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Afgan and Robin Thicke Gets A Little Intimate In Touch Me (Remix)

Indonesian artist Afgan brings on Robin Thicke for the remix of Touch Me. I am always a big fan of international collabs and seeing Robin Thicke coming on a featuring got me excited. I want to jump to the music video for the song and I think it’s fair to say that these two are like birds of a feather. Afgan has those subtle dances and movements and their style of singing are also similar. Even how they love their spots of intimacy on music videos are akin. I’ve only covered Afgan once, back in November of last year, so it feels refreshing to see his work on screen again.

There was a snippet of their Instagram story saved on YouTube and Robin mentioned that the track was “right up his alley” and “Smooth and sexy”. That is something we can’t really argue with. The theme of the song pretty much mirrors that sentiment. Nothing like expressing yourself in the words of how someone who has caught your eye and Afgan and Robin did it well. The lyrical content isn’t deep, but the mood and groove are on point. 

Rinni Wulandari Has Made It And Never Underrated

Indonesian artist Rinni Wulandari teams up with rapper Willy Winarko in her latest single Underrated. This track has a special place in Rinni’s based on her description of the song.

Underrated is about the answer to the question from several listeners who said that I’m underrated. I just wanna tell you that I do music to express my feelings without proving anything to anyone. I still made it, and I will keep doing it what I feel is right and never stop doing it.

Rinni Wulandari – Underrated

At first I got a similar feeling when I listened to the chorus. The lyrics is really powerful because she sings about not being motivated by how many people listens to her (or don’t). It’s pure love for the art and the music. Speaking of pure love, Willy really came through on his parts of the track. It can seem iffy when some duos (in general) have the rapper thrown in as an afterthought. But I was really impressed.

via Soundcloud

From the first note, this felt like a different take from Rinni. It could be the production or the theme from other songs I’ve heard her sing. In the lyrical video, the setting is such that she has to get straight to the point and let it out. I love everything about this song.

That First Week In December With Uap Widya and Harvey Christo

First Week of December was one of the first songs this past week that really had me going. Uap Widya and Harvey Christo really tapped into the vibe of songs I would be hearing on the smooth jazz stations or during the Quiet Storm mix late at night. I really love how the mood is set by these two singers. Those subtle snaps that hold the beat down and the keys played so elegantly just puts a smile on my face. 

via Deezer

This track is about getting that call for the first time and knowing that the person was the one for you. And they reminisce that it was in the first week of December. There is something special in having a date or place (or both) that captures a moment in time where your life takes a turn for the better. And hearing “First week in December” can mean something different depending on the person listening, but one can imagine how it would look when you hear Uap and Harvey sing about it. 

via Soundcloud

This isn’t the first time these two sung together. They did a cover of Anderson Paak’s track Make It Better. So the chemistry between Uap and Harvey is on display on this current track.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 78

We are almost at the end of another week and I keep surprising myself that I get enough material to make a good playlist. We have Indonesian duo Duara featuring Vira Talisa with Morning Sun. Nigerian artist Adekunle Gold teams up with Lucky Daye in Sinner. Finally featuring Dutch artist Eva Valery and her single Xylem. Please enjoy this week’s playlist.

New Music Friday: 7/2 – 7/9 Featuring Teza Sumendra

When I first heard Forever from Indonesian singer Teza Sumendra, I had to offer my praises on Instagram. His voice is so smooth to my ears and really stood out to me. I don’t think I’ve heard of someone like him before and now he’s on my radar for any future projects. The production had that summer-like vibe especially with the strings. The transition to the bridge and then the outro has so much creativity behind it. So kudos to Randy MP for not being a lazy producer on this track. 

The premise behind the track sounds like this is about a short-term relationship, just for the summer. And that the time together should be enjoyed and not worry about the end. At least the character that Teza plays in the song comes right out and says he doesn’t want to be forever. If they can’t understand this, might as well cut him loose. 

Then we get to the music video of the two women just waking up for breakfast and the main character is thinking she went home with one and woke up with another person. When she realized that, it just blew up her whole day. She grew distant and cold. And the other lady who fixed breakfast thought it was all good and life just crashed. Went for a Hail Mary make out session in the shower and was not successful. So she had that look in her eye and I knew it was about to go down. Grabbed a knife and went on to kill her. If she can’t have her, no one can. 

Thank goodness it was just a dream. Great music video. I just can’t get enough of this song.

Galdive Tries To MAke The Picture Fit In Puzzle

Indonesian group Galdive releases their latest track Puzzle. This track also has a Visualizer with what I can only assume is their mascot because the character is in a lot of the art of the music. Speaking of art, the producer Osvaldo does all the art for their music which is really cool. So seeing something like Stop-Motion wouldn’t be that surprising. You have this clay doll going around placing puzzle pieces in their proper places. This is going on while Tanisha (vocalist) is singing about trying to put all the pieces together, but it’s the guy that messes things up.

From Shazam

I really love the strings in the production of the track. It really gives this a smooth jazz type of vibe and helped stand out among all the songs released this past week. Another part about the lyrics I like was the last run-though of the pre-chorus is that you have the guy trying to put the pieces together and he stops trying. It’s as the bridge goes in the song

“Why a piece of you still wanna be a part of me; Situation got me notice how we couldn’t make it far; ‘cause we don’t care about it”

They just stopped caring about it.

SIVIA Continues To Amaze In Her Lastest Single Serene

Sivia has done it again with her latest single Serene. The type of music she makes scratches so many itches for me (for a lack of better words). I love the gospel feeling with the choir and organs. Towards the end of the track, it feels like a Disney track in a way. And that could be due to her doing Reflection with other fellow singers for the movie Mulan. And at other times, it feels like I’m listening to a smooth jazz track from the 90s. It’s weird, but amazing how she can get all of this out in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Going to the song, it looks like she’s asking if she’s mature enough to feel the warmth of this hug and more broadly all of the feelings she’s experiencing in this relationship. She goes through all this to ask in the end if the other person will stay and fall in love or not. Could be wrong as I’m getting a Google Translate of the lyrics and it does seem like she’s singing a lot more than what I’ve translated. I can say this and it goes for all of her songs. There is a lot of emotion she gives in her songs. I may not understand, but when I say she sings to my soul, you better believe it. Ever since being aware of her last year, I always get excited to hear her sing because every performance just captures you.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 75

We are almost at the end of another week and being a brand new dad again doesn’t afford me a lot of time, but we are just getting it in before the end of day. Starting off with Sivia and she is back again with her latest single Serene. We have a live version of Latanya Alberto performing with Metropole Orkest doing a cover of D’Angelo’s Really Love. And we have some future funk with Playa Limbo and their latest track Multicolor. Please enjoy this week’s playlist

Cover Art Nominees: Week 72

Hey everyone, we are running super-duper late today as life happens. But I’ll do my best to make sure the show goes on, outside of vacations and planned breaks of course. This week we have Lola Young and her latest single Bad Tattoo. We have Australian artist Wafia bringing on help from Indonesian artist Rahmania Astrini to make an updated version of Pick Me. We finally have from highest awarded Angolan artist to date, Yola Semedo, and her latest single Minha Sorte. Enjoy this week’s playlist.

Jacqueline Caroline Wants To Vibe With U

Indonesian singer Jacqueline Caroline gives us a bop with Vibe With U. Lyrically, the track is very blunt. She sees what she likes and wants to get close. I do like her voice a lot as it melds well with the production. If this is the lane of R&B that she chooses to go down I’ll be for it. You can’t have enough club tracks like this to put on the playlist.