Kallitechnis and Jarreau Vandal Gets A Little Selfish

Today is the release of Kallitechnis’ second single for her upcoming EP called Selfish. I have to make sure to inform you all that this track was produced by multi-faceted artist from Amsterdam Jarreau Vandal. He did a good job of putting this track together to fit the style of Kallitechnis. In fact, maybe a tad bit relaxed? So I went back and listened to Jarreau’s most recent album last year, Suburb Superhero: The Villain Within, and was reminded that this is his sound. It’s probably the fact that it’s been awhile since I’ve heard the album. 

SELFISH isn’t a song. It’s more of a tale. It’s a relatable story about shifting from a conventional people-pleasing attitude toward one that is founded in self-respect and the establishment of boundaries. It was my way to redemption; to make up for all the times I gave up myself simply for wanting to feel loved by somebody else.


The theme of this track is Kalli wanting to be “selfish” about her feelings and to stop giving them away just to feel loved. She wants to get back to a place where she’s number 1 in her life before she can worry about anyone else, especially the one she’s breaking up with in the track. The song is on brand with the trend I’ve been seeing this decade about women finding love first within themselves before finding it in others. 

After this, it’s release day. October 8 is the date we are all waiting for. Six tracks full of that quality we come to expect from Montreal’s very own.


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