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August Wahh Doesn’t Want To Be Bothered In Samokan

I have been a big fan of August Wahh since the first time I heard her songs over a year ago and she gives us another banger with Samokan (translates to bother or annoying). We also have a feature from rapper Cookie$ towards the second half of the track. The production from Guilty Keys is giving off that Q-Tip – Breathe and Stop vibes. Very early 90s feels the track. I also think this is the first time I’ve heard August sing in her native language. Just as in English, she’s so smooth and refreshing to hear. I also love the message from the track. You don’t have to be so annoying. Just relax and chill.

The music video was a very interesting one as it played out. You think you have this guy coming in for a consultation with two psychiatrists. How Tony Soprano is this? The gangster (he pulls a gun from his back to lay on the tray) comes in looking for mental health help. It looked at times that he was getting measured for a straitjacket, but it quickly turned out to be ropes. The therapy he ended up getting was a bondage session. As long as it works right? And it looked like he had a world changing experience, one of which, I can understand why.

August Wahh is Taking Back Her Woo Woo

I think it’s safe to say that the R&B-jazz lane in the Philippines has been cemented by August Wahh. Her latest single Woo Woo is an extension of that fact. The production is top notch and of note, the horns are in full force. The line “And I got all this energy, Bursting to come out from me” is manifesting in her music video. Her spirits are high and is just having a smile on her face throughout the video. The setting also fits as it seems as though she’s at peace living her life.

Never knew that in her culture that “Woo Woo” was seen as derogatory, as she mentions in her statement with Redbox, but it doesn’t show in the final product. In fact, when you get into the groove from producer Asch, her singing and talking about her Woo Woo, it feels like it has much more significance than something to pass off. If the goal was to reclaim it and use the term for something powerful and more than herself, August Wahh pulled it off with flying colors.

Cover Art Nominees: Week 61

Hey everyone, we are almost at a close of another week. We have a Mexican talent on high with Cinco Estrellas (Five Stars) with duos La Isla Centeno and Los Master Plus and singer Yoss Bones. Chloe x Halle officially released 80/20 that didn’t initially make it on their original release of Ungodly Hour. Filipina songstress August Wahh releases her first single of the new year busting of energy with Woo Woo. Take a listen to all the tracks for this week.

Take A Look On The Bright Side With August Wahh In Eyes

WISH Award Nominee August Wahh comes out with a new single in what looks like to be a collective of songs (Vivid EP) called Eyes. She does the singing while London-based producer Ashley Henry does the production. It’s a very strong jazz ambiance with the type on instruments used in this song. The groove behind it all works with Wahh’s voice. It has a very intimate feel. I love the message behind the message with her talking about being thankful for today and thankful for this life. Wahh has been on my radar for the bulk of the second half of this year and she has always delivered. That’s probably she’s nominated for best R&B performance for this year in the WISH Awards.

The Hue Of August Wahh

Filipina artist August Wahh drops a new single Hue and I have to say it is wavy in a way. The feeling of it all is directed with the keyboard in tow. Then when the verse comes in you hear the drums come about and you start to hear the picture, the hue as it were. It really does put you in a mood and August helps in that. I’ve never heard of her, but I love her tone and touch on the production. It’s light, but ever-present. Take a listen to the new single.