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You’d Be Wrong To Not Give Johnny Kulo A Try

Indian-born, Berlin-based artist Johnny Kulo gives us a modern take on smooth n’ groove with his latest song Wrong. I love how the production of this track just flows from the start and it feels like silk. It didn’t take long for me to remember where I got similar vibes from. If you are a fan of Conor Albert and the tracks he worked with Alice Auer, you are going to love this song. So credit to the producer August Ingram for moving the sound in a more “current” state. And the decision to let the instrumental just flow towards the second half of the track was a good idea. It shows off how good the production is and in the future, could be a collab in the works. Gotta future-proof greatness.

Johnny Kulo

“I had worked on something like five different demos of this track a couple years ago, the last one being a live version recorded at Trixx Studios. After a couple years in the graveyard, when I found the files again my producer August Ingram and I made the call to keep the live band feeling, adding only a few more elements to complete it.”

Johnny Kulo

For an uplifting sound, the theme of the track about acknowledging a past regret does bring it all down to earth. It’s something we can relate to if we live long enough to experience more than one love. The trait of living life in sadness doesn’t seem to be one Johnny shares. So even to take a moment in his life and turn it into a bop like this shows a lot about his personality.

Johnny Kulo

“I imagine the track will make you reminisce, a cheeky escape to a memory that was precious at the time. Wandering into the idea of what could’ve been and what still could be. A song to send to your ex, an apology note of sorts. I don’t think every song needs to be immensely layered with emotion, I’d love for people to just get lost in the groove.”

Johnny Kulo
Johnny Kulo

I love this energy from Johnny Kulo. I’m happy that they decided to give a live version of this track. That “band” feeling you get from the track just comes alive in the music video. If he were to ever come to the state (when it’s safe to), I would LOVE to see him. One of the best things when you have a great track, the live version with a band can amplify all of the small things and just make everything pop. There really is nothing negative to say. Keep giving up more performances like this. You have made a new fan today.

More About The Artist

Berlin-based, Indian artist and producer, Johnny Kulo is the bridge between old-school soul and modern R&B. Laid-back, crack-yo-kneck grooves and thicc harmonies laced with catchy melodies will have you hooked from your first listen.

The son of a reverend, he was inevitably playing drums in church before he could form sentences and exploring several other instruments until eventually realizing his love for songwriting and production. He uses his sultry-smooth voice to tell personal and perceived stories of love, heartbreak and unsettled identity.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 80

We are almost at the end of another week. But a small congrats that we’ve been doing this for 80 weeks. That’s a long time. Let’s start off with Floridian Kilo Kish and her latest single American Gurl. One of the most spiritual-elevating collabs I’ve heard in a long time with a l l i e and Daniela Andrede and DNA. We also have Indian artist Peekay working with Jonathan Edward to release her latest single You Don’t Have To Try.

I really REALLY love this playlist and I hope you do too.

Candy and Leon De Souza Finds Their Way In Harmony

Indian artists Candy and Leon de Souza give an amazing performance in Find My Way. Usually I don’t have to wait for the music video after the single release, but we had to wait for a whole week to get here. I appreciate the minimalism of the video where you just have the background of a starry night and the people just blending in. I was wondering why I saw a lot of the woman in the shots but she was doing a lot until later in the video. Turns out, she’s Candy or the leader of the group. And then I started to understand a little more.

The music arrangement is top tier even though there isn’t a lot going on. But that only speaks to how good Candy is. It’s sooooooooo smooth to the ears like audio velvet. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Leon De Souza. Those falsettos, my goodness. I wish there were added lyrics so I can see, written, everything that was sung but that’s okay. This is Candy’s debut song. Everything about it was amazing and I’m so glad India is being represented in the R&B scene. I can’t wait to hear more from her and Leon.

Nayana IZ Shows Some Appreciation To Her Partner In Crime

Partner In Crime is a song that has so many elements working together that it is a wonder how it all happened. India-born, London raised singer Nayana IZ brings us a song that talks about showing appreciation for the one you ride with through the good times and bad. I love the message behind the song because sometimes you got to let the other one know just how much you mean to them. The production behind a song with lyrics like this is not a typical one and that’s okay. I am actually fond of the horns and the bass. The trumpets in particular really are the stars of the show as they just stand out so many times and fits so well. The flow from Nayana is so good that it makes you wonder if she could be a duel-threat. It’s possible.

Sanjeeta and Niu Gets Us Seeing Red In Their Latest Collab

We have a little jazz and funk coming from Indian artist Sanjeeta Bhattacharya and Malagasy artist Niu Raza in this single Red. This is song is about knowing where to prioritize where time is being spent. It looks like from the lyrics, Sanjetta and Niu knows that they have to spend it elsewhere than with this current relationship. Sanjeeta goes on to say in the description of the video that it doesn’t even have to be about relationship, but just things you get involved with that doesn’t need all that attention.

You have a lot of instruments going on in this song. It’s very involved with the guitar, bass guitar, and some trumpets towards the middle of the song. It has a really good vibe coming from this. Take a listen to the track.