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Adria Kain Revisits Ocean After Being A Few Years Away

Toronto-based artist Adria Kain is back at it again with her single Ocean, a reprisal from a version done years ago. This track is number two on her upcoming debut album ‘When Flowers Bloom’ which is supposed to be releasing this January. The guitars that are in the background, Adria’s deep voice, and slow cadence really tugs at your heart. 

Adria Kain

“It’s beyond me how this song came full circle. I remember where I was in life when I first wrote it years ago. I knew it was a good song, not quite my favourite, but it had an important message that I think even went over my own head. I wrote it from a place of sadness. I wanted to create a voice for myself. One that I could run to whenever there was no one else. One that would create a platform big enough for me to exist in without boundaries, like the Ocean, because what’s bigger than that really.”

Adria Kain

I love that Adria decided to come back and do this song over. It’s interesting that songs may never change, but it’ll mean different depending on the person and their recent experiences. That’s how art is. And how compelling that this concept can be applied for the one who created the particular piece of art. Experience, such from Adria, can breathe new life into something she’s done years ago. I love the track and it’s something you can just relax to as it plays.

Edit: I watched the video the day of release and the people who put the video together did an excellent job. I can see why Adria can be so conflicted. It seems as though she was happy with them both and as the viewer, I felt that. Now I have that picture in my head of what Adria may have felt writing and singing this song.


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