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Let Me Know What You Think About Navy and LMK

Dominican artist Navy just released a bop in LMK. She’s out here singing to that one guy who seems to be playing around, but she’s set on making him her man. From both verses and the bridge, she leaves nothing to the imagination that she’s in pursuit while finding time making fun in the many ways one can waste time.

One thing that I loved about the song was its production. As cheesy the horns and piano chords were at the end of each set of the chorus and verses, it’s very catchy. I also thought the choice to go completely black and white in the video was different. But it shouldn’t be because it’s not overly complicated. It just felt right to see on screen. This track has the feels of those catchy love songs from the mid 2000s.

The Two Sides Of A Relationship: Passion & Pain

So I was late to the game when this album came my way from Kristina Murrell, Passion & Pain, but I always give stuff I’ve never heard of a chance and I’m glad I did. This album is a story of two parts that has been captured so well in the music video, Got Me Dreaming (more on that below). You see as you get through the post another thing I loved about this album, that it didn’t feel samey from every track. The production value is really good throughout the album.

First song on the album and Kristina’s lead single, Got Me Dreaming, you get to hear her set the theme of just how much she’s fallen in love with this guy. She says it herself in the chorus that she’d be willing to run red lights just to get a touch. There’s no feeling that can compare to that in the world and you can feel it in her voice. I also want to take a moment on how good the production is from Grammy winner Sonny King.

Now we are at my favorite song of the album, Is It Real. How lucky am I that there is a video of the studio session to see how this song was made? There is just that more appreciation for this song in particular since we can see Sonny get every little bit out of Kristina to make this song as good as it is. Here we are going at a point in this journey where she wants to give her all, but will her intentions be met in kind? We can all appreciate that moment in a relationship because when you want to be serious and committed, you are at your most vulnerable. 

And credit to Sonny again on the production. When we hit the bridge leading to the closing was so powerful. That guitar solo towards the end was amazing.

The transitional period comes in Make Yourself Free and this is where I want to bring in the music video. This was a great idea to fuse both, Got Me Dreaming and this song together and how the setting just got dark over that text on the phone. I was laughing at the band looking at each other saying, “Looks like this is gonna get rough.” What a tough feeling to have when you wanna do something nice for your man and he’s messing around. Made you look like a fool in public (sorta) and all you do is cut them off. 

There was one thing that was bothering me in the music video and that was I didn’t feel the (acting) portion of Got Me Dreaming. Maybe Kristina was a little timid in the first half of the video. However, when the 2nd half, Make Yourself Free, came on, you could see the emotions on her face and her mannerisms. You really felt the hurt when she tossed the “pity rose” to the ground. And in spite of that revelation, Kristina walked out of that portion of the song with her head held high. It’s not your fault so there’s no read to sulk over someone else’s nonsense. That’s the right attitude.

We are going to close on the last song of the album, Never Come Down, and you see in the track and from Kristina those Caribbean influences in the end product. There was a line that intrigued me and it went “Tell me how you broke and stole my heart?” Get me wondering if it’s the same guy from before. Going back to listening to Selfish Love leads me to believe that as it’s about her not being the sharing guys kind of woman. The album does flow like a story from beginning to end and that was one of my takeaways from Passion & Pain.

Great album from beginning to end. The Barbadian singer has really set her career of on the right foot, to include, she debuted #1 in iTunes in Barbados. So her whole country has her back and sees something special in her potential. She has a good network around her and I hope to hear more from her in the future.

About The Artist

Kristina Murrell is a R&B recording artist whose debut album just released Valentines Day of this year. The Bridgetown (Barbados) born singer has always had a natural affinity for music. After moving to the United States at the age of fifteen to pursue her education, Kristina recognized her musical potential whilst taking a choir class.

“Music has become one of the most important things in the world to me. I want to make great music for the world.”

Kristina Murrell

Not long after, American record producer and songwriter Sonny King discovered Kristina’s natural talent during an audition for the Record Label and Charity organization Music For Love. Once the connection was made, Kristina Murrell began working with Sonny at his recording studio in Greensboro, NC. After signing a production deal with Music By King Inc., the young artist landed a record deal with Music For Love.

Although she receives creative inspiration from a number of artists such as fellow Barbados born superstar Rihanna, Kristina Murrell combines a variety of stylistic elements to form her unique sound. In addition to her musical pursuits, Kristina has a successful modeling career and studies business in college. With over eighteen thousand five hundred followers on Instagram alone, there is no denying the fact that Kristina Murrell has already cultivated a dedicated following prior to her debut release.