings about. Sometimes we do wonder about the good ol days when you didn’t have responsibilities and good people to hang out with. You get to a point where you ask where the time went and wonder if so-and-so is doing well. If you have someone like that in your life, consider yourself lucky that they are still around. And if not, at least we have good songs about it and you don’t have to be sad about it.

Biig Piig Loves Feeling Paper In Her Hands In Cuenta Lo

This is the first time that I was aware that Biig Piig is bilingual (maybe more) from learning that she spent a lot of her childhood in Spain. So she gives it in her single Cuenta Lo which is about money, sex, and power. In the chorus all you hear (translated) Paper in my hands feels good. If that doesn’t set the standard, I don’t know what kind of song you are hearing. There were also two other lines where she talks about touching herself in her castle and in verse two, having the other woman’s man making Biig Piig sing until the morning.

The music video you have her being a poker dealer, but the situation just goes out-of-whack and all you see is Biig Piig observing and taking it all in. All the characters you see are just participants in her world. It also touches on the theme of money, sex, and power and Biig Piig being in control of them all.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 59

Another week almost in the books. I’ve noticed that we had a larger selection of song than usual so I trimmed the list down. We have included Gallant and another single from his upcoming EP, Neptune, with Relapse. New single from Biig Piig , all in Spanish, with Cuento Lo. And the neo-soul artist from South African, moonga K., with All That I Deserve. Listen to all of this week’s nominees.

There’s No Shygirl Around Here Offering A Lapdance From Asia For Cosha

I have to be honest, when I saw the music video for Lapdance from Asia, I thought I was losing my mind. There are scenes where Irish singer Cosha, London-born rapper Shygirl, and others were in 2D and then 3D. The mellow vibes combined with the color scheme just had me in another world. It’s hard to describe unless you see it yourself. It does well the sound of the track because of the lyrics and the title of the track. You have the theme where Cosha just wants this dance before it’s time to go home and then it’s as if it got to be more intimate between the two. At least that was the plan, but Asia (played by Shygirl) was just in it for the thrill of it all.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 56

This week’s Cover Art Nominees

We are almost at the end of a week and we are excited because this week is represented by new beginnings for the blog. We’ve switched over to a new platform where I have more ownership of what I can present to you all. So thanks for sticking with us. This week, we have another single from Irish singer Cosha with Shygirl in Lapdance from Asia. Two Mexican artists from Alzada Music, guitarist Jose Macario and Yoss Bones comes together in No Hay Solucion. And S. Korean artists Bumkey featuring NONE collab in a heartfelt song called Letter to Heaven. Take a listen to them and the rest of the nominees this week.

Cosha Enjoys Some Self-Care Within The Berlin Air

US/Irish singer Cosha brings out her latest single Berlin Air where the theme of the day is enjoying the fact that you love the one you are with. Head over heels one may say to where most of the lyrics you hear her sing it twice in a row. Then you get to the music video and you see women just living the best lives and taking care of each other. I mean is there any other way life internally and externally? I also want to make mention of the cover art for the song. She’s just brimming with confidence in that Super(wo)man pose. It reminded me of this one scene from Grey’s Anatomy…

Superhero GIF - Find on GIFER

Letting You Know That It’s Okay To Take The Next Step With Shiv

Shiv sings a love letter to herself with Letting You Know. This is a single released from her upcoming EP Me 2 Me. The Zimbabwe-born, Irish-raised singer goes into describing what this song meant to her.

This initially felt like a love song to me. In the context of the EP, Me 2 Me, it’s about the moment I finally felt released, and realised that holding onto whatever was inside me wasn’t helping… that in releasing my deepest self and being comfortable with what that meant, I could also release and let go of the fear that had embedded itself in my relationship with myself and my creative process.

Shiv – Letting You Know

The music video is beautifully shot in its simplicity. I like how is closed with doing a VHS-esque fast rewind back to the beginning. Reading the lyrics, it sort of sounds like a pep talk to get herself ready for what comes next, whatever it maybe. It’s probably going to be revealed in the next song of this EP or maybe it has something to do with her personal life. But whatever the case it maybe, she’s letting herself know that even though the next step is hard, it’s okay to move forward. It’s a great message.