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What It Is That Makes Amber Mark So Good To Listen To

I don’t ever recall hearing a bad song from Amber Mark and let’s throw her latest single What It Is into the mix. I decided to take a look at the credits for this song because it felt like we’ve reached her at her prime after this song’s release and I saw the name of Julian Bunetta. Never heard of him before, but it seems as though he’s one of the main producers for all of the One Direction songs as well as a handful of Amber’s songs. A biased opinion of course, but it sounds like Julian is getting the best of her potential on these tracks. 

One other thing that I noticed is this track has a 5 minute and 25 second runtime. Ambitious to have a track run for so long, but when the production and sounds are so good, you don’t mind it. Amber is able to get the most of the song and short of a guitar solo, she makes her presence known in every second of the track. There is also that slight rasp in her voice that comes out at times. When those spots come, it perks my ears up as she adds another dimension to the song. One good example is that scream she gave around the 2:45 mark. Very raw.

“What It Is’ low key is the title track of the album without it actually being the title track. It comes from going through negative experiences which end up being the gateway to a question I think I’ll be asking for the rest of my life. What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?”

Amber Mark

So Amber touches on the above during the pre-chorus of the song where she talks about falling apart messing with love, but then asks God what’s the point of it all? If this is supposed to be the title track (so-to-speak) and having it at track #2 of her debut album, I wonder if she’ll be able to get her question answered. Or maybe she’ll end up with more questions than answers. 17 tracks is pretty long and I can’t wait til the release date.