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Sipprell Is Making Her Case To Be More Than We Are

London based artist Sipprell gives us some soulful lusting in her latest track More Than We Are. What a cute title for a topic that much, much more than that. Sipprell is essentially asking the man in her life to leave the other woman in his. The time for the side-chick, as it were, to be more than just that. She makes the statement wondering if she can know her place if he quits playing games. Is she someone on the side or is she the main woman in his life. It probably got to a point where she’s tired of living with one foot in the door. And if that wasn’t enough, she goes down the list of things of what she can provide and in a subtle way say, “You can do better than the one you’ve got right now.”

via Bandcamp

The music video was cool to see. You see Sipprell in various parts of an abandoned house (because I wouldn’t call that place livable, but it’s just for the music video). She has on different clothes and different camera shots/tricks to make the video pop more on screen. But nothing over-the-top. Just like the track, it was just a nice vibe to listen and watch. I gotta say, I like this version of Sipprell, even if it’s just for one track. She knows what she wants and she is getting it.

JONGHAN Sernades Us Softly On A Rainy Day

South Korean artist JONGHAN serenades us in his latest single Rainy Day. The soft and smooth vocals from him fits the theme of the track. It all revolves about how he feels as he’s holding this one umbrella in the rain. And to use it as an opportunity to have his partner come even closer to him, out in the rain. There isn’t anything extraordinary about the production and JONGHAN’s singing, but it didn’t need to be. It’s the type of mood and vibe I’d experience in an intimate moment holding my partner in the rain. It’s a beautiful song.

Vance Roday Gives Us Some Plain Honesty In Aqua

South African artist Vance Roday has released his debut album Aqua over the past weekend and this is a project that has allowed him to be a bit more open than the past.

Vance Roday

The reason why I decided to call this project Aqua is because I feel like I’m experimenting with more sounds and styles and just letting my river of creativity to flow.

I am digging the sounds that are coming from the album. It’s just a smooth easy listen. Sonically, I think there was a theme that Vance was shooting for because even the transitions from track to track were flawless. I got to the last track of the album ‘Dreamsold’ and said to myself, “Is that it?” What I meant was I was left wanting for more, in a good way. 

Hallucinating is one of the songs that really stuck out for me. The sound reminds me of a lo-fi version of a Wu-Tang track. The decision to have a piano lead alongside with all the other choices made for the sound gave off a dream-like state listening to this track. A dream where only the subject is living in a world that can’t be real, but in their head it is. The line where Vance says everyday feels like Halloween really captures that. It’s a one-in-a-year event, but imagine living everyday where you have people in costumes and everywhere you look it’s like a kiddie horror film. It’ll get to you after a while.

Just Me, Trust Me is a track, to me, about wanting to live your life without judgement. Be able to walk in their truth (whatever that may be). The first verse sets the tone where Vance questions why he’s being judged by sinners. It’s likened to the line you may have heard “Only God can judge” or some derivative of that. Then in the second verse he gives a (not mentioned) expectation of things to come. Which is simply “Who knows?”. But he also provides reassurance that it doesn’t matter, but to trust him to be him. That is what we should want in a person right? To be honest with themselves and not forced to be like the expectations of someone else.

This project I really dived into issues and topics dealing with depression, anxiety, fears, relationships, creativity, dreams, desires, coping mechanisms and self love. … With that, showing the different parts of myself and personality. I’m a person who really keeps to themselves, so I show myself more in my music more than anything

Everything that was done for this album like the lyrics, production, and all the extra background stuff was done by Vance. The run time is approximately 25 minutes so you can pop this on during a ride to wherever you are heading. Just let Vance talk to you about some real life honesty. I think it’s sufficient to say that all of his hard work has produced a gem of an album. His star can only rise from here.

New Music Friday: 10/15 – 10/22 featuring Demi Lovato

There were quite a few songs that I loved listening to, but Demi Lovato’s Unforgettable really stole the show for me. I’ll try and avoid using puns going forward, but this song is truly unforgettable. This track is dedicated to a man named Tommy Trussell who lost a battle with addiction.

You can clearly hear the emotion from her voice and to have the strength to put thoughts to paper and to sing about it is amazing. The other time in recent memory that I can think of is Yebba’s My Mind with Sofar Sounds back in 2016 in which it was a song dedicated to her mother. 

Demi Lovato
via Soundcloud

Chills come down when Demi delivers those runs on those powerful lungs of hers. So much so that they shine through the production of the track. It’s a simple one for sure, but you’d be hard pressed to find a song that could contain the greatness of Demi. So better to keep it simple and elevate. 

As the song goes, her friend Tommy asks her to not forget about him. Well now, he is immortalized. Couldn’t think of a better way to tribute someone you love so much.

It’s A Party With Miraa May and RAYE With Go Girl

Londoneers Miraa May and RAYE come together in sisterhood and badassery in their latest single Go Girl. Imagine if you have a combination of ideas from Soulmate from Edsilia Rombley and Numidia and the all-out party vibes from a Love Yourself from Alicia Awa and this is the result you have. The music video (which is where you get the full grasp) just has women just having fun and enjoying their time at home with the party vibes. I think this week there were a lot of songs about relationships and breakups so we needed to get an uplift leading into Friday. Miraa May and RAYE have you covered. There really isn’t much else to say. It’s a party song. It’s a club song. This is just for you to dance and have fun with. So after you finish reading this, go play this track on full volume… unless you are at work, then wear some headphones.

TOUT Y EST, Daul and 죠지 Performing On The Avenue

A group effort from Korean artists and producers TOUT Y EST, Daul, and 죠지 (George) has brought as a smooth jam in Avenue blending English and Korean. Upon seeing the music video, I instantly associated this group with Londoneer Samm Henshaw. The connection is that you have modern grown men able to talk about their feelings during and after a breakup situation, but not in a contemporary R&B way. It sounds like a lot of mental gymnastics, but I can hear and see those connections.

Speaking of hearing things, the singer (I think is George) sounds so smooth in his voice. Bold, and clear delivery. And to be honest, I could have gotten everyone’s names incorrect so if I did, someone hit me up. The strings and added production towards the end of the track just leading us home felt so good on the ears. A nod to the producers TOUT Y EST and Daul on that. And the music video, I felt so heartbroken. It looked like this relationship was going to go somewhere and then after that initial friction, it just stopped going. They are great actors for the camera. I hope to hear more from this group.

BÉESAU and Pongo Takes Let’s It Go Smoothly on Deixa Partir

French trumpeter BÉESAU and fellow artist Pongo give us the smooth vibes in their latest track Deixa Partir (Let It Go). Whenever I hear the trumpet on a track, it reminds me of one of my friends back at college, Johnny Graham. I would like to think he’s a successful trumpeter and I’ve heard him play on multiple occasions including at the Howard Theatre in Washington DC. Enough of me going down memory lane. One difference between these two is that BÉESAU has a more airy delivery in some parts than what I can remember from Johnny’s sets.  I wonder if this is just a matter of technique and adding finishing touches on the production. But the vibe of the track matches with him. 

via Soundcloud

The guest vocalist Pongo gives a great performance as well. And just like BÉESAU, she has an airy, breathy voice in some parts of the track. I think this could have been what they were looking for because it’s consistent throughout. She gets a good amount of time in the beginning half of the song and then BÉESAU just brings us home. It’s a beautiful track to listen to. This is a great track to put on a lounge playlist. The ones where you play for the “sophisticated” adult parties.

Author edit: BÉESAU is indeed a player of the trumpet and not a trombone. The post has been updated to reflect that.

A Somber Side of Lauren Jauregui In Colors

Member of the now defunct group Fifth Harmony, Lauren Jauregui has given us a somber and heartfelt performance with Colors. I think she may be the last member that I’ve heard with her solo songs and I like her vibe. I wonder if her upcoming EP, Prelude, will have more spoken word spots like the one given towards the end of this track. The people in general are sometimes on the fence when it comes to this, most commonly resorting to a meme or trope status with artists such as Ella Mai or Wale. I should know, my wife says she would lament if they did a song together because it would just be talking for 4 minutes (jokingly of course).  So it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we’ll wait to see what Lauren provides us. 

Lauren Jauregui
via Soundcloud

She talks about how this past relationship has made her have these cold feelings towards her (assuming) ex and how she could only learn to be someone she’s not, but from them. I also want to make note that she recently appeared in the Anxiety music video with JoJo as a therapist. We can look forward to seeing many sides of her on the screen, but if Colors is any indication of what the EP will bring, we may not get a chance to experience a lighter side to Lauren. 

Kuban Expresses Herself as a Synesthesiac Would

Sinestesia is the latest EP that Italian artist Kuban released that consists of five tracks. When the EP was sent to me, I was feeling the music. And on its own it would be something I would be put on repeat. It’s short and sweet. Kuban offered to discuss more about what it meant and I ended up learning a lot more on the other side. This all started when I asked her about an omission of all things, Luna In Acquario. 

“…I wanted to give off similar vibes with the very first track of the EP which kinda replaced Luna In Acquario if it makes sense. I just wanted something new. Every track represents a color and therefore a vibe, a feeling. Which leads to why I named the EP Sinestesia.”

By the way, Sinestesia is translated to Synesthesia. The definition being a condition where you can experience things through your senses in an unusual way. One good example is Pharell Williams and his album with the band N.E.R.D. Seeing Sounds. It was a concept album that focused on this concept of synesthesia. I never heard of this word before but now I understand why I see colors when I hear music.

“So, Come Stai? is the blue track. It represents Depression. A Poche Parole [Da Te] is the green track for me, it represents Youth, and personally I wanted to talk about my abandonment issues (childhood trauma). Jukai is the yellow track which gives me great vibes, yellow for me represents stability and happiness. Dimmi Come is the red track which for me represents passion and sex.”

“Fragile is the purple track which I associate to vulnerability and a melancholy, In the track I’m basically talking about how I’m leading this one particular guy on just for ego purposes, it’s like I warned him I wasn’t good for him but he just doesn’t get it. It’s like he’s doing everything right but he’s just not my person if it makes sense!”

There is something about performing with fauna all around you

If you listen to the EP through the mobile app of Spotify, you can see the different colors that Kuban talks about pulsating on the body in that animated gif in the background. I probably would have gotten as far as connecting the project title to the different colors, but now there’s context to it all. And for something that’s five tracks long, we have a strong theme and we, the audience, can get to know a deeper side of the artist and that’s something. 

“To pretty much sum it up, Sinestesia is an introspective journey in which I’m acknowledging my toxic traits, traumas, and stuff that I need to work on”

I was a fan of Jukai when it was released as a single earlier, but if I had to choose my next favorite after the release of the EP, it would be Dimmi Come (Tell Me Why). If you have 12-15 minutes, toss Sinestesia on and give it a few plays. It’s a great project. There isn’t any English on the EP, but don’t let it stop you. Listen for the music and just vibe out. I also want to thank Kuban for reaching out and be willing to talk more about her EP.

New Music Friday: 10/8 – 10/15 featuring Conor Albert and Maya Delilah

In the feel good song of the week, Conor Albert and Maya Delilah put out a gem in the latest track I Think You Should Know. We should have a new type of theme for songs called happy breakups because this is exactly what this song is. Maya is on the track just happily talking about how this relationship just ended and could care less about what the other person is thinking. There is a line in the second verse where she said she was surprised that she would still be here even though she’s single. That’s probably why she feels fantastic that the worst possible situation never came to pass and she can move on.

Conor Albert
via Soundcloud
Maya Delilah
via Soundcloud

Conor Albert never puts out bad songs. You can see in the short below that he is just jamming away. The beauty of him being able to play so many instruments must come out when he plays live. There is just so much good vibes coming through in this finished product that I wish it didn’t have to end. Like it feels as though there should be an extended cut of just him playing his instruments. Let’s be clear, I can hear him play all day long. This is quality from Conor. And I’d be remised if I didn’t say that Maya is a talented musician herself. Let’s see them both play for like hours on end.

This track is a part of his upcoming EP Collage 2. Dunno when the release date is, but I’m ready for it.