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My name is Kenneth and I am an avid fan of music. I never was one to just listen to music that was just on the radio, but I would be the one scouring the internet to find good music. Whenever I would play something that no one has heard, but get a question like, “Who is that? I love that song” I consider that a small victory.

Also listening to music from different languages never was a deterrent of mine. I was the kid who watch shows and anime and would go find the soundtrack to listen all of that music because it simply sounded good. The Samurai Champloo OST would be a good example of this.

To bring this to the now, my taste for R&B has gotten so keen that simply listening to the same tracks in US radio simply just didn’t do it anymore, but you would have artists like Yuna, Ella Mai, Little Dragon, and Hiatus Kayote starting to break through the US market in little ways and I start to see the outside world more and more and it creates a hunger in me to se what else is out there.

So I make a New Year’s resolution back in January 2020 to make a blog that I can share my love for R&B from all over the world. It would be based on exposing artists that you wouldn’t hear on your radio. Essentially, I just want people to get as excited as me when I hear someone like Cyra Gwynth from Belgium, Lune from Germany, or Moonga K from South Africa. Now we have a functioning website that pretty much does that.

I’m excited for R&B Worldwide and the potential it has. As long as people have a passion to sing, there will always be things for me to write about and share. If you love R&B, Soul, Funk, Adult Contemporary, Slow Jams, and all in between as much as I do, this is the place for you.

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