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Bethia, Mort, and NaMo Offers Heartbreak on the Weekend

Danish artist Bethia alongside Mort and NaMo comes together with a banger in Heartbreak on the Weekend. The pre-chorus and chorus are really catchy with the beat. That beat is really smooth and over something that really gets you in a vibe. If you are in a situation where you were lonely over the weekend, this track might just hit different for you. However, I don’t have any lyrics to read from to make sure I’m hearing the entire track correctly. I can say that the vibe is so amazing. It’s a good track to just relax to.

MALU Wants No Hearts, Just You

We were there when MALU’s debut single, Polish, came out in April earlier this year and became our Cover Art Artist for that week. Now we get to hear her second single with No Hearts and it’s just quality music from the Danish artist. If this production was on a spectrum, The Weeknd’s Earned It would be on the opposite end because of those powerful horns and keys in chords you hear. MALU takes it in a direction that is more poppy in its approach. 

MALU’s theme is about not pretending that the current situation of this relationship is more than what it is. You don’t have to put on a façade and just be honest with one another. When you are among yourselves, you can just be yourself and enjoy each other. The video I was a little disheartened because of how short it was. 

Disappointed Sad GIF - Disappointed Sad Fridge - Discover & Share GIFs
My reaction at a 1:22 runtime, but it was still a good video

She just got to the meat of the song and took the video starting there. It looks like she was in the middle of a daydream as one scene she’s laying in bed and in the next, she’s on one of those floating beds out at some big pond with a special, loving friend of hers. You see a lot of shots in that setting of those two together and they look like they are having a great time. And then all of a sudden, she’s back in her room. Heck of a daydream I’d say.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 74

Good afternoon we are almost at the end of another week. We have rising Australian artist Tkay Maidza and her new flowerly (made up word I know) song Cashmere. We have the return or previous Danish Cover Art Artist (April 2 – 9, 2021) MALU and her brand new single No Hearts. Finally we have Pilipino-born, Singaporean-raised singer Marian Carmel bringing us her latest song You Like The Chase. Enjoy this week’s playlist.

Latanya Alberto Needs You To Get It Right

Dutch artist Latanya Alberto releases her latest single, Get It Right, on some subtle beats and strings. I love how laid back the production with that boom bap feel to it. Looking back on some of the work she’s done, I pleasantly remembered that she did a track with well-known producer Full Crate with Getaway. We also had a previous post in December of last year and her song Red Flags. She has some staying power and consistency in her music. Whenever something new comes out, it’s always quality.

You Better Start Being Polite To Erika de Casier

Danish singer Erika de Casier releases her latest single Polite and cute music to go along with it. This track has a more subdued sound that allows Erika to shine more in the track. If the tune sounds familiar, then you have good taste in hip hop. It is sampling Fabolous and Nate Dogg – You Can’t Deny It. What’s so cool about this is someone had the ability to use that sample and have it fit her style. Great job from the producer.

You get equal parts singing and flow from here and Erika is great at both. From the lyrics, I wonder if there is something deeper than her wanting the guy to not be a butthole. It must be pretty hard to have someone you wanna be around, but they embarrass you in public. I have to say, this isn’t the type of topics you tend to hear, but it’s humorous nonetheless.

The music video was something fierce. You see her pull up at this spot and Erika just had that look on her face where you knew something was about to go down. There is this other gentleman in the video and the size difference between the two is so noticeable, but her mannerisms and looks really takes the attention. There is that aura about her that grabs the room. Erika did a great job on this track and I hope that her upcoming album Sensational (releasing on May 21) is as good as this track.


Alexander Grandjean and Maenad Has Been On My Mind

Danish producer Alexander Grandjean and singer Maenad comes together for a second time with On My Mind. Looking up this track, I saw that he has a Bandcamp set up and I got to chance to look at the credits. To my surprise, I see that Freja Kirk for the lyrics and choir. We love Freja Kirk on this blog and I can hear some of her influence on the lyrics here. Her ability to write about relationships in a more personal level is really good and you see that with this verse:

On our way, outer space

Are we out of time?

All the way, all in grey

When it pours down in paradise

We’re supposed to be right

You were supposed to be mine

Let’s talk about the production on this track. I love the vibe it’s giving me. Very dreamy r&b in the approach and if you thought it would be done after 3 minutes, Alexander takes us home getting more involved with the instruments like with the sax for example.

The music video for the track is like watching a COLORS test session with the bold colors under dim settings. You see how sometimes you have the background of Los Angeles blend with Maenad as she’s either posing or dancing during the song. And I can tell she is the one who brings a pair of shoes solely for the choreography because she has the moves. When she was in the bandana and shades, she really got into it. Now, we have to wait and see about that release date for his debut album.

New Music Friday: April 2 – 9 featuring MALU

There is something special with MALU and her debut song Polish. I believe it’s her tone and confidence as she sings. It’s like a sixth sense where you can feel the words that one person sings rather than going into a studio to just record. I would add that the ambiance of the production helps tenfold. There is a real intimate vibe that hits you in your soul. She’s a real soul singer.

The music video has MALU in 4 spots in particular, on a large stack of mattresses, in a bathtub, in front of a vanity mirror, and on stage with a spotlight. One thing I’ve been intrigued is the ideas and concepts people come up with using minimal resources. And I like what the team was able to come up with. I loved all the parts because of how it was able to focus on MALU. My favorite was the spots where she was on stage. I mean you could see that she was really feeling herself on stage. 

Overall, you see and hear that aura of “confident, grown woman”. Mind this is just the debut song. What else is in MALU’s locker of songs? I am genuinely curious as to where her career is going to go because I am really in love with her brand of music.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 66

We are almost at the end of another week. Even though this is coming out in the afternoon, the quality is still the same. Odeal releases his first single, Passenger, since his his EP OVMBR:Roses back in December. Dutch artist Ava Nova comes back again with Paranormal. She was the Cover Art Artist back in May with Superficial. Danish singer MALU drops her debut single Polish. She is giving us something intimate with this track. Enjoy all of the nominees for this week.

Every Time Mekdes Sings, You’ll Want Her To Give You More

Mekdes returns with a new single Give You More and she hasn’t lost a step since her previous EP. At this point you can call this vintage because her singing style comes back and to add more, it seems as though the production for this song has gotten more involved since then. At the time, I didn’t see a music video, but I was pleased to see that Spotify was backing her promotion at their Nordic youtube page was promoting the song. I really love the violins that come through in the beginning of the song and later on you get to hear some horns as well. Adult Contemporary overall has gotten better with Mekdes in it. No video for this song, but Spotify has got the hook up. Take a listen.

New Music Friday October 30 – November 6

Cover Art – Emi Wes – Cry Baby

Can we get more Emi Wes? She’s been putting out hits and Cry Baby is just the latest from her. This production is so good that there is about 45 seconds of just music and sound for us to just absorb it all. It has a nice bounce to it with that clap sound in the background, strategically placed spots for the bass to pick up. It’s really well done. This list of songs has a lot to do with relationships (and wasn’t picked solely on this) and this song is no different. Emi is laying her feelings on the line in hopes of reciprocity as it’s gotten to a point where she’s crying for him. She uses metaphors of her being vulnerable just by putting this out as a song. It’s a beautiful gesture.

Three Shoutouts
Nia Wyn and R.A.E. – Muzzle

Let’s hear it one time for the bassist for this song. Oh so good. Welsh artist Nia Wyn and English rapper R.A.E. comes together for this single Muzzle. Nia is dropping gems throughout the song. I got a paper dream to catch, no strings attached. That’s a hot line. I which there was lyrics written somewhere because I just wanna see them in front of me. I love her voice to and is unique to me. R.A.E. matches that energy given from Nia with those old school hip hop vibes from her flow. From beginning to end, this was a hell of a song.

Tash Sultana and Jerome Farah – Willow Tree

I have to say, I can’t wait this new album, Terra Firma (supposed release date February 19 next year) from Australian artist Tash Sultana. As far as production goes, Tash has, in my opinion, has had one of the most diverse and impressive selections this year and mostly due to the strength of her being a multi-instrumentalist. I love Tash’s vibe on her songs because it’s so relaxing to the ears. There is a part right on the transition from Tash to Jerome where you can hear the subtle horns in the sound and that is just a part of the genius behind the production of all of her songs. It’s very clever because when you hear it, it doesn’t just become blended, but it sticks out and you notice it.

KIRA – Go To Hell

This one stood out to me from KIRA because I couldn’t tell you when the last time I heard of an R&B song from a Japanese artist this year, yet she delivers. This isn’t to say it hasn’t happened, but I think some of them had a pop bias in the production so I didn’t see it as such and that’s on me. This song, Go To Hell, really caught my attention though. The groove is really smooth and when the pace picks up, KIRA is able to match it without losing me in the process. From the lyrics, the song seems to be about not taking relationships and vows serious. It’s not that she doesn’t want one, but it sounds like she’s been a part of enough where KIRA know how the story goes and she’ll just end it before it gets worse.

This Week’s Cover Artist featuring Emi Wes