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Cover Art Nominees: Week 82

So this week we came with the beef. I almost never keep a running tally of songs when I put them together, but this week we have 41 songs. Obviously it’s a lot, but if I didn’t like them, they wouldn’t be on the list. We have Belgian artist Meyy and her latest song Hyli. Thai band Sri with Julian Cary with Lemme Cater. And finally Floridian artist Jenevieve and her latest song Resume. I know it’s a lot of track, but I’ve never steered you wrong. Enjoy the playlist.

New Music Friday: 6/25 – 7/2 Featuring Selah Sue

The Belgium artist Selah Sue released a new single called Free Fall and gives us a performance that’s better than the studio version. So I am all for the song in general. I love the grit of the production and how it is a very involved form of funk. But I gotta say, you are better off just listening to this version of the song. From beginning to end, it had so much life. We even got a guitar solo at the end.

So if you’ll allow me, I just want to talk about this “Express Yourself” Session version. I love how this felt more like a conversation between Selah and the other three singers: Judith Okon, Sarah Devos, and Stefy Rika. The call-and-response parts felt really cool to see. You even see the mannerisms and the bounce she has on the floor. She’s so carefree and you can feel the energy she gives. She’s been doing this for so long and now I need to find a way to see her life.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 65

We are almost at the end of another week. We have the return of one of my favorite groups from Malaysia, Crinkle Cut, and their song Alone. We have ELHAE and Masego living their best lives in My City. We also have Belgian artist Helen with Off Switch which features rapper TheColorGray. Enjoy this week’s nominees.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 60

Good morning everyone. We have hit 60 weeks today, officially, with our weekly Cover Art Nominee posts. So small hurray for us. I mentioned on Twitter that I think this week might be one of my favorite ones because of the diversity of music and regions represented here. I think I might best the best one that represents this. We have Thai singer Xmas and his soft voice over guitars in เลิกร้องไห้ได้แล้วไอบ้า (Don’t Cry). Belgium artist Emma Bale gives us some soul in Lay Your Heart. Dutch producer Midas Hutch and The Kount gives us those future funk and disco feels with Air Power. I got a little bit of everything this week. Enjoy the music everyone.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 58

We are almost at the end of another week people. This week has a return of one of my favorite artists, Cyra Gwynth and her latest single DGAF. She also mentioned in one of her latest videos that an EP is in its final stretches so we are on the lookout for that. Raveena is giving a call back to that 90s nostalgia in Tweety. And Londoner Raquel Martins is giving the jazz vibes in Freedom. Enjoy this week’s artists.

Good Enough For Morane, But For Now Stay On The Side

On The Side is the second single released on Belgian artist Morane and her project To Get Her. Her description for the track:

On The Side is the level where- in order to proceed- you have to complete the task of TOLERANCE

Morane – On The Side

This track is a certified bop. I can’t stop bobbing my head and the chorus fits that description saying that you’re cute on the side. She’s a woman on the mission and isn’t looking for relationships distract her in the now.