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Lets Go To Higher Ground With POLUN and Gracie Ella

Toronto-based producer POLUN and just outside of Toronto-based artist Gracie Ella comes together for a modern groove in Higher Ground. Now this is POLUN’s debut as a producer (based on his Spotify profile) and this track really goes in. The soft, smooth voice of Gracie fits the groove. And one other thing I love is how clear she comes off. Even in the runs, there isn’t a lot of vocal gymnastics (if that’s a thing). I can follow where she’s going. They say that POLUN is a hip hop producer, but maybe he can hang around for a little while longer and give us some more R&B jams.

Adria Kain Revisits Ocean After Being A Few Years Away

Toronto-based artist Adria Kain is back at it again with her single Ocean, a reprisal from a version done years ago. This track is number two on her upcoming debut album ‘When Flowers Bloom’ which is supposed to be releasing this January. The guitars that are in the background, Adria’s deep voice, and slow cadence really tugs at your heart. 

Adria Kain

“It’s beyond me how this song came full circle. I remember where I was in life when I first wrote it years ago. I knew it was a good song, not quite my favourite, but it had an important message that I think even went over my own head. I wrote it from a place of sadness. I wanted to create a voice for myself. One that I could run to whenever there was no one else. One that would create a platform big enough for me to exist in without boundaries, like the Ocean, because what’s bigger than that really.”

Adria Kain

I love that Adria decided to come back and do this song over. It’s interesting that songs may never change, but it’ll mean different depending on the person and their recent experiences. That’s how art is. And how compelling that this concept can be applied for the one who created the particular piece of art. Experience, such from Adria, can breathe new life into something she’s done years ago. I love the track and it’s something you can just relax to as it plays.

Edit: I watched the video the day of release and the people who put the video together did an excellent job. I can see why Adria can be so conflicted. It seems as though she was happy with them both and as the viewer, I felt that. Now I have that picture in my head of what Adria may have felt writing and singing this song.

Kallitechnis Shows Her Different Styles In Her Latest EP

Montreal-based singer Kallitechnis has finally released her latest anticipated EP ‘Because It Feels Good’ that has been picking up steam since just towards the end of August. I have been following her since before COVID started (so that’s like a long time) and there has always been quality coming from her and her team. Her brand of R&B has so much life and happiness within. Within this EP, you can tell in the tracks that she has that glow where in her world, the sun is always shining bright with no clouds in the sky.


One of the tracks that I love the most is Hold Me Down with Kofi. There is a good chemistry between him and Kallitechnis on this track. 

“This duet is the type of r&b music I used to daydream and fall in love to. I’m happy to be the one making a song like this now. Full circle thing.”

The production really helps because it comes off as playful. Playful as it is, it’s a serious topic about relationships and more importantly the communication. Sometimes you just gotta clear things up and make sure you are on the same page. The message is echoed when they both are crying out to each other to “Please just don’t give up”.

My second favorite track from Kallitechnis is Dinner With A Gemini. We should be getting a music video next month for the track. I am curious as to how it would look as this track is when we get to see a side we don’t see often. She talks a lot in the chorus about not seeing the guy ever again and how this (relationship) is the end. Usually we get a more chill version, but not so much in this case.

“I don’t talk much shit, but when I do, this is what it sounds like”

The flow and cadence is pretty good as well. It reminds me of Qveen Herby when she would flow in some of her songs

Kallitechnis Selfish

I really dig her latest EP and you need to spend some time with the project. Only six tracks so it won’t take long to listen to the entire thing. Then you can put it on repeat for 4 or 5 times. 

There are also posts on two other singles from the EP


Outta My Way

I also want to list her Bandcamp page as well. Support your artists.

Kallitechnis and Jarreau Vandal Gets A Little Selfish

Today is the release of Kallitechnis’ second single for her upcoming EP called Selfish. I have to make sure to inform you all that this track was produced by multi-faceted artist from Amsterdam Jarreau Vandal. He did a good job of putting this track together to fit the style of Kallitechnis. In fact, maybe a tad bit relaxed? So I went back and listened to Jarreau’s most recent album last year, Suburb Superhero: The Villain Within, and was reminded that this is his sound. It’s probably the fact that it’s been awhile since I’ve heard the album. 

SELFISH isn’t a song. It’s more of a tale. It’s a relatable story about shifting from a conventional people-pleasing attitude toward one that is founded in self-respect and the establishment of boundaries. It was my way to redemption; to make up for all the times I gave up myself simply for wanting to feel loved by somebody else.


The theme of this track is Kalli wanting to be “selfish” about her feelings and to stop giving them away just to feel loved. She wants to get back to a place where she’s number 1 in her life before she can worry about anyone else, especially the one she’s breaking up with in the track. The song is on brand with the trend I’ve been seeing this decade about women finding love first within themselves before finding it in others. 

After this, it’s release day. October 8 is the date we are all waiting for. Six tracks full of that quality we come to expect from Montreal’s very own.

Kallitechnis Says Outta My Way Onward To An Upcoming EP

Montreal’s very own, Kallitechnis has released her first single for her upcoming EP later this year with Outta My Way featuring Londoner 23 Unofficial. She said it herself on Twitter that the song slaps and I gotta agree. I’ve been playing it on repeat for about half an hour and the song just doesn’t get old.

JP and I produced and wrote OUTTA MY WAY via Zoom. We were both in a good mood and wanted to make a song that we could both party to and kick it to. OUTTA MY WAY has a duality like that. It’s hot and cold. 23 floats through his verse effortlessly. I just love that it slaps when the hook comes around, yet it’s chill in the verses.


You have to appreciate a song that is not OVER produced and gives you that vibe out to the track. And to think they were so confident in the song, you get a good 30 seconds at the end of the track to take it all in.

If the EP is as good as this song right here, we might be getting something special. I’ve always been a fan of Kallitechnis and have always delivered quality music. If you haven’t before, pay attention to her and be ready for that project to drop.

Adria Kain and Lelia Dey Creates A Classic

Toronto artists Adria Kain and Lelia Dey come together on this laid back grove in Classic. It was the production that really had me and racked my brain for some minutes because it reminded me of another song. Then I realized it was Changes by 2Pac. The tone created by the piano is so amazing which is backed up by the bass guitar. I’m not saying they are exactly the same, but it gets me into a similar mood.

Adria Kain
Adrian Kain – (Photo Credit Kiylana Dickens-Ling)

That sound and production is fitting for the title ‘Classic’. And Adria is riding that beat so well. She gave a smooth delivery that felt buttery. Also, credit to Lelia for coming in the second verse to drop some lines. The lyrics aren’t that exciting, but vocal and musical arrangements bring the song over for me.

I wanted to create something not only for myself, but to help uplift and remind all black women that we are loved unconditionally regardless of experience and societal views, and to encourage the idea of continuing forward in all that we aim to do no matter what tries to interfere because we are classic examples of royalty and anything is a possibility. This video represents just that, two classic black women sharing special time together and uplifting one another in as many ways possible during a day in the city.

Adria Kain

Finally, let’s talk about this music video. It’s just a POV shot from beginning to end and it threw me off at first. However, I liked it. It was unique and I appreciate seeing a video shot this ay, It was just a day-in-a-life type of deal and it was just relaxing as the song’s production and theme. I also want to say I peeped the Kung Fu Tea, the best commercial tea spot known to man (Not an official endorsement). Also Adria grabbed the mask before leaving out. You still gotta protect yourself out there. 

I love the entire project and really like the song.

By the way, I’m still on my paternity break from the blog. So don’t expect any regular updates for a while. But it does feel good to do a little typing.

New Music Friday 7/23 – 7/30 Featuring a l l i e and Daniela Andrade

I knew from the hook of DNA that a l l I e and Daniela Andrade gave us something special. The Canadian connection between these ladies has delivered, preemptively, the best track in a l l i e’s new project. The production feels so new and ethereal and that has my brain just tingling. One of the other things I love about the track is how they deliver the chorus in different ways. The expression of the voices when they “beg” and “DNA” are either held notes or comes in high and leaves low. It doesn’t leave a stale after taste.

via Soundcloud

What’s interesting with the lyrics is that they sing about not begging for the other person’s love. In fact, they are singing how the other person wants it and how they should be working for it.

Show me what you know about it; Tell me that you can’t go without it; (Tell me why)

a l l i e ft. Daniela Andrade – DNA
via Soundcloud

It sucks that there is no music video for this because I can only imagine the scene of two strong women in a l l i e and Daniela coming through on set and when all of a sudden either one comes out and says I could never beg. It’s not in my DNA.

New Music Friday: 7/16 – 7/23 Featuring Amaal

Somali-Canadian singer Amaal released her first single, Honey, from her upcoming EP Milly. This track feels like a throwback based on the production from Nicky Davey and a few seconds I was in the late 90s again. It felt nostalgic, but updated for 2021 at the same time. And again, that’s credit to the producer for getting this right. Amaal’s voice feels so smooth throughout the song and I never got tired of hearing her sing. Then you toss in all the extra edits with her voice and that choir-esque singing “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” in the background gives you a well put song.

The music video has so much going on with the different scenes. You have her coming off the personal jet taking command of the camera and then having her stroll through the abandoned jail (although I thought that was the most random part, like “Why here?”). And there’s the scene where she’s getting scanned while laying down. But the scene I love was the one where she’s in the bathtub with the illumination of the sun in the background. The “red” bounces off well on Amaal. She knows what she’s working with and you see and hear the confidence she gives in her lyrics. The delivery was one of the aspects of the song that stood out. This is a great song to get some of that 90s vibe in your life.

DiRTY RADiO Is Ordering Some Caramel Off The Menu

DiRTY RADiO has given one of those tracks where the lyrical content, kinda meh. Energy content, an 11 on the 1 to 10 scale. And that’s okay because when you put on Caramel, you are here because you want that production, that base, and all the bumpin’ to get your body moving. We can file this as a certified club hit and I’ll be looking to put this on my “I Don’t Go To The Club, But If I Did” playlists. It’s just a matter of spending some time putting it all together. Makes you wonder how hyped a music video would look.

These Are The Desperate Times of Mighloe

We have finally gotten the chance to listen to Mighloe’s brand new project (third to date), Desperate Times. When you have had an artist on your radar for so long listening to every dropped track, you get to a point where you want to reach the finish line. So congratulations for Mighloe for getting to her finish line. This EP consists of seven tracks. Two we covered already are Don’t Call Me and Rainy Days.

Picture by Nilly

The first track from the EP is Stolen Paradise and this is like a tale of two halves. I’m not an expert on the music range, but it sounds like the exact same melody for both sections but maybe played at a lower speed the second way through. I really like how mellow it feels production-wise. And it cements, to me at least, her sound for me. If someone told me that she was a front-woman for a rock or indie-rock group, I would have believed you. The producing team behind this project Late Night Drive and Dean Vision were spot on.

Picture by Nilly

Cruel has such a laid back vibe to it all. What’s so interesting about this track is that the acoustic version is better. I think the emphasis on the words she gives in that performance was amazing and speaks to something else that I sense from Mighloe. She has to be a hell of a live performer. She could have given something similar to the studio version, but no no no. The stage presence (in a forest of all places) and the ability to add more to than what required of her own talent is so evident. Even in her other two music videos, she loves the camera and performs well even when it’s just her on the screen.

Desperate Times and Euphoria has an interlude feel about them. Call it a mantra if you will or something that feels ethereal in your head. Especially during Desperate Times, this track is a bit hard to hear the lyrics because of the effects placed on the track. On top of that Euphoria is on that same wavelength especially with the strong guitar presence. It’s a nice change of pace coming from Cruel and Don’t Call Me and then going to Rainy Days.

Picture by Nilly

We are going to finish with the last track of the EP, Into The Tide. It has that smokey soul feeling with this track. At this point of the project, you can honestly say that she has taken us all on a journey and is riding us off to the sunset alongside Dean Vision on the guitar. 

Picture by Nilly

Unfortunately I don’t have the lyrics for any of the tracks, but you know what, the music is amazing. There is a true partnership with Mighloe, Dean Vision, and Late Night Drive in terms of the final product. I recommend this EP based on the diversity of sounds and the range of talent Mighloe gives. I appreciate that there are no tracks that feel samey. The production never felt like it was lazily put together. Give Desperate Times a listen.