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Marie Dahlstrom Needs You More Than Ever Before

Marie Dahlstrom makes songs so good that you can’t contain them in a single track. Need You, Pt. 1 & 2 released where she went solo for the first track and enlisted Dayne Jordan and Dan Diggas for the second part. Credit to Dan for the production because it’s that familiar Marie sound. Soft, chill, and laid back. Her voice is so therapeutic and I wonder if she is aware of it. I can’t get enough of it. 

Marie Dahlstrom Dayne Johnson Need You Pt 2

The first part of the theme is Marie always saying in your ear, “You know I need you babe.” You hear this on the backdrop of all of these situations of where the world simply sucks. So in order to get through it all, she needs you. There’s no other way that she’s gonna get through. 

Then in part 2, Dayne Jordan comes on and gives us his flow in which he gives more lines than Marie. Dayne discusses that he’s a flawed person and is well-aware of that fact, but he moves forward. Better to fall or fail at doing something that aligns with your principles than being afraid to do anything at all. 

Marie Dahlstrom
via Shazam

You also get the second part of Marie and what she wants to express in this song. The first part is more of a “grand scheme” and how does she fit within it all when it comes to her life, especially the more recent years. And then how she interprets those experiences as what she thinks it means to her. Then the second part, which is short, I believe is simply that people grow and evolve and there’s nothing one can do about it, good or bad. 

I find it surprising that I haven’t covered one of her songs before because I LOVE Marie Dahlstrom and her music. I am happy that I could do this at least once. But we are definitely doing more. If you haven’t heard of Marie Dahlstrom, stop waiting and just go down her catalog. Start with Need You, pt, 1 & 2.