Miiesha Price I Paid

Miiesha Gambles Her Faith Away In Price I Paid

Australian singer Miiesha gives us another beautiful track in Price I Paid. The original version is a little upbeat, but I fancy the live version a bit more. The softer tones and slower pace really fits the feels of the song. And even then, during the second run through of the chorus, Miiesha speeds it up just a little. The acoustic guitar in the live version was played very well. Noticeable enough, but not so much where it wants to take over in the song. 

Miiesha talks about how she views her body as a temple, but the one she wants to be with and breaks up with stops coming by to pray. And in the track there are two different metaphors that she uses interchangeably. The religious aspect of her body and the betting/gambling of her faith in her (now) ex. Faith, in this context, works for both because it’s the currency she has from herself then bets it all away on a losing game. Hearing her sing it doesn’t seem like a word salad. For some people, it’s hard enough to get one coherent theme for any particular track, but Miiesha was able to weave in two. She is truly one of the better writers from Australia. 


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