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H.E.R. and Chris Brown Wants You To Come Through

H.E.R. and Chris Brown comes together for the single Come Through and another song released for her upcoming album Back Of My Mind. The track is as laid back as these two are saying it on the track. With the strings and snaps, this is a track in which you can just sit back and relax to. I didn’t know that this is the third time that H.E.R. and Chris Brown did a song together. So there is some history with the two and it sounds as such in the song.

President Obama’s Playlist 2020

With the help of his daughter Sasha, President Obama has given us another year-end playlist of his favorite music. There is a lot to digest, but we are only going to cover the R&B hits on here.

Hope Tala – All My Girls Like To Fight

I just want to post this tweet from Hope her self:

It’s not like I was expecting anyone or song on here, but you gotta love the positivity just by being on something so iconic as this and reactions from it.

H.E.R. – Damage

I think this song has been one of the best songs release this month. I can’t say I’m surprised to see it make this list. I’ve seen H.E.R. perform this song on several venues now and I can’t get tired of it.

Jhene Aiko – Summer 2020

With the power of one the most recognizable songs, Summer Madness, Jhene Aiko puts her twist and thoughts on what she’s been seeing regarding race relations and Covid.

Yebba – Distance

This song caught my attention back on its release in early May and it surely has aged well. There is so much soul in her voice and it’s so unique. She’s an artist I would LOVE to see live.

Jessie Ware – Remember Where You Are

I’m thankful that someone remember that one of the greatest British singers of this decade put out an album this year. I guess when it came to the R&B talk towards the end of the year, Jessie Ware didn’t make it on everyone’s talking points, but her album, What’s Your Pleasure?, should be on everyone’s rotation. I should know, I reviewed it.

Take a listen to President Obama’s Favorite Music of 2020

Bonus Post: The Mobo Awards Wins In Best Produced Award Show

Last night I got to see, for the first time, The MOBO Awards. I think I may have heard it in passing prior to yesterday, but I wasn’t expecting what I saw. You know for just working with a skeleton crew, at times you wouldn’t even know that was the case. The one scene where the one presenter Maya Jama was outside with an underpass and the lighting was so on point, I had to ask my wife, “Is she really outside?” Credit to everyone who put this together because they did a wonderful job.

H.E.R. MOBO Awards 2020

You know after seeing the nominee list from the Grammys, watching the MOBO awards was a great palette cleanser and I enjoyed every bit of it. Especially the performances. We got to see H.E.R. perform her latest single Damage. I think it’s fortunate that the song released when it did so she can have her chance to perform it on so many venues. It is almost like her getting to tour in a way. We also got to see arguably the biggest star from Nigeria currently in Tiwa Savage giving us all the vibes in her two single Koroba while also using her platform to highlight the End SARS movement.

Tiwa Savage MOBO Awards Performance

There was also Tiana Major9 who also sung one of her hits from her album, At Sixes and Sevens, called Same Space. She’s performed it life at various TV spots like The Kelly Clarkson Show, released a music video earlier this week, and brought it back out to give one of the best performances of the night. It’s crazy to think that just 5 years ago, she was relatively an unknown performing at the MOBO Awards for their contest and now she getting nominations and performing live. Her career arc is going off the charts.

Tiana Major9 MOBO 2020

I also want to celebrate the winners from last night. Ella Mai winning Best album 2017-2019. I thought it was weird that there was a year range on this one. I guess maybe they didn’t have one for those years, but I’m happy to see that she is getting her kudos. Also, Mahalia getting two awards, Best Female Act and Best R&B/Soul Act. She is so talented that I’m sure she’s going to be in the limelight for years to come. She was also in that scene where there was the underpass in the background. Again, best produced award show thus far. I can’t wait to see next year.

These Songs Aren’t Being Made In A Vacuum (Context Is Key)

I was preparing dinner and I was going through the YouTube front page. I wanted to have something going on the background as I was cooking and I saw a video of Tank and Jamie Foxx. It was a jam session of sorts in a Houston church and they were doing a couple of songs with several people. It’s a great video and I recommend you go watch it.

So as I started to eat, I had my songs playing to get the list ready for Friday and I hear two songs back to back. Beyonce – Black Parade and H.E.R. – I Can’t Breathe. Both of them great songs where one celebrates being black and the other about the black victims of police violence around the statement, “I can’t breathe.” Spoken from George Floyd and Eric Gardner.

I’ve noticed that this is the 2nd week where there has been a significant amount of songs released about the death of George Floyd and police brutality in general. I only feel comfortable speaking from music’s perspective, but it seems as though there is an awakening among music artists collectively. At least in America for sure, but on the social media everyone for the most part is aware and actively are using their influence to bring this issue to the forefront.

There was a song from an artist named Janine called “Don’t Call Yourself A Lover” which the premise is if you look like her (white) and don’t speak out against this issue, don’t call yourself a lover. Artists from all backgrounds seem to have that need right now to put their talents to work and speak out. From Leon Bridges and Terrace Martin to Amber Mark, even a Metal group named Metalhead got into action with two songs. This transcends genre. To their benefit, the world for the most part is at a standstill so they have no choice but to listen.