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Another 2-3 Week Hiatus, Baby Is Home

Hey everyone, just wanted to say thank you all for supporting the blog and the brand. I’ve been working on this during a special time of my life, watching my wife carry our little one for 7 months and some change. Well now after some time in the hospital after birth, they said the baby is ready to come home. So no blog posts for the next two-three weeks. Now I did have some projects I was currently working on and those will be the only ones published in this block.

Until then, I got to go spend time with the baby. Enjoy your August everyone.


No content today because I’m getting other work done today and then I’m going to go to a soccer game with my family. So call it a mental break. And I think I might take into consideration leaving weekends completely blank because I’m going to need rest and spend more time away from the screen. The joys in finding that Work-Life balance. Curating R&B music is my love, but I think we can still do this for you all and not reach burnout. See y’all tomorrow.

Yet Another Break For The Blog

It’s a good news break, but unexpected. What you have been seeing for this past week was posts that was pre-written and ready for you all. However, I’ll probably be back to writing towards the last week of the month. A bit longer than I’ve hoped, but we’re going to need some sleep for this one. I may be able to post on several big events or album releases, but we won’t get to a regular schedule until the end of the month. Thanks for sticking with us and please continue supporting the website through share it with family and friends.

Taking A Short Vacation From Writing (Til May 20)

So I’ve been writing on this blog ever since January of last year and it’s been one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. But it’s gotten to a point where I think a quick break is warranted. Not long, but there won’t be a Cover Art Nominee/New Music Friday this week. It takes a lot to curate the weekly playlist the way that I do. So between this, work, and family, I had to put one thing on the shelf. And I can’t take off work (although I got one day off) and the family is never going away, so the blog it is.

I did go on a writing spree last week so I have more days than not where I have something scheduled for you all. But I won’t have anything “new new” written until May 20. Sometimes you gotta take a break, take some self-care and recharge your batteries. So keep dropping by and look out for the “new new” content next Thursday.