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Come Back To Mahalia Whenever You’re Ready

When I first heard this Whenever You’re Ready from Mahalia, I thought it was just another typical love song and Mahalia wanting to be the bigger person and letting them walk away. Then pleading with them that she’s nothing without them and they aren’t nothing without her. If I didn’t see the music video, I would have walked away with it in my mind and said it was a pretty good song. Now that I saw the video, it was about the one missing person in the click. The music video did an amazing job masking the theme until the end.

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They really had me believing that Mahalia was getting on the other woman like they were in a relationship. Saying this and that over the phone like the late 90s vibe this all was. Having the friends (twins) coming over to hype her up and voicing the background call-and-responses. It was a nice touch, but they gave it away in the beginning. The missing friend was supposed to be there all along when they were passing off the brushes and the camera panned to the clothes rack. No, no, no. There was supposed to be someone there which we end up seeing at the second run through of this scene. It was well done. 

I also want to mention that the residuals for Montell Jordan must be amazing. His song Get It On Tonite is getting samples twice in two years from high profile artists is pretty good. The other being Biig Piig and Don’t Turn Around. Lyrically it was well-written and bonus points for the video. So now you can come away with two perspectives if you want. And I think it’s okay to write songs about friends and those relationships as well. We don’t hear about those all too often.

Emotional Oranges and Biig Piig Wants Your Body & Soul

The two person team from California, Emotional Oranges, brings on Biig Piig to help with their latest song Body & Soul. The vibes from EO is perfect for me. I love the boom bap and just how smooth everyone is on the track. Someone said on their FB page is that they are the greatest random band ever. They may have a point on that. They really snuck up on me before, but every track I’ve heard have been bops. The Emotional Oranges sound is amazing.

The audio and video mirrors one another except the beginning where you have Biig Piig grabbing a sip of the whiskey. The more I see her on screen, the more I love her. More on that further down. I don’t know how they did the thing with the mirrors on the sticks (or maybe they are patches of green), but it’s so simple, but adds a lot of value to the video. In fact, the entire video is minimalistic with bold, popping colors on the screen. It’s a jam.

Now about videos, Biig Piig graced us with a “How-To” video at poolside on how to make a Hot Toddy with Body & Soul playing in the background. And to stick with the theme of “Oranges”, made sure to have oranges to be a part of the recipe. Always willing to give back to the community.

Biig Piig Loves Feeling Paper In Her Hands In Cuenta Lo

This is the first time that I was aware that Biig Piig is bilingual (maybe more) from learning that she spent a lot of her childhood in Spain. So she gives it in her single Cuenta Lo which is about money, sex, and power. In the chorus all you hear (translated) Paper in my hands feels good. If that doesn’t set the standard, I don’t know what kind of song you are hearing. There were also two other lines where she talks about touching herself in her castle and in verse two, having the other woman’s man making Biig Piig sing until the morning.

The music video you have her being a poker dealer, but the situation just goes out-of-whack and all you see is Biig Piig observing and taking it all in. All the characters you see are just participants in her world. It also touches on the theme of money, sex, and power and Biig Piig being in control of them all.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 59

Another week almost in the books. I’ve noticed that we had a larger selection of song than usual so I trimmed the list down. We have included Gallant and another single from his upcoming EP, Neptune, with Relapse. New single from Biig Piig , all in Spanish, with Cuento Lo. And the neo-soul artist from South African, moonga K., with All That I Deserve. Listen to all of this week’s nominees.

New Music Friday July 24-31

Cover Art – Biig Piig – Don’t Turn Around

Usually it’s really hard to figure out who is going to go on the cover. But not this week. The second I heard this track from Biig Piig, it was the #1 contender and as the week went on, it was a runaway winner. Could it be that this song is a hard sample to Montell Jordan’s Get It On Tonight? Possibly. But the production is so infectious. You can’t help but to move something when you hear it. If not, you don’t have soul. What I like is when she gets to the chorus and it just melds so well the beat. It’s a great upbeat song.

Three Shout Outs…

Angela Torres – Guapo

I wonder if anyone ever compares to Arianna Grande. I’m violating my own rule by comparing one artist to another, but they even look similar it’s scary. The light, airy voice that she has and yet she’s so carefree and so commanding of her time on the track. She’s really good, like if someone told me that she was a consistent hit maker on the Top 40 radio chart, I would believe them. The production fits. Her cadence and singing style is so varied. It’s a very fresh sound and gives me good vibes.

Joel Corry ft. MNEK – Head & Heart (Acoustic)

I want to say thanks to Joel Corry for showing some love on Twitter when I talked about this single. I was looking for song on Youtube and saw that this song came out earlier this month. And it was a full on, heart-pumping, energy-filled pop song and I got worried. I was like did I type in something wrong? No, it was the same song, but I had to make sure to put in “Acoustic” to make sure I had got the right one. The two versions are SOOOOOOO different and credit to Joel for seeing the song within the song. I say that because if you were to hear the original, I don’t think many folks would have imagined that a stripped version could be different, yet still have impact. The BPMs were so high, that this version still feels a little fast to me and that’s okay. Also credit to MNEK for tailoring himself to the different versions, but that is what you can expect from a talented singer. You can have the same ingredients and cook the same dish, but talent, skill, and imagination can yield different results. That’s what you can get from a great producer.

Queen Naija – Pack Lite

To the surprise of one person in particular that maybe reading this, I really was digging this track. I’ve heard Queen Naija on radio before and I never had that feeling that there was a song that I could put on repeat. It could be because she was entering late in a field of similar singers like Keyshia Cole and K Michelle among others. What I can say is that she’s a hard worker and always put out music. It could be the absence of me hearing her, but this song sorta pops for me. I love the remix of Erykah Badu’s Bag Lady. It’s a catchy song.

This Week’s Cover Artist Nominees featuring Biig Piig

I’ll try and do better next time