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Benjamin Ingrosso and Cherrie Watches Themselves Like A VHS

Swede artist Benjamin Ingrosso brings on Cherrie for his Spotify Studio single VHS. I want to say that it is good to know that even though Cherrie put her music career on hold for other pursuits, she still has it on the microphone. This song is about reminiscing a relationship like rewatching a movie, which the title VHS comes from. And Benjamin is really taking this to heart when he remembers because it’s every moment for him. He must only remember the good times because even now he wants things to go back to how it was.

Image provided by Cherrie (@chxrrie) Twitter

Cherrie remembers the relationship like an old movie as well. But for her, seeing him again reaffirms her decisions to walk away. Just like every movie, that relationship had an end. I love the production and it helps when the lead singer can also produce as well. Even having the actual producer of this track taking ideas to make it better.

Benjamin is a musical genius, he can play the piano, he comes up with a lot of melodies in his own way and also came up with the theme for the song. Even Pontus who is behind the production who managed to lift the idea together with us. We did everything in one day, the whole work process was easy, simple and it also made me realize what an amazing person he is and someone I would like to have as a friend all my life.

Cherrie via Kingsize (Translated)

It’s a bop for me. You gotta love the vibes coming from the track and despite it not being the happiest of themes, sound is bumping.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 64

Hey everyone, we are almost at the end of another week. We are featuring Dreamer Boy and Melanie Faye and their song Let’s Hold Hands. You know you are a star in the business when you can get feature credits by simply playing instruments. With Melanie, she’s not just simply a bassist, she’s amazing at her craft. Turkish singer Melis Karaduman is singing in the forest with her latest single Anda (In the moment). We finally bring up a collab from Swede singers Benjamin Ingrosso and Cherrie with VHS. Cherrie might have put her solo career on hold for now, but the voice is still tip top. Enjoy this week’s playlist.

Cherrie Makes It Look Easy As 123

The Swede Singer does it again with her latest single 123. There is one thing I do appreciate with her sound is that it feels like a throwback to R&B from the early 2000s. It’s upbeat but not too involved with the computer production. It feels a little more simple in its delivery. Rapper and fellow compatriot and relative Yasin gives us some bars on the 2nd half of the song. Give the song a listen to.

Cherrie And Maria Free As You Can Be, S-I-N-G-I-N-G

Swedish singer Cherrie is putting us in the right kind of mood with her serenade, Maria. It’s interesting when hear Cherrie sing about how Maria sings to her when she’s lonely. I wonder if she would want to do a remix and have someone come on as “Maria”. I tell you there is some real 2000s R&B vibes from the production. It feels nostalgic when you hear that bass hit during the verses with the high pace beat.

One thing I didn’t take into consideration til after I saw the music video is what if Maria is that nice ride Cherrie is in. That would put a twist on the song. Different perspective and all that. Something to to think about. And that cover art for the single, I love it. Take a listen to Cherrie and her song Maria.