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Cover Art Nominees: Week 82

So this week we came with the beef. I almost never keep a running tally of songs when I put them together, but this week we have 41 songs. Obviously it’s a lot, but if I didn’t like them, they wouldn’t be on the list. We have Belgian artist Meyy and her latest song Hyli. Thai band Sri with Julian Cary with Lemme Cater. And finally Floridian artist Jenevieve and her latest song Resume. I know it’s a lot of track, but I’ve never steered you wrong. Enjoy the playlist.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 80

We are almost at the end of another week. But a small congrats that we’ve been doing this for 80 weeks. That’s a long time. Let’s start off with Floridian Kilo Kish and her latest single American Gurl. One of the most spiritual-elevating collabs I’ve heard in a long time with a l l i e and Daniela Andrede and DNA. We also have Indian artist Peekay working with Jonathan Edward to release her latest single You Don’t Have To Try.

I really REALLY love this playlist and I hope you do too.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 79

We are almost at the end of another week. We are just a few shy from the amount we usually put out, but as usual, the quality is at the tip-top. We have Joy Denalane with her latest single Forever. We also have Portuguese producer Mizzy Miles bringing on Carla Prata and Lhast in his latest song More Love. Finally, we are featuring Jamaican singer Shenseea and her latest single Run Run. I’m just happy that I’m seeing more Caribbean artists come on my radar. Please enjoy this week’s artists.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 78

We are almost at the end of another week and I keep surprising myself that I get enough material to make a good playlist. We have Indonesian duo Duara featuring Vira Talisa with Morning Sun. Nigerian artist Adekunle Gold teams up with Lucky Daye in Sinner. Finally featuring Dutch artist Eva Valery and her single Xylem. Please enjoy this week’s playlist.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 77

We are almost at the end of another week everyone. First highlighting Singaporean artist Slodown and his single Me & Mrs Wong which takes inspiration from Billy Paul’s Me and Mrs Jones. We have Swedish artist Daniela Rathana with her debut track from her upcoming album, Rathana Club, with Havanna. To have that has your title, the production and she delivered nothing less than quality. Finally we get to the neo-soul artist from Melbourne named Akosia and her latest track ISO. Please enjoy this week’s playlist.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 76

We are almost to the end of another week and that means a brand new playlist for the new music this week. We are starting off with Russian artist Ice Lo with his latest track Эйфория (Translated to Euphoria). We also have the recent BET Album of the Year winner Jazmine Sullivan (Heaux Tales) with her first single since then, Tragic. We finally have Dutch rapper Idaly tapping into the spirt of Drake with some singing in his latest track Laat Me Zien (Translated to Show Me). Enjoy this week’s music.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 75

We are almost at the end of another week and being a brand new dad again doesn’t afford me a lot of time, but we are just getting it in before the end of day. Starting off with Sivia and she is back again with her latest single Serene. We have a live version of Latanya Alberto performing with Metropole Orkest doing a cover of D’Angelo’s Really Love. And we have some future funk with Playa Limbo and their latest track Multicolor. Please enjoy this week’s playlist

Cover Art Nominees: Week 74

Good afternoon we are almost at the end of another week. We have rising Australian artist Tkay Maidza and her new flowerly (made up word I know) song Cashmere. We have the return or previous Danish Cover Art Artist (April 2 – 9, 2021) MALU and her brand new single No Hearts. Finally we have Pilipino-born, Singaporean-raised singer Marian Carmel bringing us her latest song You Like The Chase. Enjoy this week’s playlist.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 72

Hey everyone, we are running super-duper late today as life happens. But I’ll do my best to make sure the show goes on, outside of vacations and planned breaks of course. This week we have Lola Young and her latest single Bad Tattoo. We have Australian artist Wafia bringing on help from Indonesian artist Rahmania Astrini to make an updated version of Pick Me. We finally have from highest awarded Angolan artist to date, Yola Semedo, and her latest single Minha Sorte. Enjoy this week’s playlist.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 70

Well everyone, we finally reached another milestone. 70 weeks (unofficially probably more) of the Cover Art Nominees series. We have the return of a former Cover Art Nominee artist Yarah (January 8-15) and her latest single ur dumb. We have Dutch producer Full Crate and artist SABRI with Tell Me Why. We also have Indonesian artist Jacqueline Caroline and her second single of her career, Vibe With U, featuring NSG. Enjoy this week’s nominees.