New Music Friday: November 6-13

Cover Art Artist – Dragonfruit – Apples

The poppiness (I guess this isn’t a word) of the production from Apples made this an instant hit for me. It’s a mood uplifter and the Dutch band Dragonfruit just nailed it with lyrics, instruments, and pacing. I got the underlying message first and as I heard the lyrics more hearing about God and Eden it started to hit me even more. And of course, there is a snake on the cover representing the serpent from Forbidden Tree. The lyrics are so catchy and I just find myself bobbing my head to this all the time. To me this is a perfect song. It wasn’t a hard decision this week.

Three Shoutouts
Linda Para feat NJOL – Sag Mitt Namn (Say My Name)

This song is simple folks. Swede rapper (who sings most, if not all of this track) Linda Para just wants you to say her name and give her the respect she deserves. She doesn’t go in detail about the grind, but as she says it, it’s time for karma to give a payout. I like how we get two versions of the song’s production. It’s a nice head bopper and she’s giving her lines and when NJOL comes on, the beat goes Afrobeat and it picks up til the end of the song. It keeps the sound interesting and fits the energy NJOL gives. Linda’s cadence and delivery is like Lous and the Yakuza in a way (in which is to no surprise is also listed as a rapper by some or maybe she can do both and well).

Afgan and Raisa – Tunjukkan (Show)

I’ve mentioned in a post before that the R&B style I’ve noticed in South Asia is based a lot in Adult Contemporary. This song Tunjukkan really fits that profile. You have some bass guitar, keyboards, and an organ in the background if you listen for it at times. This song is instrument rich and the voices of the Indonesian pair Afgan and Raisa are full of life. They did a really good job on the parts where they are singing together. You don’t have one trying to be the ”star of the song” as it were. The song is simply about giving your attention to the one you are with. The one you love and the gift that you can give that you can’t give anyone else, your attention. Love the theme, lyrics, and the sound. It all works together.

Shekhinah – Tides

South African artist Shekhinah gives us a bop in Tides. The wavy beats and soft spoken voice goes well the theme. I never heard of her before, but this is a part of her 2nd project, Trouble In Paradise. If the rest of the songs are as good as this, I can’t wait for its release. I don’t have a concrete date, but I’m on the lookout. The lyrics seems to talk about in the verse of being caught up in some situations not meant for her and is asking for help from her lover to come save her and bring her back from drowning. Oh that is a concept associating drowning in life and relationships like drowning out in sea. I would love to see this as a music video.

This Week’s New Music featuring Dragonfruit

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